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A.R.S. Web Page Summary

A.R.S. Web Page Summary

[Last update: 13 October 2005]

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Welcome to the A.R.S. Web Page Summary!

If you've ever asked:

* What is Scientology?

* Why is Scientology attacking the Internet, and how?

* Why are Scientologists called clams?

* What do all these strange abbreviations and terms mean?

* Who are all these people who post here?

* How does Scientology deal with criticism?

* [etc]

Take heart, for all is revealed in the following Web pages:


This web page summary can be found at: [Up-to-date] [Up-to-date, French] (2004) (1997) (1998) (1998)

NEW SITES (Thanks to


Operation Clambake: [Live Mirror]
Karin Spaink :
Tilman Hausherr:  
Joe Cisar
Ron Newman
[a historical look at the Co$ vs. the Internet]
[Netherlands mirror, courtesy of Karin Spaink ]
[for newcomers to a.r.s.
Mark Bunker
[large and growing collection of multimedia files]


a.r.s Short FAQ For Newcomers [David Gerard]
ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ [Martin Hunt]
A.R.S. FAQ [Martin Hunt]*/
ARSCC(wdne) Search Engine:
ARS Week in Review: (updated weekly) (Germany)

Biased Journalism archive:
Book Lists*/

Brainwashing In Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF)

Paper presented by Dr. Stephen Kent [Arnie Lerma]
Canadian Critical Scientology Information [Christopher Wood]
Celebrities in Scientology [Tilman Hausherr]
Clam FAQ [William Barwell]
Co$ Photo Album [Andreas Heldal-Lund]
Cult Apologist FAQ [Tilman Hausherr]
Cult Prevention Resources
Deaths at Flag [Mike Gormez]
Disappearing articles in alt.religion.scientology FAQ [Frank Copeland]
Essays on Words [Martin Hunt]*/
FBI Files [posted anonymously, hosted by Andreas Heldal-Lund]
GO Documents [Chris Owen]

The GO papers document Hubbard's creation and control of the Guardian Office, the Co$' criminal

dirty-tricks unit.

Germany FAQ [Tilman Hausherr]
Government Reports on Scientology [Chris Owen]
Human Rights Abuses by $cientology [Martin Poulter]
Introduction to $cientology [Modemac]
International Pickets Against the Church of Scientology [Ted Mayett]
Java Based Access to IRC Channel #scientology on EFNET [Anti Cult]
Keith Henson Information [PTSC]
Latest Scientology News Lisa McPherson Memorial page [Jeff Jacobsen] (Spanish) Lisa McPherson Trust:

Litigation FAQ:
NarCONon is Scientology [Chris Owen] [F.L. Rice]

NOTs Scholars' Page [Dave Touretzky]
NOTs Archive
Operation Clambake: [Live Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror]

OT III Scholarship Page [Dave Touretzky]
Ron the War Hero [Chris Owen]
Scientology and the Courts [Mirror]
Scientology/Christianity Compatibility$/Christian/christian.htm
Scientology FAQ -- A Skeptic's View [Jim Bianchi]*/
Scientology FAQ [Seekon]
Scientology and Dianetics: Tax Exempt Child Abuse and Neglect? [The Truth]
Scientology Operatives and Private Investigators [PTSC] [Jim Lippard]

Scientology Racism [Ted Mayett]
Scientology Swindles Raul Lopez
Scientology vs. the IRS [Chris Owen]
Social Control in Scientology [Bob Penny]
The Lisa McPherson Logs
The Scientology Comparative Theology Page$/Theology/index.htm [Perry Scott] [Brad W]

The Scientology-Lies Database [Kristi Wachter]
The Unofficial Minton Papers [Rev David Michael Rice] Searchable
The Scientology Story -- A six-part series in the Los Angeles Times [Joel Sappell and Robert W. Welkos]
This Day in Scientology History [Kristi Wachter]
What is Scientology?
Who's Who on ARS [Kristi Wachter]
Who's Who on ARS [Martin Hunt]*/
Who's Who in Scientology [Martin Hunt]*/
Wog FAQ Page

CRITICS' PAGES [in alphabetical order by first name]:

Andreas Heldal-Lund: [Live Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror]

Anti Cult:
Anton Hein:
Arnaldo Lerma
Bill Hudson:
Bob Bingham:
Brent Stone:
Brett Achorn:
Caterina Pamnell:
Charlotte Kates:
Chris Owen:
Cornelius Krasel:
Daniel Deimert:
Daniel Tobias:
Dave Bird:
Dave Touretzky:
David Gerard:
David D. Rogers:
Deana Holmes:

Donnie Castleman:
Douglas M. Johnson:
Don Lindsay:
Ethercat: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [ 10 ] [ 11 ] [ 12 ] [ 13 ] [ 14 ] [ 15 ] [ 16 ] [ 17 ] [ 18 ] [ 19 ] [ 20 ]
Felipe (XS4ALL):
Frank Copeland:
Fredric L. Rice:
Geir Corneliussen: Geoffrey D. Falk:
This article/chapter is excerpted from Stripping the Gurus by Geoffrey D. Falk

Grady Ward :
Gregg Hagglund:
Hartley Patterson:
Jack Vreeland:
Jan Groenveld:
Jeff Jacobsen
Jeff Lee:
Jens Tingleff:
Jeta Eggers:
Jim Lippard:
Joe Cisar
Joe Larabell:
Johan Wevers:
Jonas Flygare:
Jorge Martins:
Kady O'Malley:
Karin Spaink
Kristi Wachter:
Kwantem Mekanik:
Lianna Skywalker:
Mark Allen:
Mark Plummer:
Martin L. Poulter:
Mickael Tussier:
Mike Gormez:
Perry Scott:$/
Phineas Fogg:
Rasta Robert:
Rod Keller:
Roger M. Gonnet:
Roland Rashleigh-Berry:
Ron Newman
Sam Gorton:
Scott McClare:
Steve Carmichael-Timson:
Stuart P. Derby:
Ted Mayett:
Taneli Huuskonen:
The Badger:
Tilman Hausherr:
Valentine Michael Smith:
Winfried Mueller: http://

Zenon Panoussis:



Johan Wevers:
Karin Spaink
Mickael Tussier:*/
Philippe Allard:
Roger M Gonnet:
Pascal Barufke:
Peter Widmer:
Tilman Hausherr:
Winfried Mueller:
Allarme Scientology:
Tilman Hausherr:
Andreas Heldal-Lund:
Jornal Diferencial:
Jorge Montesinos Martinez:
Lars Baehren:
Overt Generation:


Caterina Pamnell:
Daniel Deimert:


Anti-Cult's Multimedia Page
Biased Journalism archive:
The Boston Herald:
David Gerard:
Drastic Media [Do You Want to Buy a Bridge? by Mark Ebner]
Felipe (XS4ALL):
German Scientology News: [Unofficial translations from German-speaking countries]
Karin Spaink
[University of Waterloo student newspaper]
Look Magazine: Millenium Project
Radio & TV Vault
Reason Magazine:

Roger Gonnet:
Ron Newman
's Media Page:
Skeptic Magazine:
The Smoking Gun:
Watchman Fellowship:
Xenu TV [Mark Bunker]:


1. Atack, Jon -- The Total Freedom Trap
[Tilman Hausherr]
2. Atack, Jon -- A Piece of Blue Sky
[Andreas Heldal-Lund]
[Dave Touretzky]
[Johan Wevers]
3. Cooper, Paulette -- The Scandal Of Scientology
[Dave Touretzky]
4. Corydon, Bent -- Messiah or Madman?
5. Evans, Christopher -- Cults of Unreason
6. Forte, John -- The Commodore & The Colonels
[Cornelius Krasel]
[Dean Benjamin]
[Karin Spaink]
7. Kaufman, Bob -- Inside Scientology
8. Komrij, Gerrit -- De stankbel aan de nieuwezijdse
9. Lamont, Stewart -- Religion, Inc.
[Cornelius Krasel]
10. Malko, George -- Scientology: The Now Religion
11. Miller, Russell -- Bare Faced Messiah
[Dave Touretzky]
[Karin Spaink]
[Andreas Heldal-Lund] Zipped

[Johan Wevers]

12. Penny, Bob -- Social Control in Scientology
[Dean Benjamin]
13. Pignotti, Monica -- My Nine Lives in Scientology
[Dean Benjamin]
14. Roos, Otto -- The Otto Roos Story
[Dean Benjamin]
15. Rolph, C H -- Believe What You Like
[Cornelius Krasel]
[Dean Benjamin]
16. Townsend, Eric -- The Sad Tale of Scientology
[Cornelius Krasel]
17. Vosper, Cyril -- The Mind Benders
[David Gerard]
18. Wakefield, Margery -- Testimony: The Autobiography of Margery Wakefield
[Dean Benjamin]
19. Wakefield, Margery -- The Road to Xenu
[Dave Touretzky]
20. Wakefield, Margery -- Understanding Scientology
[Dean Benjamin]
21. Wallis, Roy -- The Road to Total Freedom
[Cornelius Krasel]
22. Documents Of A Lifetime -- The Uncensored L. Ron Hubbard papers
[Cornelius Krasel]
[Karin Spaink]
A1. Hubbard, Lafayette Ronald -- History of Man
A2. Hubbard, Lafayette Ronald -- Manual of Justice
A3. Charles Stickley (supposedly a pseudonym for L. Ron Hubbard) - Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian

Textbook on Psychopolitics
[Cornelius Krasel]


Tilman Hausherr:
Personal experiences.
Operation Clambake:
The Cheryl S Story


Lyon verdict:
Government Reports on Scientology (Anderson, Australia; Foster, UK; Lee, Canada)
[Chris Owen]:
Scientology Court Files:


International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA):
Apologetics Index:
Carol Giambalvo:
Cult Awareness & Information Centre:
Cult Awareness Network (CAN) ***memorial page***:*/
WARNING: Scientologists have bought the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) name

and service marks. The Cult Awareness Network (CAN) is now operated by the

church of Scientology.
Cult Information Centre
Cult Prevention Resources
Dave Touretzky's NOTS Scholars Home Page:
Ex-Cult Archive:

[large archive]
reFOCUS network:
Steve Hassan
Watchman Fellowship:
Winfried Mueller:


FreeZone International: International Freezone Association:
Free Zone Advanced Organisations International:

Clearing Technology Library [Russian and English]:
Free Zone Homepage:
Homer Smith:
The Hungarian Free Zone:
The Pilot's Scientology Reform page:
Ralph Hilton:
Scientologie Homepage:


Official CoS: www-dot-scientology-dot-org
www-dot-dianetics-dot-org www-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org
Leisa Goodman: www-dot-theta-dot-com/goodman/
[semi-official Co$]
Please Note: If you are trying, unsuccessfully, to access the above official Scientology webpages from this list, try just typing the URL into your web browser directly. Scientology
refuses connections from many critical websites.
*More links*: www-dot-snafu-dot-de/~tilman/prolinks/
[courtesy Tilman Hausherr]


Parishioners: www-dot-parishioners-dot-org Religious Freedom Watch: www-dot-religiousfreedomwatch-dot-org

Bigot Watch: www-dot-bigotwatch-dot-net (Now removed. But can still be seen at )

Please Note: These pages have been set up by Scientologists to "Dead Agent" critics of Scientology. Note that the pages have no reference to who created or maintains them.


See Cult Apologist FAQ [Tilman Hausherr]
for websites of various cult apologists.


A.R.S. Central Committee Archive
A.R.S. Jokers and Degraders Archive
David Gerard's Humour Page:
David C Smith's Joking and Degrading

FACTNet Scientology humour resource

Scientology Humor - Humour - Jokes - Satire
Helena Kobrin Love Page
Heleva Kobra's Webpage
L. Ron Hubbard - A Profile
OT Phenomena Successes 'n other Silly Scientology Stuff
Scientology Illustrated
SP Songbook
The Little Book of Clam: Humor for a Humorless Cult
Tilman Hausherr's Fun Page
The Orientation Film 2 and now 3 - On a screen near YOU!

Many thanks to Marina Chong for all the original hard work in getting this page set up, and for continuing to update it for so long.

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