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Battlefield Earth, a point of view from an ex - staff member

Subject: Battlefield Earth, a point of view from an ex - staff member


Last summer when I still was on (Sientology) staff ( now I'm not and I will never be on staff - I seldom visit my ex org only to see my friends) I saw a video in an event held in my org in which there were John Travolta and Jonathan Krane talking about Battlefield Earth. The video showed paintings and short trailers from the film and an interview with Roger Christian (the director) too.

For us, staff members, it was a really exciting video and, strangely, the person that most impressed us was not John Travolta but Mr. Jonathan Krane Travolta's and other celebrities' agent).

By what I know he is not a scientologist ... but he talked about the film from a total inspired point of view. Even we, staff members, were surprised by his words. We didn't hope so much interest by him. We thought that Mr. Krane was only interested by money matters and by organizing the film - making as a producer.

But he really surprised us. Travolta said the B. E. will be a "Star Wars like" movie with huge amounts of special effects and even compared the special effects of B. E. with those of "The Matrix" (!!). He talked about B. E. almost by a technical point of view.

On the contrary Mr. Krane talked about B. E. by a philosophical point of view. He said the B. E. will be a new kind of film, he said that humanity will have a benefit from seeing this film, he said that the freedom impulse that every man has will be enforced by viewing this film, he said that from this film there will be a start for a new way of thinking about mankind and that freedom will be more present on this planet only due to the reflection about freedon that B. E. will bring!

He was not kidding, he talked with emotion and seemed truly convinced of the words he was saying. Me and my fellow friends (staff members and public) were higly impressed by his statements...

Aulo Magno

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