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Donor Honor Page

Factnet has created a Honor Web Page to recognized donors and individuals whose efforts have been heroic in educating the world on the dangers of mind control and destructive cults. If you know of some individual who should be considered for our Donor Honor web page, let us know.  

1. Factnet's How to get Help Section (on left) is dedicated to Dr. Margaret Singer , professor emeritus at the University Of California Berkley. She is thought by many to be the world's leading expert on cults. This section is also dedicated to Noah Lottick who lost his life in the Scientology cult.  Noah's family has been instrumental in helping many families learn about and deal with cults. 

2. Factnet's Today's Scientology News section is dedicated to Bob Minton who courage and contributions in educating the world on the dangers of Scientology have been recognized around the world.

 3. Factnet's Cult Groups List section is dedicate to the late U.S. congressman Leo Joseph Ryan who died investigating the Jonestown cult in the Guyana tragedy.  

4. Factnet's Scientology + Dianetics section is dedicated to Lisa McPherson who lost her life in the Scientology cult.

5. Your suggestions....

In memorium:

Factnet Co-Founder Passes Away

Bob Penny
Bob Penny 


Leading Scientology Educator Passes Away

Robert Vaughn Young
Robert Vaughn Young 


The "Samurai Grandmother" Margaret Singer has passed away… 

Margaret Singer
Margaret Thaler Singer

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