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FACTNet Newsletter Archive

This newsletter archive contains some of our earliest newsletters. Currently, our newsletters are sent our every quarter to all registered users of our discussion forums. If you would like to receive our quarterly newsletters, please sign up for the Factnet discussion forums. To go to the forum section, click here.

Ex-Leader of Scientology Discloses Pervasive Cult Criminality

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This Month at FACTNet

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FACTNet-Scientology Litigation Update: Breakthrough

P. 2 

FACTNet Conference Update

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Last chance for your Scientology refunds?

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People of Note: FACTNet's Person of the Week Awards

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News Briefs

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Events, Meetings, & Announcements

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FACTNet's Litigation Goals

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June-July 1998

Fraud Case Charges Cult, Clinton and Travolta

P. 1 

Countdown 2000: Millenium Cults

P. 2 

This Month at FACTNet

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FACTNet/CAN Conference

P. 4 

CAN Update

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News Briefs

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AFF Recovery Workshop

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Dateline Features Bob Minton

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Accessing the FACTNet Website

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FACTNet Info

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May 1998

  • P. 1  Battling Scientology's Attack on Free Speech

  • P. 1  Spiritual Responsibility

  • P. 2  This Month at FACTNet

  • P. 2  A Father's Fight

  • P. 3  News Briefs

  • P. 3  Ananda Church

  • P. 3  Freemen

  • P. 3  Heaven's Gate

  • P. 3  ICC

  • P. 3  Frederick Lenz

  • P. 1 , 3 Scientology

  • P. 1  Cults in General

April 1998

March 1998

  • Page 1 Cult Celebrities

  • Page 1 Another Suicide for Heaven's Gate

  • Page 2 Spring Campaign Drive! Help!

  • Page 2 The Mind Control Problem

  • Page 3 Your donations at Work

  • Page 3 Ex-People's Temple Member Runs

  • Page 4 CAN out of Bankruptcy

  • Page 4 Internet Breeds Hate Groups

  • Page 3 News Briefs

February 1998

  • Page 1 Clinton, Cultgate and Travolta

  • Page 1 Scientology Forced out of Greece

  • Page 2 This mont at FACTNet

  • Page 2 Attorney Needed

  • Page 2 Tactics of Mind Control?

  • Page 3 News Briefs

January 1998

  • FACTNet director faces Scientology harassment

  • Taiwanese cult awaits spaceship; members say they are not suicidal

  • Page 2 This Month at FACTNet

  • Page 2 What is Mind Control?

  • Page 2 Cults' Impact on Families

  • Page 3 60 Minutes Expose of Scientology

  • Page 3 News Briefs

FACTNet Newsletters 1997 Index

December 1997

(1)Scientology Faces Scrutiny After Florida Parishioner's Death
(2)Japan To Speed Up Murder Trials Of Cult Guru
(3)Third Annual Protest Against Scientology In Clearwater, Florida
(4)Consumer Group Wants Government Web Links Opened
(5)Religious Cult Demands Cancellation Of Interview
(6)Swedes Picket Against Scientology Tactics
(7)Colleges Arm Students With Facts About Cults
(8)Greek Nation Stunned By 'Satanists' Trial
(9)Gifts Of Cash Fuel Battle Of Principle
(10)Canadian Victim Of "Nazi-Style Experimental Psychiatry"

November 1997

(1)Expert Witness Testifies Church Is A Cult
(2)Truth, Lies And The Internet
(3)Channel 4 Airs L Ron Hubbard Show Despite Scientology Threats
(4)U.S. House Of Representatives Defeats Resolution On German Government's Treatment Of Scientologists
(5)Supreme Court Rejects Bid By Cult Members To Bar Texas Judge
(6)U.S. Lawmakers Support German Religious Tolerance
(7)Carter Opposes Calling Mormons Cult
(8)Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties Newsletter Available

September / October 1997

(1) Download The Factnet Website!
(2) Hubbard Charter School On Hold
(3) Illinois High Court Brings Back Can/Scientology Lawsuit
(4) Jewish/Buddhist Persecution
(5) Harms Of Information Fatigue Syndrome
(6) Electronic Tagging System For Internet
(7) Cyber Promotions Returns To Internet
(8) Contents Of First Amendment Legal Watch
(9) Contents Of Epic Alert

August 1, 1997

(1) First Amendment Advocates Watching Scientology Controversy
(2) Don't Try To Use Copyright Threats To Hide From The Net
(3) The Ultimate Ip Issue: Who Owns What's Inside Your Head?
(4) Feds Ready To Hit Hackers With Virus Tags
(5) Aol Won't Give Phone Numbers To Telemarketers
(6) House Crypto-Vote Echoes Classified Briefing
(7) Gilc Warns Of Australian Threat To Isps
(8) Privacy Forum Study Available Online
(9) Pics, Censorship & Intellectual Freedom On The Net
(10) Civil Libertarians Alarmed By Library's New Internet Policy
(11) Wired Discovers Continent "West Of California"
(12) Contents Of First Amendment Legal Watch 4.10 & 4.11
(13) Contents Of Epic Alert 4.11

July 1, 1997

(1) Net-Linked Computers Crack U.S Encryption Standard
(2) Whoa Offers Newsletter To Fight Online Harassment
(3) Judge Rules Cyberspace Fight Is Federal, Not State Issue
(4) Newspaper Publishers Launch New Internet Site
(5) Medical Records And Need-For-Encryption Lesson #1342
(6) Us Bill On Copyright Treaties Expected Soon
(7) On The Internet, No One Knows Spam Comes In Cans
(8) Contents Of Epic Alert 4.09
(9) Contents Of Epic Alert 4.10
(10) Contents Of Uk Cyber-Rights/Cyber-Liberties Newsletter
(11) Contents Of First Amendment Legal Watch Letter

June 1, 1997

In this issue:
(1) House Committee Approves Encryption Bill
(2) Internet Thief Apprehended
(3) Advertisers, Privacy Advocates Debate Cookies
(4) Law Can't Reach Internet, Canadian Tribunal Told
(5) Government Gives Okay On Pgp Exports
(6) Interview With Xs4all Co-Founder
(7) Uk Encryption Policy Report Released
(8) France - Secrecy Law Evaded By Internet Users
(9) Uk Secret Abuse Report Hits The Net
(10) The Ultimate Internet Name Fight -- Who Owns "Internet"?
(11) Epic Alert For June

May 1, 1997

In this issue:
(*) Factnet Exclusive - Hubbard Died While On Psych Drugs!
(1) Women Fight Back With The "W.H.O.A" Web Site
(2) Administration Favors Hands-Off Approach Toward Net
(3) "Education Is Actually The Limiting Of Information"
(4) Net Gives Hong Kong Insurance On Freedom Of Expression
(5) The Bad Apple
(6) Junger Did It His Own Way
(7) Ftc To Conduct Privacy Hearings
(8) Groups Concerned With Growing Use Of Cookies
(9) Wiretapping In Europe - With The Help Of The Fbi?
(10) Britons Right To Privacy May Be Compromised
(11) Foi Update For The European Communities
(12) Is Cyberspace The "New Home Of Mind"?
(13) First Amendment Legal Watch Contents (VOL II, No. 15)
(14) Epic Alert Contents (Vol. 4.06)

April 1, 1997

In this issue:
(1) Heaven's Gate Applauded Demise Of Cult Awareness Network
(2) Suicides Prompt Some To See "Dark Side Of The Net"
(3) Cult Expose Book Is Target Of Net Fight
(4) Update - Is Now
(5) Clinton Cryptography Plan Gets Cool Reception By OECD
(6) U.S Federal Panel Opposes Internet Censorship
(7) Some Positive Internet Legislation: "No New Taxes"
(8) Maryland Proposes Ban On Anonymous Email Messages
(9) Supreme Court Hears Cda Case - Advocates Hopeful
(10) Canadian Internet Liability Document Online
(11) Australian Minister Cancels New Privacy Plan
(12) Will A Version Of The Cda Go Down "Under"?
(13) Korean Strikers Take Protest To The Net
(14) UK Wants To Regulate Cryptography
(15) Austrian Nation Goes Off Line In Protest

March 1, 1997

In this issue:
** Vital Briefing On Factnet's Internet Defense **
(1) Forget The Millennium: The Net Is "The End Of Civilization"
(2) Stories Broken On Net May Guard Against Prior Restraint
(3) Update: Gateway 2000 Settles Lawsuit With
(4) Media Giants Sue Totalnews Web Site
(5) Washington Post Pulls The Plug On News Archives
(6) Nevada May Be First To Make Spam Illegal
(7) Court Says University Can Restrict Internet Access
(8) Major ISPs Lobby Congress To Get Off The Copyright Hook
(9) How American Media Use The Internet
(10) Will The Internet Be Taxed?

February 1, 1997

In this issue:
(1) Scottish Rights: The Shetland WWW Copyright Battle
(2) Hallmark Cards In Trademark Dispute Over "E-Greetings"
(3) The Gateway To Internet Trademark Litigation
(4) Bernstein Wins: Encryption Restrictions Unconstitutional
(5) US DOD Recommends "Information Warfare" Tactics
(6) New York State Sued Over Internet Law
(7) Get Your FBI Files By E-mail For $2! Not!
(8) Web Copyright Fight Down Under: The Night The Music Died
(9) Australia Gets New Federal Privacy Commissioner
(10) US Government Not In Accord RE Crypto Policy
(11) Legislative History Of CDA Available On The Web
(12) EFF Hosts Defense Fund For
(13) Feedback On Court Decision To Review CDA
(14) What's New On The Factnet Web Site
Interview With Peacefire Founder Haselton
New Privacy Groups Added

January 1, 1997

In this issue:
(1) FACTNet returns after computer raid with new web site!
(2) Exclusive: Julf @ on anonymous remailer fight
(3) CYBERsitter may sue teenager for revealing secrets
(4) Cold War encryption restrictions ruled unconstitutional
(5) Students kept from US law class while prof argues in court
(6) Court decision to review CDA ignores on-line media
(7) What else is on our new web page


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