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Harold Camping bows out and Warren Jeffs picks up as the harbinger for the End of the World...

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Imprisoned cult leader comes up with new doomsday revelations... source: ReligionNewsBlog.comSpecial thanks to the crew at Imprisoned polygamous cult leader (and false prophet) Warren Jeffs has released a series of so-called revelations in which he says a succession of natural disasters will strike the U.S. The Deseret News says In one of the five separate “revelations,” Jeffs writes that Jesus Christ will make his coming known with a “great tsunami of the sea” on the East Coast; earthquakes and volcanoes in “populated places” in Utah and Arizona; a tidal wave in Seattle; and melting in Idaho “to cleanse my land of all evil.” “But surprisingly nothing going on in Texas,” quipped Paul Murphy, Utah Attorney General’s Office spokesman. Jeffs, 55, was sentenced to life in prison in Texas earlier this year after being convicted of sexually assaulting two girls he wed as spiritual brides when they were 12 and 14 years old. In addition to the two- and three-page revelations, the attorney general received a more than 200-page “proclamation” that contains writings about his Jeffs’ father, Rulon Jeffs, past FLDS leaders and Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith, Murphy said. The packet also includes an order form for new and old Jeffs’ revelations that can be bought over the Internet for $1 to $8. In her ‘Polygamy Blog’ at the Salt Lake Tribune, Lindsay Whitehurst provides a link to a Google Map showing “google map of all the areas slated for God’s wrath.” She writes This isn’t the first time that Jeffs has sent such a bundle of bad tidings. Back in March, his followers mailed out an 18-page proclamation predicting ruin for President Obama’s one-time home state of Illinois if he wasn’t freed from jail. It was reportedly sent to quite a number of people, including leaders from Utah to Washington. During his July sexual assault of a child trial in Texas, Jeffs claimed to have gotten a couple revelations from God promising "sickness and death" to those prosecuting him. Neither succeeded in stalling his trial, as Jeffs claimed the Lord wanted. The revelation is signed by FLDS Patriarch Vaughn Taylor and Counselor in the Bishopric John Barlow. Taylor also signed the March proclamation. You can buy copies of some revelations, by the way, at It looks like these new ones are available for order, according to a note at the bottom of the packet. According to KSL-TV Murphy said the revelations appear consistent with those Jeffs has issued in the past. Jeffs predicted calamities in Utah following the 2002 Winter Games along with the end of the world. “And when they don’t happen, he comes up with reasons for why they don’t happen,” Murphy said. Murphy said he didn’t see anything in the new prophecies the attorney general would consider a direct threat, noting they were being sent to “all nations.” “I’m assuming we’re not the only ones receiving these revelations,” he said. Jeffs also prophecies that in one or two years of his warning, “heavenly bodies of a larger size” will strike the earth and disturb the atmosphere, resulting in people being burned. The revelations are not confined to the U.S. He predicts an uprising in Turkey and instability in Europe. He says NATO has lost credibility and is an “aggressive alliance.” In the past Jeffs has always come up with explanations as to why his prophecies were not fulfilled. His current revelations are most likely an attempt to hold on to his control over FLDS sect members by claiming that Jesus Christ speaks to and through him. Read Warren Jeff’s predictions Research resources on the FLDS IMHO FACTNet This editorial/opinion/news alert has been provided or distributed by FACTNet, Inc. (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network.) Please visit our web site at if you would like to comment on this editorial/opinion/news alert or to share your personal experiences. Re-distribution and re-posting of this document using proper net etiquette when doing so, is appreciated! If you have something you would like Factnet to consider posting in our editorial/opinion/news story email it to . Be sure to put Factnet Story Submission in the subject line so it gets to the proper editors. Factnet’s mission is to be the largest online news and referral service as well as research archive for defending freedom of thought and mind from all forms of unethical influence tactics, mind control and mental coercion/torture used in destructive cults and fundamentalist groups. Since 1993 millions have been helped. FACTNet is a tax deductible, IRS Approved 501(c)(3) non profit organization. For breaking news, personal stories, recovery information, support groups, and expert referrals relating to our mission please visit our web site at If you would like to view over 350,000 postings on various cults, comment on this editorial/opinion/news or to share your personal experiences, go to one of our many various message boards at F.A.C.T.Net, Inc. PO Box 1315 , Ignacio, CO. 81137 USA, E-mail:
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