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Healing after Cult Abuse and Toxic Faith Experiences

Healing Oneself after Cult Abuse and Toxic Faith Experiences


There are four levels to fully healing from a bad cult experience. Those levels are:

  1. personal physical and psychological healing,
  2. financial healing (possibly through litigation,)
  3. spiritual healing (if your cult was a religious cult) and,
  4. social healing (possibly though litigation, helping other cult victims, education about and media exposure of the wrongdoer.)

The more one looks at their healing process as embracing all four levels the more likely and the faster one will heal and move on with their life in a healed, transformed and even stronger because of the experience way. The sections below address most of these areas.

Articles Concerning Healing

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Articles Related to Identifying the Problem of Coercive Mind Control and Behavior Modification

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Cult, Sect & "Toxic Religion" Recovery Books:
Bounded Choice: True Believers and Charismatic Cults

Bounded Choice: True Believers and Charismatic Cults
by Janja Lalich 
Click to Purchase or see further Reviews
"An impressive and even revolutionary look at cultic groups. Lalich challenges fundamental assumptions on all sides of the debate about cults. She spent years as a member of the Democratic Workers Party and provides her readers with a revealing insider's view. To this, the author adds a much-needed comparative focus with her treatment of the Heaven's Gate suicides. The result is a theoretical break through in the study of high commitment groups. Lalich's theory of 'bounded choice' is likely to reshape scholarly thinking for years to come about the dynamics of cult involvement and how and why people may act against their own self-interest in pursuit of higher causes." - Click here to Continue Reading

Recovery from Cults : Help for Victims of Psychological and Spiritual Abuse
by Michael D. Langone
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"Among the 20 contributions are personal accounts, discussion of mind control and of the historical background to helping cult victims, and case studies. Guidelines for facilitating recovery are given in separate chapters for therapists, clergy, support groups, families, and psychiatric hospital personnel. Special issues such as children and cults, ritualistic abuse of children in day-care centers, teen satanism, and legal considerations are addressed." - Click here to Continue Reading

Twisted Scriptures : A Path to Freedom from Abusive Churches
by Mary Alice Chrnalogar
Click to Purchase or see further Reviews
"Twisted Scriptures: A Path To Freedom From Abusive Churches shows readers how to tell when churches are suppressing freedom of speech, intimidating followers, and distorting the Bible. Twisted Scriptures is invaluable as a self-help guide and as a tool for families and friends to free loved ones from destructive groups." - Click here to Continue Reading

Healing Spiritual Abuse : How to Break Free from Bad Church Experiences
by Ken Blue
Click to Purchase or see further Reviews
"With clarity and refreshing honesty, Ken Blue offers hope and healing to the victims of spiritual abuse. He also shows Christian leaders how to avoid abusive patterns and instead offer Christ's gospel of grace to every casualty of bad church experiences." - Click here to Continue Reading

The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse
by David Johnson, Jeff VanVonderen
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"Churches are meant to be safe places where spiritual leaders help and equip the members for the work of service. There are some churches, however, where leaders use their spiritual authority to control and dominate others, attempting to meet their own needs for importance, power, intimacy or spiritual gratification. Through the subtle use of the right "spiritual" words, church members are manipulated or shamed into certain behaviors or performance that ensnares in legalism, guilt and begrudging service." - Click here to Continue Reading

Toxic Faith
by Stephen Arterburn, Jack Felton
Click to Purchase or see further Reviews
"Toxic Faith distinguishes between a healthy faith and a misguided religiosity that traps believers in an addictive practice of religion. It shows how unbalanced ministries, misguided churches, and unscrupulous leaders can lead their followers away from God and into a desolate experience of religion that drives many to despair. Toxic Faith shows readers how to find hope for a return to genuine, healthy faith that can add meaning to life." - Click here to Continue Reading

Click here for more books concerning recovery and healing

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Healing and recovery Assistance

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Articles Relating to Winning Litigation Involving Cults

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A Note on Spiritual Healing (if Needed)

For those of you that have been in religious cults, you have been betrayed at a most primal level. The mere mention of resuming your spiritual search may create unimaginable duress. Yet the paradox is, that if you are a spiritual seeker by nature, you will need to resume your spiritual development to complete and speed your cult healing.

The importance difference is that this time by studying the Spiritual Safeguards collection link contents below, you should be able to avoid any repeat of the deception or trap religious can cults set for you utilizing your legitimate search for spiritual meaning and connection. This level of healing not only helps to make you whole again. It has the potential to make you stronger than you were before because your are able to transform the effects of the experience into far more good than harm over time.


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