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Healthy Spirituality and Religion and Healthy Religious Practices

For 20 years Factnet has has large sections of information on unhealthy religious practices and destructive religious cults. During that time we have slowly added small sections on healthy religious and spiritual practices. In the background over the last 15 years one of the co-founders of Factnet has also been working on the open source spirituality principles for a new form of healthy, omni-denominational (all deniminations,) and trans-deniminational (above and beyond denominations,) meta-religion and meta-spirituality. 


This is the first time Factnet has linked to this work found here.


Please Note: the above link and the links below is not intended to be anything other than an informational link to show Factnet visitors and registered users how a new or older religious group can structure itself to be rational and safe. This is not an attempt to recruit anyone into any independent group that is practicing and teaching the healthy spirituality and religion principles found upon these linked pages.


For more information on what an open source meta-religion and meta spirituality looks like, click here.

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