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ICSA Annual Conference - Montreal

Submitted by nabashalam on Thu, 02/02/2012 - 20:51

ICSA Annual Conference: Montreal, Canada - July 5-7, 2012

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For Information on program, speakers, hotel, directions, registration,
etc., copy and paste this URL into your browser:

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This conference will give you an opportunity to meet people of diverse
perspectives from around the world, including:

---former group members
---family members
---helping professionals
---educators, clergy, journalists, and others.

This conference will have more than 100 speakers and 200 - 300
attendees from about two-dozen countries. There will be special tracks
for ex-members, families, mental health professionals, and

If you are new to this field, the ICSA annual conference provides you
with an opportunity to meet and speak with experts from around the
world, as well as with former group members and the families of cult-
involved persons. If you have a long-standing interest in this field,
the ICSA annual conference provides you with an opportunity to meet
with old friends, exchange notes with other students of the field,
present your own research or thoughts, and keep abreast of recent
developments. Everybody can learn and enjoy themselves.

Here is a list of selected talks:

A neurobiological view of interpersonal trauma

A Novel Legislative Proposal in Italy

After the cult: who am I?

Back from the brink: a cultic church movement recovers its balance

Bi-lingual Workshop:  Music as a therapeutic and psychoeducational
tool in recovery work with form members: a workshop presentation / La
musique comme outil thérapeutiques et pschoéducatif dans la
réhabilitation et réinsertion social des anciens members

Clinical roundtable for mental health practitioners

Comprendre l'expérience de la polygamie

Constructive activism: what can I do?

Cults on trial: a workshop for the forensic mental health expert

Discours sur le châtiment corporel des enfants chez les protestants
conservateurs québécois francophones : l’influence des différences

Discussion: Cult Victims and the Law

Discussion: Ethics, activism against, and dialogue with cultic groups

Ex-member writing workshop

Family emotional climate: a new instrument for its measurement in
relatives of cult members

Four decades of family cult interventions: what have we learned

Government regulation of persuasion in the United States: implications
for legal claims resulting from cultic persuasion

Healing the rift between ex-cult member parents and their second
generation adult children (SGAs)

L’isolement social : une situation pouvant justifier une intervention
en matière de protection de l’enfance en milieu religieux fermé

La dynamique des croyances

Le terroisme et le parole

Les libertés de religion: une théorie plurielle du principe de liberté
de religion dans l'étude comparative de certaines réponses juridiques
face aux dérives sectaires et au fanatisme

Les sectes et nos enfants : pistes pour une liberté religieuse

Panel - Manipulation and victimisation by the Exclusive Brethren:
conceptual, legal, historical, and psychological issues

Practice safe spirituality

Preliminary results of the EAPA-G across different cultural contexts:
USA, Japan and Spain

Pressure to believe, behave, and become:  identity negotiation stories
from people who grew up “cult"

Recovering your sexual self after the cult

Review of the brainwashing case law

Sects, cults, and the attack on jurisprudence

Spiritual manipulation in pseudo-Christian cults: a panel discussion
with former members

Teaching about cults

The case of freedom of belief vs. freedom of speech

The cult of parenthood: when children are manipulated to reject one
parent and ally with the other

The guru pedophile unmasked

The popularity of Christian evangelical patriarchy in the US and the
resultant vilification and abuse of women and children

Victimes de crime d’honneur : entre religion, culture et tradition

Workshop for former group members who were parents in the group
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