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Activism Resources

Activism Resources

How to become an effective activist

One of the best ways to super-speed healing from a injury from a destructive cult besides filing a lawsuit is to become a educator/social activist on that particular cult and/or the growing destructive cult and mind control issues. To help you with this new form of healing please find two excellent references on the "How to" of effective social activism and spiritualized social activism.

Important Disclaimer: These articles were posted as part an open public debate surrounding various opinions regarding social activism techniques. This article was not created by our organization nor should its posting be considered as an endorsement by our organization. Our organization only endorses non-violent peaceful protest in the tradition of Gandhi or Dr Martin Luther King.

Additionally, our organization does not promote or engage in political lobbying nor is it allowed to. The posting of these articles as part of an ongoing public debate on social activism is not and should not be construed as a promotion to engage in political lobbying by our organization.

1. A Summary of Social Activism Techniques - Just Add Consciousness: A Guide to Social Activism

2. Spiritualized Social Activism

2. FACTNet activists: A FACTNet Newsletter - "FACTNet has always been of the opinion that each subscriber to the FACTNet Newsletter, or donor, is an activist."

3. Free Speech and the Internet: Websites concerning themselves with the issue of the free flow of information on the Internet.

4. Free Speech Newsgroups: A list of NewsGroups.

5. Electronic Frontier Foundation Blue Ribbon Campaign: Put a graphic on your website.

6. The Internet Free Speech Revolt: Here's how you can do something to become active in the growing global free speech revolt to stop Scientology's ongoing abuses.

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