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Free eBooks Downloads about Scientology

Free e-Books downloads. Essays + Articles about Scientology

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Other websites listing further e-Books & Essays about Scientology:

Grossman, Wendy -- net.wars

  • ch06_.html
    [chapter on Scientology, "Copyright Terrorists"]

Atack, Jon -- A Piece of blue Sky

Atack, Jon -- The Total Freedom Trap

Cooper, Paulette -- The Scandal Of Scientology

Corydon, Bent -- L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman?

Ebner, Mark -- Do You Want To Buy a Bridge?

Fishman, Steven -- Lonesome Squirrel

Forte, John -- The Commodore & The Colonels

Kaufman, Robert -- Inside Scientology /Dianetics

Komrij, Gerrit -- De stankbel aan de nieuwezijdse

Miller, Russell -- "Bare-Faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard" 

Penny, Bob -- Social Control in Scientology

Pignotti, Monica -- My Nine Lives in Scientology

Roos, Otto -- The Otto Roos Story

  • roos
    [Dean Benjamin]

Rolph, C H -- Believe What You Like

Vosper, Cyril -- The Mind Benders

Wakefield, Margery -- Testimony: The Autobiography of Margery Wakefield

Wakefield, Margery -- The Road to Xenu

Wakefield, Margery -- Understanding Scientology

Wallis, Roy -- The Road to Total Freedom

Documents Of A Lifetime -- The Uncensored L. Ron Hubbard papers

  • Buying copyrights for Censorship, The Scandal of Scientology book now owned by Scientology. They are afraid to enforce this copyright because of the Howard Hughes Biography lawsuit

  • Factnet Library Catalog for the archive on factnet.html

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