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A Guide to the Official L Ron Hubbard Homepage and L. Ron Hubbard Websites

Guide to the Official L Ron Hubbard  Homepage & Website

Official Church of Scientology:

Sites Opposing Scientology

www-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org L-dot- Ron Hubbard
www-dot-aboutlronhubbard-dot-org The Founder of Scientology
tribute-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org Tributes & Recognitions  

artist-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org The Artist: Art and Philosophy of Art

education-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org The Humanitarian Education
education-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org English
education-dot-lronhubbard-dot-de Deutsch
education-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org-dot-mx Español
education-dot-lronhubbard-dot-tm-dot-fr Français
italian-dot-education-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org Italiano

freedom-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org The Humanitarian Freedom Fighter: Articles & Essays
freedom-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org English
german-dot-freedom-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org Deutsch
freedom-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org-dot-mx Español
liberte-dot-lronhubbard-dot-tm-dot-fr Français
italian-dot-freedom-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org Italiano

drugrehab-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org The Humanitarian: Rehabilitating a Drugged Society
drugrehab-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org English
drugrehab-dot-hubbard-dot-de Deutsch
drugrehab-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org-dot-mx Español
drugrehab-dot-lronhubbard-dot-tm-dot-fr Français
italian-dot-drugrehab-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org Italiano

humanitarian-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org The Humanitarian: The Road to Self Respect
humanitarian-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org English
humanitarian-dot-lronhubbard-dot-de Deutsch
humanitarian-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org-dot-mx Español
french-dot-humanitarian-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org Français
italian-dot-humanitarian-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org Italiano

www-dot-ronthepoet-dot-org Poet/Lyricist
www-dot-ronthepoet-dot-org English

www-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org/p_jpg/philo1/index-dot-htm Philosopher

www-dot-lronhubbardprofile-dot-org L-dot- Ron Hubbard: A Profile
www-dot-lronhubbardprofile-dot-org English
profile-dot-lronhubbard-dot-nl Dutch
founderprofile-dot-scientologi-dot-org Dansk
profile-dot-lronhubbard-dot-de Deutsch
profile-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org-dot-mx Español
profile-dot-lronhubbard-dot-tm-dot-fr Français
italian-dot-lronhubbardprofile-dot-org Italiano
profile-dot-lronhubbard-dot-or-dot-ro Magyar
founderprofile-dot-scientology-dot-a-dot-se Svenska
profile-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org-dot-ru/ Russian

writer-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org The Writer: The Shaping of Popular Fiction
writer-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org English
writer-dot-lronhubbard-dot-de Deutsch
escritor-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org-dot-mx Español
writer-dot-lronhubbard-dot-tm-dot-fr Français
italian-dot-shaping-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org Italiano

adventurer-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org Adventurer Daring Deeds & Unknown Realms
adventurer-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org English
www-dot-lronhubbard-dot-de/ger/advntr/index-dot-htm Deutsch
adventurer-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org-dot-mx Español
adventurer-dot-lronhubbard-dot-tm-dot-fr Français

www-dot-ronthephilosopher-dot-org The Philosopher: The Rediscovery of the Human Soul
www-dot-ronthephilosopher-dot-org English
philosopher-dot-lronhubbard-dot-de Deutsch
philosopher-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org-dot-mx Español
philosopher-dot-lronhubbard-dot-tm-dot-fr Français
italian-dot-ronthephilosopher-dot-org Italiano

www-dot-ronthemusicmaker-dot-org Music Maker
www-dot-ronthemusicmaker-dot-org English
music-dot-lronhubbard-dot-de Deutsch
musicmaker-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org-dot-mx Español
music-dot-lronhubbard-dot-tm-dot-fr Français
italian-dot-ronthemusicmaker-dot-org Italiano

literary-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org Letters & Journals: Literary Correspondence

dianetics-dot-lronhubbard-dot-org Letters & Journals: The Dianetics Letters

Please Note: If you are trying, unsuccessfully, to access the above official Scientology 
webpages from this list, try just typing the URL into your web browser directly. Scientology
refuses connections from many critical websites.

*More links*: 
[courtesy Tilman Hausherr]

Guide to Official Scientology Websites

Guide to Official Dianetics Websites

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...if you would like to read some more articles by the world's best journalists, then go to our fast-breaking International News Page. (Our most dynamic resource with newspaper reports dating back to 1952.)

...for older news: Please check out our Archives.

We have just expanded the largest on-line archive in the world of the dirty secrets of Scientology Dianetics and L Ron Hubbard, (now about 50 megabytes). Before you believe ANY claim made by Scientology, Dianetics (aka Scientologie, Cienciologia, Dianetique, Dianetik, Dianetica) or L Ron Hubbard carefully review these materials and link resources. Scientology has tried everything to block your access to them. They even tried to shut us down with a raid. These free materials have saved the lives, careers or resources of tens of thousands of individuals and/or their families and friends. 2/20/01 

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