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President Travolta: Another actor in the White House?

President Travolta: Another actor in the White House?

John Travolta's newest film, Primary Colors, has raised many questions based around the interests of President Clinton and Scientology, the cult Travolta belongs to and often publicizes.

Travolta announced in February that right after he was cast as the Clinton-based figure in Primary Colors, President Clinton met with him and promised to assist Scientology's situation in Germany. Whether or not Clinton hoped this assistance would grant his alter-ego in the movie a more positive portrayal, he has gotten it. The book Primary Colors is based on depicts a southern governor who lies, seduces women, and is running for president - and was actually modeled after Clinton. The portrayal is more or less negative. The movie is literally a different story. According to Travolta last month, "You have to be dead not see that the film favors Clinton. More than anything, it promotes what a decent person he is." [New York Post, February 12, 1998].

After consistently acknowledging the film's links to Clinton, Travolta has now reversed his position. In an interview yesterday, just two days before the film's release, Travolta called the film a "fable," suggesting there is little connection between the presidential figure in the movie and Clinton. Why the change? Perhaps the negative publicity surrounding the movie has threatened its profits. Perhaps out of deference to Clinton, whose alleged promise to help Scientology in Germany is resulting in Congress calling for an investigation into the affair. If what Travolta said is true, Clinton disregarded Congressional wishes and made national security subordinate to concerns about his public image - serious allegations.

What strange twist will this episode take next? Has "playing president" in Primary Colors - along with meeting with the real-life President and being briefed by the real-life national security advisor - sparked political aspirations in Travolta? Even more than getting presidential assistance in Germany, Scientology stands to benefit greatly by having a Scientologist in the presidential office. Certainly it would be one giant step towards the cult's goal of world domination.

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