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Internet Free Speech Revolt

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The Communications Decency Act battle for Internet free speech has now been won, but there is another critical Internet battle rapidly reaching a deciding point.

Millions of Internet users have heard of the outrageous free speech and Internet abuses of a cult called Scientology. In its attempt to enforce a monopoly on belief and persecute its critics, Scientology has secretly canceled newsgroup postings, read private email, tried shutting down one of the Internet's largest newsgroups, alt.religion.scientology, and raided netizens homes, an Internet nonprofit library, and an anonymous remailer.

In a $12 million "secret payoff" deal, Scientology recently tried to buy out of existence the nonprofit library it had raided two years earlier. Time Magazine estimated Scientology spends $20 million feeding its notorious litigation machine, which the cult uses to crush its adversaries.Time has come to revolt in mass against Scientology's Internet assault. Otherwise, Scientology may soon be setting precedents which will weaken the web and could be devastating for the whole Internet.

Here's how you can do something to become active in the growing global free speech revolt to stop Scientology's ongoing abuses:

Boycott ALL products produced by Scientology's celebrity promoters, including John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and Kirstie Alley. Focusing on celebrities will help bring worldwide attention to Scientology's abuses.

Tell everyone what you know about Scientology and Dianetics abuses.

Picket Scientology and Dianetics organizations all over the world. Locations and picket information here.

Financially support the ongoing legal battle to protect the Internet against Scientology's assault. See also others who need your support.

Put our free speech revolt graphic on your web page (if you have one) and link it to this page, as a sign of your Free Speech Revolt solidarity.

Download and preserve our site as insurance against Scientology destroying the FACTNet organization.

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