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Meet the Board

Meet the Board

Board of Directors

Photo of Board of Directors (100k)

Lawrence Wollersheim, President
Laughlin, Nevada

Lawrence Wollersheim, once a cult victim, is now a cult expert who has fought cults' abuses for 34 years. After winning his own litigation against the cult he was a member of, Mr. Wollersheim has been very successful in helping other cult victims prosecute those guilty of cult-related abuses. He has long advocated for cult-related education. Mr. Wollersheim co-founded FACTNet and worked as the organization's executive director from its inception in June, 1993 until the present. 

Board of Advisors


Edward A. Lottick, MD
Kingston, PA

Dr. Lottick is FACTNet's medical advisor. He has been an active board member and activist against the dangers of cults since 1990, and has served as a director for other anti-cult organizations, such as International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) and the now-defunct Cult Awareness Network. Dr. Lottick's son, Noah, committed suicide under the influence of mind control at the age of 24, and was featured in Time Magazine article, "Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power," for which the magazine was sued for $40 million.

Patricia Ryan, MPA
Sacramento, CA

Patricia Ryan has been an active critic of the unethical and illegal practices of destructive cults and a spokesperson for the rights of cult victims since 1978. She has spoken at conferences worldwide about the dangers of destructive cults, and has been frequently interviewed by media. Ms. Ryan served for six years on the Board of Directors of the national Cult Awareness Network, including three years as President. She is Vice President for Behavioral Health and Governance at the California Healthcare Association
and FACTNet's health industry advisor. Ms. Ryan's father, Congressman Leo J. Ryan (D-CA), was killed by followers of People's Temple cult leader Jim Jones, as he arrived in Jonestown, Guyana to investigate alleged human rights abuses there.

Eugene H. Methvin
Washington, DC

Mr. Methvin is a senior editor at Reader's Digest and a media advisor for FACTNet. Mr. Methvin has written extensively on cults and is a supporter of cult education.

Andrew Skolnick
Forrest Park, IL

Andrew Skolnick is an editor at the Journal of the American Medical Association and a media advisor for FACTNet. A cult expert, Mr. Skolnick leads the Journal's Medical Fraud and Quackery Unit and has worked with Margaret Singer on cult issues for years.

Kent Burtner, MDiv
Portland, OR

Mr. Burtner is a cult expert and works as FACTNet's interfaith advisor. He has served in the cult research and education organization within the Roman Catholic Church.

Ford Greene, Esq
San Anselmo, CA

Attorney Ford Greene is FACTNet's legal advisor. An ex-cult member, Mr. Greene frequently handles court cases involving cult issues, and has established legal precedents on the rights of cult victims. Mr. Greene provides litigation services for those who are confronting organizations which use mind control, especially when those organizations are abusing First Amendment protections to commit anti-social and destructive acts. Mr. Greene has won numerous cases involving cult groups, including the seminal case, Molko v. Holy Spirit Association, which established the right of those tricked into exposing themselves to coercive persuasion to sue for fraud. He has studied many specific cults and is the subject of the book "Moonwebs" and the movie "Ticket to Heaven."

Mark Goldowitz, Esq.
Oakland, CA

Mr. Goldowitz is FACTNet's California SLAPP advisor. The purpose of SLAPP, or Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, is to prevent wealthy individuals and corporations from suing nonprofit and social advocacy organizations out of existence. Mr. Goldowitz's role as a FACTNet advisor is to use SLAPP laws to protect the organization from frivolous or malicious lawsuits.



Margaret Singer , PhD  US Berkeley, CA Professor Emeritus

(Honorary Advisor now diseased, She Was a Factnet Advisor for 20 years.)

A world-renowned cult expert and counselor, Dr. Margaret Singer has dedicated the past fifty years to researching the subject of cults. She is a clinical psychologist, recipient of the NIMH Research Scientist Award, emeritus professor at University of California, Berkeley, and author of numerous titles including Cults in Our Midst. Dr. Singer is a member of FACTNet's Board of Advisors as the organization's scientific advisor. Samples of her work on the FACTNet page include excerpts from Cults in Our Midst, an interview on Heaven's Gate, and the Influence Continuum.

Steve Allen TV Star, Van Nuys, CA 

(Honorary Advisor now diseased, She Was a Factnet Advisor for 20 years.)


Television actor, writer, songwriter, and inductee into TV Academy's Hall of Fame, Steve Allen became involved with cult issues years ago after a close friend became involved with a cult. Mr. Allen has since been a strong advocate working to reduce the dangers of cults and is the author of many titles, including Debunking Cult Thinking. Mr. Allen serves as one of FACTNet's media advisors.


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