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Why Wollersheim is still involved in litigation trying to enforce the last small piece of the collection against Scientology: For current and ex members of Scientology

Why Wollersheim is still involved in litigation
trying to enforce the last small piece of the collection against Scientology
(For current and ex members of Scientology.)

I never began my court case against Scientology to retire or solely towards the objective to get lots of restitution money as my objective. What I wanted to do in my lawsuit against Scientology was:

  1. legally and publicly punish them for what they did to me, my son and my family,
  2. >publicly educate others about the harms they cause to their members by way of the testimony in court and the media coverage of the trial,
  3. have the case precedents and the monetary judgment that I could achieve be a severe enough (and hopefully continual) punishment and deterrent in Scientology’s mind so that they are severely motivated to change the behaviors that caused the harm to me and my family so that it won’t happen to other individuals and families,
  4. break a litigation precedent trail to show others exactly how Scientology’s harassment and outrageous litigation strategies can be defeated and in fact used against them and, that they really are big losers in the court room and should never be feared in the court room or in litigation. And yes, the litigation trail is much easier faster and more certain because of the horrendous legal beating Scientology took in the Wollersheim case --- a legal beating they now have to avoid repeating at all costs. I estimate that over the 25 years of Wollersheim litigation Scientology spent and wasted 140 million dollars to unsuccessfully try to defeat us both in the court room and in covert operations. And,
  5. Assist others to be able to get their lives back together after the Scientology nightmare. Specifically, be able to learn how to heal the psychological and spiritual damage as well as become financially whole again through, refund repayments, out of court settlements and far easier to obtain legal judgments against Scientology.
  6. Find personal healing and justice against them and if everything else came first get just financial restitution for the harms they had caused to my life.

I believed I have achieved 4 of the 5 points above but I need your help with one of them. I did force Scientology to spend an estimated 140 million dollars in and out of court to try to defeat a case that they wound up paying about 70 million dimes on anyway. Add to that an even more insulting 5 million more dimes in a SLAPP fine against them. (The court saw though their harassment and outrageous litigation strategies and wanted to publicly punish them with the largest SLAPP fine in California history.) The one thing I did not achieve fully was to convince Scientology to stop the destructive mind control and other abusive behaviors that harmed me and my family. That is those techniques that gives them the undue influence to strip their targets of all of their cash.

This is where you come in as a former Scientology member who has been legitimately harmed by them. Scientology simply will never change their destructive behavior until the rest of their victims rise up and take all of the profit away from their wrongdoing either through getting their full refunds back, increasing out of court settlements and/or through lawsuit judgments with enforced collections to make up the damage for their lost lives and suffering.

I gladly paid the very high litigation costs on 25 years of litigation with Scientology to break the litigation and collection legal precedents trail for future victims. I have made no secret that most of what I have received to break the trail for every other ex-scientologist for court recovery so far has gone to attorneys and taxes. I still don’t know what I will end up with when I defeat their tactics in the new Wollersheim 6 trial that holds a small portion of the original judgment, other than to know that whatever remains will be humble and I shouldn’t under any circumstances give up my day job.

But, I would do it all again even knowing how difficult it would be and there will be only a smaller financial reward left after all tax, legal costs, personal litigation loans and other obligations have been met from the 25 year battle --- and most importantly because Scientology’s false litigation unbeatable legend has been resoundingly shattered to smithereens!

Even now Scientology still incessantly bluffs and blusters to hide their horrendous Wollersheim legal precedent rich defeat. They will do anything they can to hide the trail-breaking Wollersheim case precedents from you because it makes it far, far easier for you to win and collect and beat them down legally as my team did in the Wollersheim 1 case. They do not want you to know that they know and have secretly decided that no other victim will ever have to go though what I did over 25 years in and out of the courts nor its costs because they absolutely know that they cannot ever take that kind of humiliating, legend destroying, costly, legal, financial and public relations defeat ever again!

They know they and their actions will ALWAYS appear monstrous in front of juries of normal people. They know their perjury committing and cult doctrine delusional executives on the witness stand are just not credible and far more damaging to their own case than any evidence they are trying to dispute from the other side.

Today’s Scientology victims can stand on the shoulders of the hard won Wollersheim court precedents and easily accessible court records and can and do beat the living crap out of Scientology legally in far less time with far less cost and effort and, with the reasonable expectation of even larger court judgments than I received. But Scientology won’t let these kind of cases come though court anymore. Their cult dumb, but they are not insane and they love their money to much to expose their cash to the far greater payouts in jury losses.

Because of my judgment, other victim court judgments against Scientology from around the world plus Scientology’s new eagerness to settle real and damaging potential new court cases before they go to court, I can finally see that eventually Scientology will have to change its harmful behavior because --- each new victim that stands up to Scientology takes a bit more of the financial profit out of their wrong doing. Sooner or later Miscavige will have to change their policies because they love their money more than any ideological or faux spiritual principles.

I have no illusions nor should you. Scientology is mostly immune to bad press. Bad Press alone will not change their behavior as evidenced by the last 30 years of PR so bad they are the great pariah of organizations that claim to be religions if you even think they are a religion. It is only when all of us take all of the profit out of Scientology’s harmful human rights abuses they will finally and fully stop doing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is that simple, but it seems to take EX members years if ever to reach this simple conclusion and that they are the only ones that can make it happen.

So once again, The Wollersheim case has been a trail breaking part of the process to FORCE Scientology through huge monetary penalties toward eventually changing its anti social and destructive behavior. It was worth all that I spent and suffered in winning and collecting the Wollersheim judgment, but this legal foundation and tremendous legal defeat of Scientology needs you and every former victim of Scientology to act now to complete the simple process of taking all profit out of their wrongdoing …and change the organization that has previously refused to change…From this day forward I ask you help in getting this information to every single new person who leaves Scientology and to every person who has left Scientology since it was created--- Which is almost everyone they ever recruited but somehow they shuddered into silence.

Lawrence Wollersheim
Personally and as a Director of


11/7/2005 7:15 PM

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Feb. 2007 -- The longer my collection case goes on, the more I see what an informed and reasonable person could believe to be the steaming breath and dirty fingerprints of Scientology’s desperate legal tactics in Wollersheim 8.6 million dollar collection success to use up the rest of the judgment in legal costs and delay me getting it. The same tactics that got Scientology one near $500,000 SLAPP suit fine (including all extra collection fees.) Which they also had to pay. (SLAPP means Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation. These SLAPP lawsuits were designed to prevent wealthy abusers from unfairly using the courts by increasing the opponent’s litigation costs to silencing whistle blowers in the courts. ) Oops, I guess I have now really collected about 75 million thin dimes not just about 70 million mentioned above when you add in the 5 million thin dimes from this SLAPP fine.

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