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FACTnet editors note: I had the privilege and honor to attend this conference courtesy of Dr Jim and Jon. I went as a ignorant newspaper reader who thought of Scientology as a cute, benign distraction for the Hollywood elite but left educated and knowing now that it is a destructive and horrendous virus being spread intentionally for monetary gain and which at times proves fatal. This conference was and is a huge step in creating the vaccine. Bravo Jim and Jon, and thank you!


Almost one year ago Jon Atack and I ran the Getting Clear conference in Toronto. Thankfully, the entire conference was filmed in HD with a great camera crew and, as many of you know, the 28 videos from the conference were uploaded to Vimeo last September.

To celebrate the anniversary of the conference, each of the videos are available till the end of June for $3.00 USA or all 28 films are yours for a total of $60. That is 50% off of the previous total for all films, nearly 50 hours of video.

For purchase, go to

For the webpage about the conference, go to

To donate to support further promotion of the conference, go here:

****Celebrated author and activist, Paulette Cooper, says that Getting Clear is “the most important record of scientology abuses and activities both past and present.”

****Ron Hubbard’s great-grandson, Jamie DeWolf seconds this: “The Getting Clear Toronto Conference will be looked back as the historical D-day in the fight against the criminal cult of Scientology.”

****Eastern Europe’s leading cult expert, Professor Alexander Dvorkin told us: “I can hardly remember anything so magnificent, so massive, and so loaded with information, meaning, and research.”

The conference sessions include:

·the true history of L. Ron Hubbard
·the origin and development of Dianetics and Scientology
·the Sea Org, with aides covering every year from its creation to Hubbard’s death,
Scientology’s harassment agency and the infiltration of government agencies
·the Paulette Cooper story and Tony Ortega’s remarkable new book, The Unbreakable Miss Lovely
·the role of celebrities in Scientology
·Hubbard’s ‘religion angle.’
·the Operating Thetan levels, where Jesse Prince – former Tech supremo – reveals the truth about OT VIII
·deconstruction of auditing and training routines, revealing their true intent
·problems faced by second generation Scientologists
·Scientology and health issues – including the prohibition of vital medicines
·the international Scientology scene: reports from France, Italy, Russia and Australia
·Narconon and other front groups
·violence at the top of Scientology
·hard-sell in Scientology
·recovery from Scientology

Christian Szurko, one of England’s leading cult watchers, with almost 40 years’ experience, said “Getting Clear was a milestone in the work to end Scientology's abusive activities. This video set will be a significant tool for educating people about the reality of Scientology for years to come.”

After I finished the conference and saw Jon Atack leave to go back to England at the end of June, I had a bit of holiday and then got the films ready for Vimeo. I then had to return to a huge book project which dominated my life from last September till the first of May. I am now back studying Scientology again and am hoping to do serious promotion of the film series from last year.

Please help spread the word about the anniversary sale of the Getting Clear films.

Jim Beverley

Co-organizer (with Jon Atack), Getting Clear, Toronto (June 22-26, 2015)



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