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Emil and Rodica Radita. (Global News)

Alex Radita, a diabetic Calgary teenager, was lying dead in his family home for up to 36 hours before his parents called 911, investigators say...

But his parents — who are now on trial for their son’s murder — allegedly told a very different story to friends: Their boy died and was resurrected by God one day before paramedics arrived at their house, and found his emaciated body in a bed.


That bizarre claim surfaced last week, days into the trial of Rodica and Emil Radita, who are charged with first-degree murder in the death of their 15-year-old son.

Alex Radita was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 3, according to the CBC. But his parents — both devout churchgoers — allegedly refused to believe his diagnosis, despite several hospitalizations.

Canadian couple convicted of son's death alleges gov't conspiracy

Social services once took the boy into custody for a year — but he ended up back with his parents. They insisted doctors were abusing their son, and said they would care for him on their own, friends said.

The boy’s kindergarten teacher — in a letter sent to children’s ministries — said his life was full of “suffering.”

Alex Radita.

Alex Radita.


“I hope that Alex's tragic death will bring about necessary changes regarding follow-up and monitoring in serious cases of neglect, when once apprehended children are returned to their parents,” Sandy Wong wrote in the letter last week.

“His life story of suffering and premature death demands that greater, more open sharing of information between provinces be implemented. The most vulnerable must be protected.”

Alex Radita became seriously ill in May 2013, and his parents invited fellow members of their church to come to their home and pray for him.

One member, Marius Ciltan, testified that he couldn’t even tell if the boy was still alive when he arrived.

“He was looking very bad,” Ciltan said in court.

“I was shocked.”

Churchgoers urged the parents to call 911, Ciltan said.

The next day, the parents shared news with the church members of what they deemed a miracle: Their son had died, but then was brought back to life by God.

Hours later, they finally called 911, prosecutors said. Alex Radita weighed less than 37 pounds when paramedics found his body. An autopsy revealed he died complications due to untreated diabetes and starvation.

Rodica and Emil Radita were arrested and charged with his death 10 months later.

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