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One day, once a year, we stand up together and demand real solutions to the climate crisis. Because when the world comes together, there is no challenge we cannot overcome...





Get up to speed with the latest in climate change so that you can become a catalyst for change. Explore the actions below and start watching, reading, and learning today.

Get Loud

Use your voice. Let the world know the reality of climate change. Explore the actions below and get vocal with your friends, family, and community today.

Get Active

Use your time, energy, and skills to affect change. Explore the actions below and start participating, meeting, and organizing today.

  • We are at an important moment in the climate movement. As the first truly global accord, the Paris Agreement was monumental. And yet with it came numerous questions about how each nation – and each of us individually – can create the continued change that is required. The inflection point at hand is about the transition from debate and denial, to action and sustainable growth for all. Join us on December 5-6, 2016 for our sixth annual live-streamed multimedia show where we will travel around the world highlighting the top 24 carbon dioxide emitting countries.
  • The Climate Reality Project is devoted to powering the social revolution for climate action. Founded by Nobel Laureate Al Gore, the millions strong organization stands up to climate denial and spreads the truth about the climate crisis to empower our leaders to take action.


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Dec 4th 2016

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