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Scientology posts $9 million bond to stop judgment creditor's seizing of assets.

Scientology posts $9 million bond to stop judgment creditor's seizing of assets.

Scientology, the controversial global "religion" notorious for attacking Internet free speech, committing human rights abuses, and persecuting its former members, has posted a $9 million bond to halt the seizure of its assets by a judgment creditor. Two weeks ago, a Los Angeles judge ruled that Scientology (the Church of Scientology International and Religious Technology Center) had stripped out $340 million in corporate assets from the Church of Scientology of California to thwart a judgment creditor.

The creditor, Lawrence Wollersheim, gave the following statement regarding the $9 million bond:

"They have never put up a bond before because they were terrified if they paid off any one victim, then tens of thousands of other victims would come forward and sue them and possibly collect. This forced bond is a major victory for every Scientology victim all over the world thinking about suing Scientology for its ongoing human rights abuses and religious persecution activities. I beleive that Scientology is in big trouble in almost every country it operates in. Maybe soon they will even be facing new criminal charges in the US for their asset- stripping and other felony corporate fraud."

For more information and the court ruling which declared that Scientology’s new corporations mere alter egos, that Scientology officers and trustees intermingle at will between various Scientology corporations, and that all Scientology corporations are under the single business control of David Miscavige, see:

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