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International Churches Of Christ (ICC)
Crossroads Movement)

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Triumphing Over London Cults

  • "Education and Counselling on Cults Information about the International Churches of Christ (ICC), formerly known as The Boston Movement."


  • REVEAL: Leaving the International Church of Christ (ICC)
    The REVEAL WWW site exists to provide information and contacts for former members who need to understand better what the ICC is and does, current members who are seeking to leave the ICC, family who wants to help a family member in the ICC, friends of ICC members who want to understand and to help, and others who have encountered the ICC in some significant way and need to understand it better.
    P.O. Box 20706
    Oakland, CA 94620
    (510) 663-8995 Phone
    (510) 663-0890 Fax

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pages on the International Churches of Christ.

ICC targets New York's models, actors & performers
[May 5, 1998]

The Discipling Movement: A Mixed Blessing
Chapter 1 of Flavil R. Yeakley, Jr.'s book "The Discipling Dilemma"

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Cracks in the Mirror
by Rickey E. Pittman
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"Rickey E. Pittman served as a minister for the churches of Christ until 1990. He was involved with the Boston Movement from 1986-90. 

"Your book of verse on your experiences in the Boston Movement is the best thing I've yet seen on idealism degenerating into tyranny. It's the Orwellian nightmare of "Big Brother" all over again, and your vision of the experience is immediate and wrenching. It's the perfect work to give to a Boston Movement adherent, anyone tempted by rank legalism, or anyone who wants to know what it's like to be caught in the web of cultism. Don Glover, Minister, Forsythe Avenue Church of Christ, Monroe, Louisiana."

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