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Two by Twos/No-Name Church/Cooneyites/The Truth (and many other names)

Cooneyites, True Wayers, Bunheads, Friendlies, Reidites, People of God, The Lord's people, Sheep, Little Lights, Jesus Wayers, Undenominational Christians, Way, The Elect, The Truth, The Testimony, The Jesus Way, The Friends, Meetings, Black Stocking Sect, Black Stockings, 2X2s, Two by Twos, Carrollites, Christian Church of America, Christian Church of Australia, Cooneyites, Damnation Army, Faith Missioners, Go-Preachers, Irvinites, Les Anonymes, Die Namenlosen, New Testament Church, No-Secters, Non-Denominational Church of America, Pilgrims, Tramps
(and many other names)

No Name Church: Current Newspaper Articles.
Discuss the Cooneyites

THE LYING TRUTH Exposing the deceptions of the Christian Conventions Church (the 'Two-by-Twos')

Irish Workers Cover-Up Activities of Homosexual Paedophile Colleague

Die Namenlosen

Website with many Hyperlinks to 2x2 information

Research and Information Services

Telling the Truth

Workers, Friends , Truth,Conventions, Testimonies and mtg.s in homes

  • This site promotes reform in the system of workers and friends. This site promotes an end to worker rules that are not biblical. This site promotes an end to heavy handed worker tactics where workers tell people not to have a part in meeting due to divorce, tv, associating with someone not a part of the truth and other trivial reasons.
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