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Non-violent protests with guns? - September 4, 2002

Security Guard Receives $25,000 Reward for Capture of Michael Scarpitti (AKA Tre Arrow) - 28 Aug 2004 -Security guard who caught Scarpitti shoplifting a pair of bolt cutters receives FBI reward.

Total Liberation Tour 2004 - 9 Aug 2004 - Activists deny that tour featuring ELF and ALF activists has anything to do with those extremist groups.

Michael Scarpitti (aka Tre Arrow) Allowed to Make Case to Remain Refugee in Canada - 3 Aug 2004 - Scarpitti will claim he cannot receive a fair trial in the United States.

Judge Rejects Accused Ecoterrorist's Argument that Arson is Nonviolent - 3 Aug 2004 - William Cottrell faces charges that would send him to jail for a minimum of 30 years if he is convicted.

Tre Arrow Wants Refugee Status In Canada - 10 Jun 2004 - Immigrant panel must first decide whether or not Arrow can be admitted entrance into Canada.

FBI Offers $50,000 Reward for Information Leading to Conviction of ELF Criminals - 24 May 2004 - FBI hopes to dig up new leads in three year old firebombing cases.

Earth Liberation Front Extremists Destroy Washington Homes - 1 May 2004 - Over $1 million in damages to three homes.

Pickering on ELF - 26 Apr 2004 - Former ELF spokesman says goal of extremists is overthrow of the U.S. government.

ELF Damages Equipment at Virginia Building Site - 18 Mar 2004 - Extremists set fire to bulldozer and cause about $30,000 in damages.

Craig Rosebraugh On Terrorism, Animal and Otherwise - 17 Mar 2004 - Former ALF/ELF spokesman says that 9/11 was defensible act of political violence.

Three ELF Criminals Plead Guilty - 2 Feb 2004 - Under plea agreement, activists can receive up to five years in jail and will have to pay more than $200,000 in restitution.

Man Arrested, Then Released, In SUV Arson Case - 3 Nov 2003 - Police arrest man on suspicion of environmental terrorism and then release him after failing to present evidence.

Animal Rights Activist's Home Raided in San Diego Fire Case - 16 Oct 2003 - Activist who arranged speech by Rodney Coronado the day of $50 million San Diego arson has his house raided by a Joint Terrorist Task Force investigating the fire.

ELF Extremists Destroy Dozens of SUVs in California - 15 Oct 2003 - More than $1 million in damage -- not to mention hundreds of tons of pollution -- thanks to ELF terrorists.

Center for Consumer Freedom: Treat PETA Like Other Charities Who Support Terrorism - 28 Sep 2003 - The government has shut down other charities accused of funneling money to terrorists -- why not PETA?

Michael James Scarpitti (AKA Tre Arrow) Remains Loose One Year Later - 17 Sep 2003 - Despite a possible sighting in August, ELF terrorist remains at large.

Earth Liberation Front Claims Credit for $50 Million Fire - 16 Sep 2003 - ELF extremists pull off most expensive act of terrorism yet for their cause.

Earth Liberation Front Activists Vandalize Connecticut Home - 15 Sep 2003 - And too many police officials still do not understand exactly what "groups" like ALF and ELF really are.

Coronado Says the Planet and the Animals Talk to Him - 20 Aug 2003 - Convicted animal rights terrorist offers up his quasi-religious view of the sanctity of terrorism.

Rodney Coronado on Why He Supports Terrorism - 19 Aug 2003 - In Rodney's world, even rocks have rights.

Tom Foreman's Interview with Leslie James Pickering - 19 Aug 2003 - National Geographic host grills former Earth Liberation Front spokesman.

Rodney Coronado on the Need for More Animal Rights/Environmental Terrorism - 10 Jun 2003 - Coronado thinks he and ALF/ELF terrorists will be heroes 100 years from now.

Environmental Extremists Target Homes Under Construction in Michigan - 10 Jun 2003 - Earth Liberation Front believed behind arson of 6 homes under construction since August 2002.

Craig Rosebraugh on the Need for Violent Political Revolution - 6 May 2003 - The former-Earth Liberation Front spokesman continues to show his true stripes.

Dan Murphy on Newkirk's Letter to Arafat - 23 Apr 2003 - Dan Murphy hits the nail on the head with his retort to Newkirk.

Swedish Supplier of Cats for Medical Research Closes - 14 Apr 2003 - Threat of ALF terrorism apparently drives small supplier of cats out of business.

ALF/ELF Attack Spanish Mink Farm - 14 Apr 2003 - Spanish extremists torch a fur farm and dedicate their arson to Barry Horne and the Palestinians.

Michigan Authorities Investigate Possible ELF Role in Fires - 13 Apr 2003 - Four homes under construction have been burned down over last 7 months, with ELF slogans spray painted at the latest fire.

ELF Terrorist Sentenced to Prison - 24 Feb 2003 - Jacob Sherman draws only a three year prison sentence due, in large part, to his cooperation with authorities.

Michael James Scarpitti aka Tre Arrow Added to FBI's Most Wanted List - 27 Dec 2002 - A $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest of suspect ELF arsonist.

ALF/ELF Claim Responsibility for Pennyslvania Mink Farm Fire - 5 Dec 2002 - Group also takes credit for a whole host of other crimes in Pennsylvania area.

Virginia Authorities Investigating Apparent ELF Attacks - 21 Nov 2002 - But local officials still don't seem to grasp the nature of ELF/ALF-style attacks.

UPI 'Journalist' Defends Ecoterrorism - 16 Sep 2002 - Is burning down buildings really terrorism? A UPI environmental reporter doesn't think so.

Earth Liberation Front Claims U.S. Forest Service Fire and Endorses Personal Violence - 9 Sep 2002 - Group threatens to "take up the gun" against groups and government agencies researching things like the effects of acid rain on forests.

Center for Consumer Freedom on PETA's Evolving Explanation for ELF Donation - 16 Apr 2002 - The Center for Consumer Freedom found at least 7 different stories that PETA staffers offered to varying news agencies to explain why they donated $1,500 to the Earth Liberation Front.

Surprise -- Someone at PETA Is Lying about That ELF Donation - 5 Apr 2002 - Why did Lisa Lange lie about the purpose of PETA's $1,500 donation to the Earth Liberation Front?

PETA's Earth Liberation Front Donation - 4 Apr 2002 - Nonprofits that openly advocate violence and donate to other groups that openly advocate violence should not receive tax exempt status.

Memo to Jeff Luers: Don't Do the Crime If You Can't Do the Time - 27 Mar 2002 - Luers set fire to several vehicles and tried to ignite a gasoline tanker, but his supporters whine that his 22-year sentence is unfair.

Craig Rosebraugh Respond to House Subcommittee - 19 Mar 2002 - In answering 54 question from a House Subcommittee, Rosebraugh reveals just how sick and twisted animal rights terrorism is.

Rep. Scott McInnis Wants to Know What PETA's Doing with Its Money - 8 Mar 2002 - A revelation that PETA donated money to the Earth Liberation Front is causing major problems for the animal rights group.

Center for Consumer Freedom Highlights PETA's Financial Support for Eco- and Animal Rights Terrorism - 14 Feb 2002 - The Center's review of PETA's tax returns from 1995-2000 reveals a pattern of donations to animal rights and environmentalist extremists.

Written Testimony of Richard Berman - 13 Feb 2002 - The full text of Richard Berman's written testimony before the U.S. House subcommittee investigation ecoterrorism.

Rosebraugh Invokes Fifth Amendment Rights at Least 50 Times - 13 Feb 2002 - At a U.S. House subcommittee hearing on ecoterrorism, an FBI expert testifies that ALF/ELF are the most active terrorist groups in the United States.

USA Today Runs Bizarre Column in Support of Animal Rights Terrorism - 23 Jan 2002 - Guest op-ed argues that Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front are mainstream progressive causes.

Terrorist Supporters Call for Day of Protest in Support of Craig Rosebraugh - 17 Jan 2002 - Activists also urge people to "take direct action and any action necessary to stop the destruction of animals."

Alexander Chancellor on Post-9/11 Animal Rights Terrorism - 13 Nov 2001 - Why do animal rights terrorists continue their campaign of destruction even after the events of 9/11?

Josh Harper and Tim McVeigh - 19 Jun 2001 - To Josh Harper, victims of animal rights violence are just "collateral damage."

Josh Harper Finally Testifies - 20 Feb 2001 - After repeated attempts to get him to appear before a grand jury, Josh Harper finally spendsa n afternoon pleading the Fifth about the Animal Liberation Front.

Wall Street Journal on ELF Guilty Plea - 15 Feb 2001 - Why doesn't animal rights and environmental violence receive as much media attention as anti-abortion violence?

ELF Terrorist Pleads Guilty - 13 Feb 2001 - Jared McIntyre, 17, pleads guilty to burning down homes in Long Island, New York, in the name of the Earth Liberation Front.

ALF/ELF Target McDonald's Corporate Headquarters - 9 Jan 2001 - The Animal Liberation Front claims it broke windows and wrote graffiti on McDonald's headquarters.

Edward Walsh on the Animal Enterprise Act - 8 Jan 2001 - Why are there so few arrests of animal rights terrorists?

Why Josh Harper Won't Testify to Grand Jury - 20 Nov 2000 - Is Harper afraid of perjury charges if he tells a grand jury that he doesn't know who is behind ALF/ELF attacks?

Are They Really Just Spokespersons? - 21 May 2000 - Are the people who act as "spokespersons" for animal rights terrorists really just innocent bystanders. . .

In Their Own Words: The Earth Liberation Front has this to say ...

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Insurrection Rising : The Earth Liberation Front (ELF)


Earth Liberation Front - Wikipedia


ELF (The Original) - This web site gives an overview of ELF's origins and lessons learned. To paraphrase a common saying: "Those who fail to understand past mistakes are bound to repeat them".

every night is earth night! - The Earth Liberation Front is an international underground movement consisting of autonomous groups of people who carry out direct action according to the E.L.F. guidelines. The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office is a legal, above-ground news service dedicated to exposing the political and social motives behind the covert direct actions of the underground Earth Liberation Front (ELF). The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office receives anonymous communiques from the ELF and distributes the message to the media and public.

What is the Earth Liberation Front (ELF)? - III Publishing is making the information on this page available because we believe that information must be freely accessible for people to make correct decisions. We cannot endorse, in advance, actions taken by ELF or actions that may be taken by the FBI, local police, or corporate security forces that claim to be ELF actions. However, we do know the FBI, local police, corporations and their security forces are evil, that the environment needs to be saved, and that action within the corporate-owned legal system will not be adequate to save the earth. We also think acts of the type discussed in the communique should not be aimed at the general public, most of whom are environmentalists and would like to do more to help the environment. Rather they should be narrowly targeted at the corporations most directly responsible for the destruction of the earth.

Earth Liberation Prisoners - exists to provide information on people imprisoned for actions in defence of the earth and its inhabitants. We include people, animal and earth liberationists, those fighting on anti-nuclear and peace issues, indigenous struggles, anti-fascists, MOVE prisoners and more.

The History of the Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network - In 1991 the international direct action movement Earth First! established itself in Britain and it soon became the fastest growing eco-movement at that time. Initially British EF! actions were very localized and small scale. But in 1992 Britain saw its first "national" Earth First! protest against the Twyford Down road construction. Twyford Down really sparked off the anti-roads movement in Britain and established Earth First! as an effective protest network. Also in 1992, Earth First! had its first ever British EF! Gathering. At the Gathering there was a discussion about the use of ecotage and it was felt that the British Earth First! movement should not become associated with criminal damage as this might loose it some of its popular support. As a result of this decision, by Earth First!, to cease using ecotage as a weapon, a new movement was born, the Earth Liberation Front (ELF).

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