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The Keepers of Heaven's Gate : The Millennial Madness, the Religion Behind the Rancho Santa Fe Suicides
by William Henry, Cary Anderson
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"The Keepers Of Heaven's Gate: The Millennial Madness explores the religious and philosophical ideas behind a number of "doomsday groups" in an attempt to elucidate the mystical and prophetic happenings which are fueling the furor of many new millennial cultists. The end of the last millennium brought suicides and a rash of prophetic ideas surrounding "the end of the world". Today history is again repeating this pattern. The Keepers Of Heaven's Gate presents the time line of escalating events that led to the suicides in Rancho Santa Fe, California. beginning in November 1996 with the first radio talk show and news reports about a space ship hiding behind the comet Hale-Bopp. Author William henry presents the facts behind this new millennial "end of the world" thinking. Through painstaking research conducted throughout the 1990s, The Keepers Of Heaven's Gate presents a thorough understanding of the belief structures of these new millennial groups."


Cosmic Suicide: The Tragedy and Transcendence of Heaven's Gate
by Forrest Jackson, Rodney Perkins
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"Cosmic Suicide is the definitive study of the Heaven's Gate cult. Consisting of neither tabloid trash nor New Age pabulum, it details the group from its origin in the early 1970's to the sensational mass suicide in 1997. By providing perspective and insight into the cult's attitudes and beliefs, Cosmic Suicide places Heaven's Gate within a historical context of millenarian movements. The book gives intimate details about the cult's doomsday philosophy, including the influence of Christianity, UFOs, and conspiracy theories. These factors prompted the androgynous believers to think that the passing of the Hale-Bopp comet would usher the UFO Crew into the Next Level of human evolution. Bizarre facts are revealed about the cult's lifestyle, including the odd monastic rituals designed to indoctrinate new members. In fact, the text features a rare transcription from a recruitment meeting held in Dallas in early 1994. It also contains extensive appendices, which include leader Marshall Applewhite's autopsy report and numerous documents of otherworldly propaganda. Cosmic Suicide is an indispensable reference for anyone interested in learning the real truth behind this strange End Times religion."


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