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Recommended Books on Jehovah's Witnesses

FACTNet Recommended Jehovah's Witnesses Books

Recommended Fiction Books

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Blood on the Altar : Confessions of a Jehovah's Witness Minister
by David A. Reed
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"An inside look at the Jehovah's Witness movement written by a former minister of the sect who likens the religion and its dogma of no blood transfusions to the fanaticism of the Branch Davidians. Reed, using personal and researched accounts, describes the Witnesses' philosophy, recruiting methods, and religious practices, documenting how the Watchtower hierarchy conducts bedside trials of members who accept forbidden medical treatments and instruct parents to kidnap their children from hospitals. The tale is a cautionary one in terms of cult activity and the dangers of belief beyond reason. "


Awakening of a Jehovah's Witness : Escape from the Watchtower Society
by Diane Wilson, Jerry Bergman
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Four Major Cults: Christian Science, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Seventh-Day Adventism
by Anthony A. Hoekema
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"Well researched polemic revealing all the internal flaws of the Four Major Cults. History, doctrines and source quotations are skillfully used to show why Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Christian Science, and Seventh Day Adventism cannot claim orthodoxy. One of the best counter-cult books I have used."


Answering Jehovah's Witnesses : Subject by Subject
by David A. Reed
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"This book really captured the essence of dealing with jehovahs witnesses verse by verse. I myself am married to a jehovahs witness and trying to communicate to her about the lords word is almost impossible, due to the fact that she has been brain washed from the time that she was born. The Jehovahs Witnesses are one of the most dangerous cults in the world today. The reason being that they can make the cleaverest lie sound just like the truth. I would give up everything I have for her to be converted to true christianity, and this book has almost made that possible. The hard thing about JW's is that they believe that if you do not beleive what they beleive then you are an advisary of satan. If they claim to know the bible so well then why do you need another source called the watchtower to make you complete in Gods eyes. Maybe all they need to do is read the last verse of the bible."


Jehovah's Witnesses : victims of deception : how investigation and divine intervention led us to escape a religious cult
by Ralph T. Miller
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The "Report"
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"It starts off be showing the reader, using Bible exegisis, who Spiritual Israel of our day really is. It exposes many false teachings in force by the WTBTS. The "Report" reveals the true identity of the Watchtower & Bible Tract society in relation to Bible prophecy, and exposes such evil schemes as the Baptismal question changes in 1985, and the 1914, 607BCE doctrines. It also shows the error of the infamous "shunning" doctrine the JW's use."


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