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Recommended Books on American Militia

FACTNet Recommended American Militia Books

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The Militia Threat : Terrorists Among Us
by Robert L. Snow
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"In this eye-opening look at the militia movement, Captain Robert L. Snow provides a chilling portrayal of the explosive cauldron of hate brewing across our nation. He reveals the kinds of men who belong to these militias and serve as their leaders, including high-ranking police officials and representatives from Congress! As a police officer, Snow takes us behind the scenes where no one else can to investigate the militias' extreme training tactics, use of illegal weapons, and survivalist credo. Moreover, we learn that fearing a takeover by the New World Order-a supposed United Nations-led army conspiring with the U.S. Military-militiamen have been holing up in hidden shelters and compounds, stockpiling food and arms in preparation for the "invasion." Most troubling, many militias and smaller cell groups-similar to those of Timothy McVeigh and his compatriots-have become openly aggressive against their perceived enemy, targeting federal buildings and well-trafficked sites."


In God's Country : The Patriot Movement and the Pacific Northwest
by David A. Neiwert
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"Militias. Freemen. "Constitutionalists." "Common law" courts. Tax protesters. Survivalists. Christian Identity. "Phineas Priests." They come in all shapes and with all kinds of names. But they all are part of a broad national network of like-minded adherents that calls itself the "Patriot" movement -- a grass-roots belief system that believes the nation is in the throes of a vast "New World Order" conspiracy designed to enslave mankind, and can only be rescued by means of asserting a return to what it calls "constitutional principles."
They manifest themselves in a variety of ways, many of them violent acting-out of an ingrained martyr scenario -- armed standoffs, shootouts with police, bombings, robberies, conspiracies to attack federal facilities. Sometimes they end peacefully, as did the Freemen standoff in Montana. Sometimes they erupt in unimaginable violence, as befell Oklahoma City."


A Force upon the Plain : The American Militia Movement and the Politics of Hate
by Kenneth S. Stern
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"The violent, horrific events that plagued Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Oklahoma City thrust subversive militia under the public microscope, exposing the growing feeling of mistrust that has caused some to take up arms against the government. The more extreme among these anti-government "patriots" are examined in A Force upon the Plain, as Kenneth Stern keenly focuses on the growing influence and anger of the paramilitary movement. Stern investigates the reasons some are compelled to join, delivering objective and insightful analyses that eschew media hype and the misconceptions that characterize much coverage of modern militia."


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