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United Pentecostal Church - UPC

United Pentecostal Church / UPC

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You can also see the latest newspaper reports about the United Pentecostal Church here.


The Rick Ross Collection:

Historical Background

Pentecostal minister pleads guilty to sexual misconduct
United Pentecostal Church suspends Nation without pay
The Other Pentecostals
Rebel preacher makes waves
Letter from Robert A. Sabin, Saint Paul Minnesota
Former Member Says It's Hard To Resist Power in York Church
Member of Good Life Church Says She Thinks She's Doing God's Will
Allegations Spotlight York Church
York Church a cult, social worker claims
Church services began in York's city auditorium
Sermon of UPCI Pastor Harold Kern- Bellevue, Washington
An Evangelical Christian Perspective of the U.P.C.I.

Personal Testimonies

Fear, Fear, Fear
"Mixed Emotions"
Former UPCI Member Speaks Out
Why I Walked Away From The UPCI
An Account Of UPCI Minister Harold Kern Of Bellevue, WA
My Experience with Women's Hair

Jason Scott case

Mom, Church vie for her Firstborn
Affidavit of Katherine L. Tonkin
Holy Wars

The UPCI and the Courts

Pastor is sued by son and wife alleging sex abuse
11 men are arrested in investigation at St. Charles park
Minister claimed immunity, December 15, 1997
Oklahoma Non-Lesbians Win $340,000, December 15, 1997
Pair Awarded $340,000 in Slander Trial, December 13, 1997
Tulsa Minister, Church Sued for Slander, December 5, 1997
Mother to appeal child custody ruling
Father wins child custody battle
Supreme Court of Nebraska rules regarding UPCI church, 1991
Brief regarding UPCI church filed in Nebraska, September 20. 1991
Report of Guardian Ad Litem- Attorney Appointed to Represent the Peterson Children, 1991
Brief of Carol Peterson- Appeal From the District Court of York County, Nebraska, 1991
Judge: Children Forced to Obey Doctrine, March 5, 1990



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