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The Way International

The Way International


  • INSIDE THE WAY INTERNATIONAL -  This database includes letters by ex-followers and over 90 articles on a wide variety of topics, most by Dr. John Juedes, spanning the last 20 years. Each button links you to articles in that category which are thorough and well documented, and include information that even Way leaders don't know-- or don't want you to know..
  • Welcome to the GreaseSpot Cafe! : Our name is a lighthearted hijacking of a favorite phrase used over the years by Craig Martindale in his capacity as president and chief minister of The Way International. Referring to those who might choose to leave The Way, he frequently declared, "You'll be a greasespot by midnight!" - predicting that the devil would run over them in much the same way a car might flatten a possum on the highway, leaving what Martindale called a "greasespot" on the road.
  • The Way International - For Current And Ex-Way International Members
  • The Way International
  • The Cult That Snapped: - A journey into The Way International
  • Information About The Way International
  • WAYFER FREE ZONE - Exposing The Way International One Leader at a time.
  • Ex-Wayworld Magazine: Dedicated to Exposing the Truth About The Way International Cult, and their Spin-Off Groups.


  • Ex-Cultworld Magazine - we are trying to be a source of information for ex cult members, or soon to be ex members. We are also providing information on the offshoots of the destructive cults we have researched, because the information is valid and necessary.



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