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Supporter Feedback

FACTNet Supporter Feedback

"You are doing a great job! Very professional web pages! Keep up the good work." -anon.

"I have been receiving & reading your newsletters for some time now and have been very impressed with the quality of information you present. Keep up the good work." -GR

"I pray for you every day and am so grateful you are there! God bless you all." -SJ

"Our oldest daughter had joined the Frederick Lenz group in New York in 1988-89 and disappeared later that year. We haven't heard anything from her since sometime in the late fall of 1989. My husbad died this year still not knowing whether she was alive or dead... Please keep up the good work." D.

"I was a member of a small, garden-variety cult... It was a brutal, hellish experience... I support the efforts of FACTNet." M

"I would advise everyone to stay away from cults whether religious or political. My life was ruined by involvement in a political cult, and the thoughts and ideas of the cult still remain with me even though I tried to leave and left years ago. I got too deeply involved and wanted to leave, but must admit that I couldn't leave without the help of others... The cult also destroyed relationships with my family, my friends, and my coworkers. To build up trust again takes time... Please keep me on your mailing list as it helps in my healing process." J

"Please accept this check on behalf of my brother who was married to a Scientologist. It is a long story, but I partially blame my brother's death on the cult... I appreciate your hard work." D

"Three of my five kids were in People's Temple for seven years, but got out soon before they left for Guyana. am I a lucky mom or what! Even though it's been 20 years, we're still very grateful." Z

"Keep up the good work!" J

"Please place me on your mailing list! Thank you." W

"Please accept this donation... I strongly believe that freedom of thought, speech, and press are of fundamental importance... To this end, I congratulate your courageous efforts in standing up to the incredible bullying tactics of the "church" of Scientology. Well done, keep up the good work! Good luck with your upcoming trial in January 1999. Good luck also to the (original) Cult Awareness Network. May they soon be revived." W

"Fantastic article by Steve Hassan , 'Spritual Responsibility,' in the May 1998 newsletter. I have duplicated it and sent it to grandchildren... Get a 'thanks' to him! And you for printing it!" NB

"Glad to have donated. Keep up the good work." GD

"Thank you for the courage and public service for exposing the criminal and unethical behavior of cults like Scientology... Please continue sending your newsletter." JM

"I am enclosing a small donation as a direct result of reading about the church of Scientology's tactics against a Boston man named Robert Minton. The article I read was off the NY Times web site. It described the underhanded harassment against Mr. Minton and his family... Keep up the good work." AK

"Good luck to you!" BS

"Hope the enclosed will help. Keep up the great work you are doing." RP

"Bless you for your endeavors. I appreciate that your reports are just
that, factual reports and not small mean-minded diatribes. Warmest
regards." CM

"Push right on!" PW

"Keep it up!" AG

"...Ah, and your site is really great. You really managed to get a great deal of information on cults. It is very well designed and invaluable for all those who care about the actions of cults worldwide. It is good to see that you have recovered very well from the attacks you suffered! Good luck!" anon

"Keep up the good work!" BJ

"Wow, that looks great! Easy to use, jam-packed! Love it." CE

"You are doing a TERRIFIC JOB! Thanks for your perseverance and courage. Also, when possible keep tabs on Moon. He is planning a huge mass marriage plus other activities in Washington, DC, November 28th and 29th." AO

"I if won the lottery, I'd bank roll you in a minute. Keep up the good work!" MW

"Dear all my good friend at FACTNet -- Keep up your great work. I have great admiration for all of you. Keep your spirits high." RP

"Best wishes and good luck with the court battle!" JT

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As you see, I cannot thank you enough. Through the information you provided on the Internet, I was able to get my spouse out of the Dianetics Auditing Process. While in the process, she became extremely depressed and nearly suicidal.

You may well have saved a life. I have enclosed a small contribution to your organization and will send more as I am able. I will anonymously work against [Scientology] for the rest of my life!"


"Good luck!" GR

"Keep the faith and continue your great work!" BW

"I was happy to receive your newsletter and to know you are alive and still fighting Scientology. My son is still in Scientology... Wow, what a grip it has on him! Good luck on your mission to inform people about this cult." K

"I think what you're doing is just great and although at the moment I can't offer any financial support, I am recommending your page to everyone I know." J

"Best wishes to you all." JS

"Good work guys!" B

"I'm very dismayed to hear of the demise of the Cult Awareness Network. They were there for me when (my spouse) first got involved in Scientology (via 'Sterling Management') and I didn't have a clue what Scientology was or how to help. Fortunately, though financially costly, we are ok... I hope you meet every success... Good luck!" A

"I got out of [a cult] 10 years ago. It was very hard. I spent a month in a hospital rehab for depression and have been educating myself and clearing my head ever since. I read about you in the newspaper articles I ordered via the library... I'm very glad you're doing what you're doing." JR

"Bravo!" SW

"I admire your courage so much. Keep up the fight. There are so many counting on you." SW

"Keep fighting the good fight." CB

"I am behind you every step of the way. Wish this was more." CM

"Wish I could send more. Keep up your important work." RP

"Keep up the good work!" MW

"I appreciate all your efforts in fighting Scientology. Please don't give up. We all have a stake in winning this battle." AO

"You are doing a good job. Hang in there. I emailed the location of this donation page to a couple of other friends, so I hope you get a good response." AF

"Happy to help, I'll send a check as well." VE

"Dear friends, I read your bulletin as soon as it arrived from cover to cover. Keep up the great work." RP

"Keep up the good work." AH

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