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Newsletter April, 1998

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Will IRS reinvention bring Scientology probe?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is undergoing major changes, according to Vice President Al Gore's new plan for the agency, "Reinventing Service at the IRS." After a 10-month IRS study and Senate Finance Committee hearings revealing IRS abuse of taxpayers' rights, the Clinton administration seems committed to effect change in the agency. Charles Rissotti is already in place as the agency's new commissioner, and changes are underway to improve service.

But if this commitment to change the IRS is genuine, the agency should consider remedying what may be one of its largest blunders ever:

its secret 1993 tax settlement with Scientology in which the IRS granted Scientology tax-exempt status and cut its estimated billion-dollar tax debt to about 1% of that amount. Not only was the deal a reversal of the IRS' 25-year policy regarding the cult's allegedly improper, illegal tax procedures, but it also cost taxpayers almost a billion dollars in unpaid taxes and gave Scientology private education tax exemptions not given to any religion.

This 1993 tax deal was secret until recently exposed by the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and has since


Various Cults Expand, Move, Reorganize Operations

Unification Church. Sun Myung Moon is turning a small ranching town in Brazil into the head of his Latin American operations. Plans are underway to establish the New Hope Ranch, a 74,000-acre facility with a school, university, newspapers, and research center. Moon hopes it will become the center of many such systems in the area, a project purported to bring world peace, end hunger, and develop the Third World. Reaction there has been mixed: grateful for the $20 million Moon has already spent there, and wary about the cult implications. Moon now owns Bridgeport University and Washington Times newspaper, along with daily newspapers in Argentina and Uruguay. The group is

best known for its mass weddings and has allegedly submitted minors to mind control.

Hare Krishna. The Hare Krishna movement opened a complex in New Delhi. Founded in New York in the 1960s by an Indian spiritualist, the group is now aiming for legitimacy in India.

Branch Davidians. Ex-members of David Koresh's group opened a museum in Waco to commemorate the standoff, on the date of its fifth anniversary. Several Davidian factions have battled over rights to the property where the compound lies in rubble, even taking the issue to court. Now the spot will house a Davidian

museum, with pictures, memorabilia, historical information, and recordings of David Koresh.

God's Salvation Church. Leader Chen Hon-Ming, after God did not appear on television at the end of March as he claimed, is moving his Taiwanese cult from Garland, Texas to Buffalo, New York to re-settle on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Church Universal and Triumphant. While CUT has decided to remain on its Glastonbury, Montana ranch, which it considers its holy place, the organization will undergo major changes to prepare it for the future.

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