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Newsletter August-September, 1998

FACTNet Newsletter
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bullet bullet bulletAugust-September, 1998
European Parliament Applauded for Initiative P.1
Ex-Leader of Scientology Discloses Pervasive Cult Criminality P.1
This Month at FACTNet P.2
FACTNet-Scientology Litigation Update: Breakthrough P.2
FACTNet Conference Update P.2
Last chance for your Scientology refunds? P.3
People of Note: FACTNet's Person of the Week Awards P.3
News Briefs P.4
Events, Meetings, & Announcements P.5
FACTNet's Litigation Goals P.6

This Month at FACTNet

After a wonderful response to the June/July newsletter, we are pleased to present the August/September issue.

In reply to our last issue, we have received so many letters, donations, words of support, and responses to the conference questionnaire, especially from people who endorse the revival of the original Cult Awareness Network, Inc. *  Many heartfelt thanks to all who replied. Please forgive us if it takes a little while to respond to your notes and to personally thank you for your donations - we are truly overwhelmed.

FACTNet is delighted to announce the establishment of the Victims' Relief Program, through which we can help people who are in need due to their cult experiences. This program was structured into FACTNet's original bylaws, but not instituted. Former Scientologist Jesse Prince will be the first recipient of assistance from the program, which will seek to provide a safe environment for Jesse as he becomes reestablished in life outside of Scientology. See "Ex-Leader" story on Jesse.

FACTNet's web site has taken a giant step forward. In addition to the search engine recently added to search the FACTNet site, we are installing a search engine capable of searching other cult and mind control-related sites on the Internet. Right now, some other sites are searchable one at a time. Soon, many more sites will be searchable, and search capabilities will include searching all cult-related sites at once, and searching all sites within a category - Amway, for example.

We welcome suggestions and ideas for the newsletter, the web site, or FACTNet in general. Please forward your correspondence to or . Thanks!

Justine Janette, Executive Director

*In this newsletter "Cult Awareness Network, Inc." refers to the organization originally established with that name, before rights were bought by Scientology.

Your donations at work

We strive to stretch each contribution to its fullest. In so doing, we track use of the FACTNet web site use versus operating costs incurred by FACTNet. For June and July:

FACTNet web site hits: 199,523 (June); 185,249 (July)
Web site pages viewed: 43,934 (June); 40,437 (July)
FACTNet expenses: $10,040.96 (June); $15,207.78 (July)
Cost per web site hit: $.05 (June); $.08 (July)
Cost per web site page viewed: $.23 (June); $.28 (July)

FACTNet-Scientology Litigation Update

In 1995 Scientology raided FACTNet's offices on questionable grounds and then sued FACTNet, events that propelled FACTNet into national news. At issue in the continuing lawsuit are the positive aspects of free speech and the future of nonprofit libraries, versus Scientology's agenda to silence its critics. FACTNet has spent over $2 million on the suit and is committed to raise additional funds needed to win this important case.

August 14, 1998: FACTNet's summary judgment opposition due
September 4, 1998: Scientology's reply due
October 6, 1998: Oral argument on summary judgment motion
January 4, 1999: Trial
Current legal bills past due: $182,083
Estimates for additional legal funds for trial: $300,000

Litigation breakthrough

Since Scientology's copyright raid on FACTNet, FACTNet has contended that Scientology committed intentional copyright fraud on FACTNet and on the Denver Federal Court, specifically that Scientology deliberately filed false copyright statements on thousands of L Ron Hubbard's writings that were really in the public domain. FACTNet claimed these actions were part of a massive financial fraud on Scientology's own members, Hubbard's heirs, and the government.

Jesse Prince, a courageous ex-leader of Scientology with direct knowledge of this fraud, has stepped forward to testify. Jesse is the highest-ranking Scientologist who has ever testified against Scientology. Scientology and its attorneys are in a panic to intimidate Jesse or otherwise prevent him from reaching the witness stand.

Due to Jesse's intimate knowledge of these and other crimes, FACTNet has involved the proper government authorities. Jesse's testimony could end the litigation altogether. At minimum, it will shift the focus of the case towards removing Scientology's fraudulently obtained copyrights and enforcing civil and criminal sanctions against Scientology and its executives, legal agents, and insurance companies.

Scientology has widely claimed that the FACTNet case is the largest copyright infringement case in US history. Scientology is correct, although the infringement is not FACTNet's. Rather, the case will reveal the country's largest copyright fraud on the part of Scientology [See Scientology/ raid.html for a full account of the FACTNet-Scientology lawsuit. Donations are much needed and tax-deductible].

FACTNet Conference Update

Preliminary plans are underway for a conference on cults and mind control sponsored by FACTNet in conjunction with the original Cult Awareness Network, Inc. *  in early to mid-1999. We would like to bring together cult victims, families, counselors, experts, educators, and supporters of cult education work, to counter the effects of dangerous cults. Since conference planning is new to FACTNet, we asked for you to help by providing suggestions on our conference questionnaire. Thanks for all the responses we have received! Here's what you said...

While some wrote that they would not attend a conference, usually due to money, time, or health constraints, most were enthusiastic to come. And while a few skiers would opt to travel to Colorado during winter months for a conference, most would prefer May or June.

Suggested topics: ex-member support, family-of-member support, long-term recovery issues, cults & children, cults & crime, mind control (also role of fear and loss of freedom), reaching cult members, cult sexual abuse, exit counseling, Branch Davidians, Jehovah's Witnesses, militia groups, Scientology, Unification Church, white supremacy groups.

Suggested speakers: Johannes Aargaard, Steve Allen , Craig Branch, Donna Collins, Steve Daniels, Bill & Lorna Goldberg, Steve Hassan , Ian Hayworth, Stephen Kent, Mike Langone, Cheryl Larsen, Ed Lottick, Robert Minton, Peter McWilliams, Ralph Nadar, Margaret Singer , Jolly West, Lawrence Wollersheim, Stacy Young, ex-members.

The questionnaire is reprinted below. Your help will be invaluable to us and to those who attend. Thanks!

FACTNet/CAN Revival Conference Planning Questionnaire

Your help in completing this form will provide essential information as FACTNet begins the planning process. Thanks so much.

  1. Would you be interested in attending such a conference? Yes/No Why or why not?

  2. Which month in 1999 would you prefer? Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Why then?

  3. What topics would you like covered?

  4. What speakers would you like to hear?

  5. Do you have any ideas or suggestions you would like us to consider?

  6. Would you be interested in volunteering? Yes, in preparations/Yes, at conference/No

  7. May we include your ideas on a conference discussion page on the FACTNet web site?
    Yes, anonymously

Thank you for taking the time to help!


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