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Newsletter August-September, 1998

Ex-Leader of Scientology Discloses Pervasive Cult Criminality
This Month at FACTNet P.2
FACTNet-Scientology Litigation Update: Breakthrough P.2
FACTNet Conference Update P.2
Last chance for your Scientology refunds? P.3
People of Note: FACTNet's Person of the Week Awards P.3
News Briefs P.4
Events, Meetings, & Announcements P.5
FACTNet's Litigation Goals P.6

Events, Meetings, & Announcements

Focus meetings are held monthly in Boston.
Focus is a support group for former cult members.

What: Focus meetings for ex-members of cult groups
When: 1st Wednesday of every month
By: Co-facilitators Mike and Nancy
Contact: 617-353-5269 (option 2)

Anti-cult organizations: If your group is hosting an event related to cults or mind control, and you would like FACTNet to publicize it in the newsletter or on the web site, please let us know. Email or write to FACTNet, .

Search Engine: Specializing in cult and mind control sites

One stop Internet searching with FACTNet's search engine specialized in cults and mind control!

If you are looking for information on the Internet on cults and mind control, save time by doing your searching at FACTNet. At FACTNet, you can now search not only the FACTNet web site, but also other cult and mind control sites.

Rather than searching the whole Internet as search engines like Yahoo and Infoseek do, FACTNet's new search engine searches only sites that pertain to cults and mind control. So instead of search results that contain a lot of irrelevant information, our search results are always pertinent.

The best part is that you don't have to visit numerous individual web sites to find the information you're after. FACTNet has done the searching for you already. The search engine is based on a webcrawler that reads every word on every page of sites related to cults and mind control, which means FACTNet's searches are not only comprehensive but also quite accurate. Try a search at!


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