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Newsletter August-September, 1998

Ex-Leader of Scientology Discloses Pervasive Cult Criminality
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FACTNet-Scientology Litigation Update: Breakthrough P.2
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FACTNet's Litigation Goals P.6

FACTNet's litigation goals

If litigation against Scientology is handled incorrectly, results can be devastating. Scientology litigation cannot be won simply through successful defense. The Cult Awareness Network, Inc.* won cases, but was litigated into bankruptcy.

FACTNet's legal strategy to win the current Scientology lawsuits is based on 17 years of successful experience in Scientology litigation worldwide. FACTNet founding director Lawrence Wollersheim has defeated Scientology in courts four times.

FACTNet's strategy is not only to win, but also:

  1. To strengthen the fair use of copyrights - for free speech, library, and archive purposes -- against unreasonable search and seizure precedents as they apply to the Internet.
  2. To expose the criminal fraud that Scientology has committed on the federal court system.
  3. To remove all protection on copyrights and trade secrets which were falsely filed by Scientology, illegally acquired, or misused to crush free speech and religious dissent.
  4. To use the lawsuit and the worldwide media attention the lawsuit has brought to FACTNet to allow large-scale, global education on the dangers of Scientology. Our target is to receive 100,000 hits a week on the FACTNet web site by the time the trial begins in January, 1999.
  5. So that Scientology and similar bullies will be thoroughly dissuaded from repeating Scientology's litigation tactics (a la CAN and FACTNet), to collect damages from Scientology and from each law firm that served as a Scientology agent for the raid or lawsuit.
  6. To collect sufficient funds in damages to endow FACTNet to perform its mission of assisting victims of cults and mind control, to reinsure itself, and to revive CAN.

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