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Newsletter February, 1998

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bullet bullet bullet bulletFEBRUARY,1998
Clinton, Cultgate and Travolta

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First Lewinsky; Now Clinton, Cultgate and Travolta

Has President Clinton made a deal with Scientology in exchange for a more respectable portrayal in an upcoming feature film? Actor John Travolta is playing a fictional alter-ego of Clinton in Primary Colors and reportedly will portray him very positively. Meanwhile, according to Travolta, Scientologist and celebrity spokesman for the cult, Clinton has agreed to help out Scientology in Germany.

Primary Colors, due out in March, depicts a southern governor modeled after Clinton. The governor lies and seduces women, and is running for president. The New York Post quoted Travolta as saying, "You have to be dead not see that the film favors Clinton... More than anything, it promotes what a decent person he is." [February 12, 1998].

George Magazine [March] says that manipulating Travolta was part of Clinton's efforts to soften his portrayal in the film. Travolta went to Washington to promote Scientology just before Primary Colors began filming, reported George. Travolta told the magazine, "I met with Clinton. He told me: 'Your program sounds great.

More than that, I'd really love to help you with your issue over in Germany with Scientology."

Germany considers Scientology an anti-democratic cult that cheats members out of huge amounts of money and harasses critics in a Mafia-like manner. For these reasons, Germany does not recognize Scientology as a religion.

According to George, "[Clinton] went to the extraordinary length of assigning his national security advisor, Sandy Berger, to be the administration's Scientology point man." Berger even briefed Travolta as he would a senator.

Columnist Mary McGrory wrote, "Hollywood pretty much has the run of the Clinton White House... Embarrassed, overworked White House spinners... are shocked that anyone would think there was any quid pro quo in the equation, even if Travolta plays Clinton in a forthcoming movie." [Washington Post, February 20, 1998]

Is this kind of quid pro quo something Clinton
The New York Post
The Washington Post
George Magazine

Scientology forced out of Greece

A Greek court rejected an appeal by KEFE, the Greek arm of Scientology, which marked the final blow to the organization in that country. KEFE must now close down and liquidate its assets.

According to Apogevmatini [January 4, 1998], a Greek newspaper, the court described KEFE in its verdict as a totalitarian organization whose aims are power and money, and to that end uses dangerous techniques which brainwash its members, teach the promotion of ruthlessness, and damage critics' reputations.

The court also said KEFE is not a religion and its use of "auditing," "purification," and other methods is illegal because of the dangers posed to those receiving them. According to the verdict, "It was fully proven that the participation in KEFE brings a personality change to the member, in his behavior towards others and especially to his family relations, which sometimes are completely broken because of their negative attitude towards Scientology...

"It was fully proven that KEFE is an organization with totalitarian

structures and trends, which essentially despises man, acts freely 'in phenomenon' in order to attract members, who are then subjected... into a brain wash... (basic positions of the Scientology founder's theories), so that we are standing in front of beings with no personal will, who have lost the capacity of making decisions as products of their free will, since they have passed through the propaganda filters of Scientology and the suitable processing, become susceptible to the 'truths' it applies, without having motives to examine and evaluate".

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