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Newsletter June-July, 1998

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Fraud Case Charges Cult, Clinton, Travolta

Information Release to FACTNet by Berry, Lewis, Scali & Stojkovic, June 23, 1998

Former Scientology celebrity member Michael P. Pattinson has filed a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology in federal court Los Angeles. (Pattinson v. Church of Scientology International, Case No. 98-3985). Mr. Pattinson joined Scientology in 1973 and was both a staff member and public member. In June, 1997, after spending over $500,000 on Scientology processing, and becoming an OT VIII, he realized the fraud that the Church had perpetrated upon him. In particular, the Church had represented, using John Travolta as an example, that it could cure his homosexuality. However, after 25 years of Scientology, and half a million dollars later, he was still gay. Significantly, both Quentin Hubbard and Lisa McPherson were his close personal friends. Captain David Miscavige personally participated in Mr. Pattinson's "processing" and personally corresponded with him.

Los Angeles attorney Graham E. Berry of Berry, Lewis, Scali & Stojkovic filed the lawsuit and is finalizing a 200 page First Amended Complaint. Graham Berry is a veteran of a number of major Scientology lawsuits over the past seven years. He says "the lawsuit is unique in its broad sweep across Scientology's history and conduct over the past 25 years. It encompasses everything from the fraudulent misrepresentations about L. Ron Hubbard's background to the destruction of the Cult Awareness Network, the subversion of the I.R.S., the RPF and the harassment of critics through the "Fair Game policy."

Creatively, the lawsuit also names various federal government officials as "relief defendants," solely for the purpose of declaratory and injunctive relief that is sought in connection with Scientology's tax-free status, "cultgate" and the Scientology campaign against Germany, and the threat of United States trade sanctions against Sweden if that country does not comply with the Clinton Administration's demand that it remove Scientology's "religious scriptures" from public availability through the Swedish Parliament and government.

The lawsuit alleges a wide variety of misconduct against Scientology, including racketeering, fraud, false advertising, assault, false imprisonment, defamation and conspiracy. It also seeks relief in connection with Mr. Pattinson's dossier maintained by Scientology. Named as defendants are a potpourri of Scientology churches, corporations and individuals, including David Miscavige, Mary Sue Hubbard, the Broekers, Jane Kember, Vicki Azneran, Heber Jentzch, Michael Rinder, Ray Mithoff, Lyman Spurlock and John Travolta. Also named as Defendants are Lisa Marie Presley's husband, Danny Keogh, and Marty Rathbun in connection with a coercive attempted religious de-programming of Mr. Pattinson, which was intended to strip him of his Christian beliefs, contrary to Scientology's claims of compatibility with other faiths.

The Pattinson case is a model for several other cases being considered by Graham Berry. In addition, it should also provide key evidence for use in other litigation such as the CAN malicious prosecution and Lisa McPherson law suits.

As part of his fraud claim, Mr. Pattinson alleges that the only thing he learned on OT VIII was Hubbard's statement and cognition that "Now he knew who wasn't, he was interested in finding out who he was." There are only approximately 1200 other OT VIII's in Scientology and there have been no new OT VIII's for several years. In mid-June, 1998, 250 Scientology OT VIII's went on the 10th annual maiden voyage of M.V. Freewinds, where they again saw David Miscavige and his senior officials hamming it up in a spoof video,and were told that Scientology had received many victories in Germany's courts but that the German government was not enforcing the court orders. Consequently, Scientology now needed lots of money in order to have the antagonistic German government officials voted out of office!

Michael Pattinson will gratefully receive contributions to his legal fund,

made payable to:
Berry, Lewis, Scali & Stojkovic Client Trust account (for Michael Pattinson )
and mailed to:
One Wilshire Boulevard, Twenty-First Floor
Los Angeles, California 90017-3383
telephone: (213) 833-5900
Fax: (213) 833-5909


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