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Newsletter June-July, 1998

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  • FACTNet
    By Lawrence Wollersheim, FACTNet President, Board of Directors
  • CAN
    By Edward A. Lottick , M. D., CAN Treasurer and Acting Chairman


By Lawrence Wollersheim, FACTNet President, Board of Directors

CAN and FACTNet were founded with similar purposes of education. CAN was damaged by Scientology's efforts to silence it through repeated lawsuits which eventually bankrupted CAN and allowed the rights to its name to be sold to Scientology, who now runs a different "CAN." In so doing, Scientology showed the world how dangerous it is beyond the severe casualties it causes to its members and their families.

When an organization attempts to destroy free speech in a participatory democracy, others must respond by actively and aggressively coming together to counter the organization, before social catastrophe ensues. This type of response has begun in earnest on the Internet where people from all walks of life and from all over the world are working together to counter every further attempt of Scientology to harm others.

Scientology can not be allowed to silence CAN. If this assault on free speech succeeds, Scientology may then accelerate new assaults against other organizations such as FACTNet, International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA), InfoCult, Dialog Center, and Watchman Fellowship. And other ruthless organizations will use Scientology as a role model to silence those who criticize them. Advocates of social, political, or religious causes will become vulnerable targets.

FACTNet will use every resource we have to help revive CAN by taking on as many of CAN’s old activities as possible. Once CAN is restored, these activities will return to CAN where they belong. We hope that by temporarily performing CAN’s old activities, we are helping defeat Scientology’s attempted destruction of CAN. This newsletter – presented through CAN/FACTNet cooperation -- is the first of those actions. With your help and suggestions, and former CAN volunteers, the second will occur in 1999: the FACTNet/CAN Revival Conference (See article on p.2).

Keep in mind this is not just a cult issue anymore. At risk are our democratic systems, which depend on peaceful processes of education through free speech. Scientology must not be allowed to succeed. Let’s come together now to defy Scientology's attempts to destroy free speech and CAN. Help us help revive CAN.

The Cult Awareness Network

By Edward A. Lottick , M. D., CAN Treasurer and Acting Chairman

Greetings from CAN.

Some of you will have received my earlier mailing of a three page letter. Many thanks to you who sent contributions, words of support, and prayers. Your strong response was very affirming of the topic of that letter - pursuit of litigation against Scientology because of their malicious prosecution in roughly 50 lawsuits against us in order to destroy CAN. We refused to die. And we refuse to shudder into silence. We will use our opportunity to litigate against those that oppose free speech. We believe that in a democracy, reason and truth will prevail.

Many thanks to our sister organization, FACTNet, for helping us get this to you. FACTNet pioneered the use of computer technology to convey information on cults, and shares our vision of a fully revivified CAN with adequate strength to litigate successfully. FACTNet has graciously agreed to collect funds so that CAN, FACTNet, others may resist malicious litigation.

CAN came out of bankruptcy February 5, 1998 with no employees and no funds. Since then we have raised funds from some of you and have used these funds to pay some pressing obligations and some old debt, and to begin the process of bringing Scientology to justice for their malicious prosecution and harassment of CAN over the past eight years. We have already performed key preparations for the malicious prosecution litigation. Your contributions made this possible.

Although we recently had a setback when two judges on a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against our appeal of the Jason Scott judgment, we have rebounded with an appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals en banc - an eleven judge panel. Execution of the Jason Scott judgment remains on hold.

The last Scientology case against us, the Lippmann case, was just dismissed June 8, 1998 in the Superior Court in Los Angeles. Those of you who responded to my earlier letter funded our defense in this case. The dismissing of this case may prove pivotal to future efforts.

Also, we are not passive regarding the abuse of the CAN name. Our arguments have been concluded in the appeal of the bankruptcy sale of the CAN name, and we await the determination of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

I am very happy to get the word to this expanded list and hope that each of you will support us with your gifts, words, deeds, and prayers. Support is becoming more and more tangible and more and more widespread, and this encourages all of us. Make your checks out to FACTNet and mail them to FACTNet, PO Box 1314, Ignacio, CO 80307. (I may be reached at (717) 287-1377 or

Join us and help us continue this massive effort. We estimate that the malicious prosecution litigation will cost a million dollars over the next five to seven years. Send a contribution now and in doing so encourage those who will follow.


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