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Newsletter October 2001

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October, 2001

FACTNet News Opinion/Editorial 10/05/01

Subject: Mind Control Cult Involvement in World Trade Center Bombings

Behind the World Trade Center and the Pentagon bombings was the involvement of a mind control cult just as a mind control cult was behind the Aum Shinrikyo sarin gas attacks in the Tokyo subways. Leading cult and mind control experts have confirmed that the terrorists are members of a mind control cult that had expediently hijacked and distorted Islamic religious dogma. But just how one of the world’s oldest and most secretive cults is involved will follow after a little background on the mind control element behind this terrorism…

The individuals who perpetrated the World Trade Center bombings acted because of a set of ideas and values that they "believed." These ideas and values seem to most of us not just extreme, but insane (i.e. suicide and the killing of innocent others.) To find out why, who and what actually caused the World Trade Center bombings you have to go beyond considering the mere scaffolding of any possible defensible rationality of the ideas, values and motivations held by the terrorists or that of the people who sent them. When you see the terrorist’s actions through the two lenses of mind control and the psychology of how to create and maintain a destructive cultic group, you will understand the real method used to implant the ideas and values that ultimately motivated their horrific acts.

More importantly, when the US government and military also begin to see the World Trade Center terrorists as members of a mind control cult and that the cult terrorist and the cult fanatic are essentially the same, they will be more successful in hindering future acts of terrorism. The statement that the World Trade Center terrorists were members of a mind control cult does not imply in any way that the terrorists must not be handled with swift and appropriate physical intervention and detention to prevent more terrorist acts. It means that if the US government response is appropriate to the proper handling of the actual mind control and cult causes of the attacks it won’t make as the FBI lack of understanding of mind control cults did at WACO.

How the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Cult Terrorists were manufactured:

Experts on Middle Eastern terrorists have discovered that they are regularly recruited from ultra-fundamentalist Islamic religious schools.** In these schools the potential recruits are subjected a severe process of mental exercises, discipline and testing far more difficult than that of the terrorists’ physical training in the training camps.

This known clue is important because it links directly to the long history of mind control cult terrorism in the Arabic world. As early as the 7th century AD a cult called the Hashishin was already in the terrorism business. (Hashishin is the derived source of the modern word assassin.)

Through the centuries this cult perfected some of the earliest empirical antecedents of modern mind control using its members as unknowing test subjects. Using distorted Islamic religious imagery and a series of severe mental and physical exercises (initiations) they were able to program their members to kill themselves with or without reason literally on command or kill themselves while executing assassinations or, joyously go on missions of certain death.  Their members did anything asked of them because they were programmed to believe they would immediately go to Paradise as a martyr for Islam and be awarded with scores of waiting virgins and all other forms of comfort and wealth.

For centuries the Hashishin cult network has been the dark side of Arabic culture and has terrorized any person or organization that opposed it. Now, in an evolved and morphed form, the mind control skills and cultic structure of the Hashishin is still in existence and being used again. But, today it is also being augmented with the additional power of more modern mind control technology and modern intelligence training.

It would take too much time here to describe the full terrorist history of the Hashishin mind control cult in the Arabic world much less the riveting Hashishin mind control training procedures. For this we strongly recommend you see Chapters 1 and 2 of Secret Societies: Yesterday and Today, by Arkon Daraul. (Published by the Frederick Muller, London.) There you will see in vivid detail the origins and history of the modern Arabic mind control system used in an evolved form to help create the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center.

Keep in mind not all terrorists go though mind control in a cult setting such as the World Trade Center terrorists. The terrorist suicide bombers currently plaguing Israel are generally not subjected to as an intense of a regimen of mind control or cultic surroundings as those terrorist recruited out of the Islamic ultra-fundamentalist religious schools.

For instance, one of the weaker of the more modern mind control techniques used to keep terrorist attacking Israel on suicide missions has recently surfaced on TV. It was to have the terrorist make a video to their families before their suicides stating how glad they are to become Islamic martyrs and how happy they were going to Paradise. (Remember the Heaven’s Gate Hale Bop cult’s pre-suicide videos stating how glad the members were to be getting into the spaceship behind the comet?) Knowing that the pre-suicide video exists and will be given to others helps compel the terrorist to follow through with their mission or be subjected to an unbearable humiliation.

(A full and detailed description of how specific mind control and cult control techniques work linked at the end of this editorial. *)

Recruiting terrorists:

How do you recruit a person to rain terror, death and destruction on people they do not even know? Do you look for someone who is already evil?

No. You use bait. The best bait is information that can easily be accepted as true and may, from a certain perspective, in fact be true.

What you hear in the media as the reasons for the recent acts of terrorism at World Trade Center and the Pentagon is that the terrorists believe that the US economic, political and/or military culture is destroying their religious culture or that the US is harming fellow Arabs in the middle east in the Arab Israeli conflict. Or, that the US is bias toward the Israelis and the Israelis have taken away an Arab homeland and Arab human rights.

All the above are ideas and values that, from a certain Arab/Islamic perspective, could be argued or believed to be true. This perception of the "injustices" being imposed upon them or their people from without, followed by a feeling of powerlessness to effect or stop the force creating the perceived injustices creates the depth of frustration and anger that is an ideal soil for terrorist recruiting.

It is only then, after the now willing recruit has taken the ideological "bait", that the technologies of mind control found in destructive cults can be effectively applied. The successful application of these mind and cult control tactics then prevent the recruit from being able to re-evaluate or rethink his membership or anything the cult tells him to do in order to fanatically punish the cause of the perceived injustice and frustration. (For more on the practiced cult recruiting deceptions see Chapters 1 and 2 of Secret Societies, Yesterday and Today mentioned above.)

How the US government should handle the cult terrorism situation:

1.      Treat this as a horrible international crime committed by a relatively small terrorist mind control cult, not an act of international war by a nation! 

2.      Because of the international scope of the crime and its magnitude, engage the UN, World Court and the International community (especially the Islamic nations) to help in apprehending the terrorists, their handlers and supporters and bring them swiftly to trial in the International World Court.

3.      Engage the UN, World Court and the International community (especially the Arab Islamic nations) in actively helping to prevent further terrorism using international law and law enforcement.

4.      Train the US State department, US Intelligence, and the US military agencies by the world’s leading cult and mind control experts on how to control, contain and stop mind control cults so that they do not inadvertently turn Afghanistan or other Middle Eastern countries into another WACO/FBI/cult-handling disaster --- only this time on a global scale. (Considering that the devastating Okalahoma City bombing retaliation came from one of our own citizens motivated by the WACO FBI cult handling disaster, imagine what unaprehended Arab cult terrorists will do to retaliate if the US response to this cult terrorism is not wise, just and precise.)

5.      Begin worldwide education on mind control and destructive cult technology led by Islamic religious and political leaders. They know this problem well they have been dealing with it for 13 centuries. This will help inoculate more individuals from being recruited.

6.      Slow and prevent further "bait-based" terrorist recruitment by insuring that there are effective methods for Arab grievance hearing and resolution as well as true economic, and political enfranchisement. This will reduce the fertile recruiting ground of frustration, anger, powerlessness and disenfranchisement many Arabs perceive.

7.      Do not allow the psychological warfare departments to start dehumanizing the cult terrorists as evil enemies or inhuman. Mind control cults are an international criminal problem involving about 20,000 members worldwide. They are not a military problem requiring war on other nations. We should not forget that the terrorists are human beings that have been subjected to the evil of a mind control cult and, no matter how heinous their crimes are, they still are and always will remain human beings with inalienable international rights to justice and due process. It is the evil within the mind control cult that turns humans into monsters and, if as the US president repeatedly states, "this is a war on evil," at least --- let it be on the right evil target and real cause of the terrorism.

What will most likely happen if the cult Terrorists are not Handled with Wisdom, Precision and International Law and Justice:

There are probably hundreds of isolated cells of sympathetic cult terrorists in dozens of Arabic countries around the world. If the US does not let the UN do the job it was designed to do and let the Islamic countries play a predominant role in a multinational UN force to affect the physical intervention, detention and the putting of the terrorists on trial, the following consequences are likely:

a.       The military martyrdom of Osama Ben Laden and others will enflame and refuel the other terrorists cells. There will be retaliation by the other cells at levels that could be far beyond the embassy bombings and the World Trade Center bombings wherever US tourists, business and trade interests exist. These attacks will also further harm a global economy that is already in recession and create a worldwide environment of fear that, in itself, would be crippling to life as we cherish it.

b.      The military martyrdom of a few will enflame and refuel the cult’s worldwide Arab/Islamic terrorist recruiting efforts. If there is a US dominated military attack that is not led by the UN and based on International law, you will soon have the recruits to create thousands more cells.

c.       Military action that is not under the UN leadership may destabilize Arabic countries with civil unrest and coups.  Some of these countries, besides having most of the world’s oil reserves, have biological and nuclear arsenals. This then could quickly lead to both regional war and or even a world war with the possible use of tactical biological and nuclear weapons.

History has repeatedly shown that dealing with isolated mind control cults is not effective with Rambo solutions and usually has the exact opposite effect. Hopefully there are many individuals in the US who will speak out for an appropriate response to the real causes of this terrorism before it is too late and a disproportionate or inappropriate war-like response makes the situation far worse.

To effectively stop this terrorist cult from acting again one has to ultimately defeat the mind control machine that has created the ideas and values implanted into the terrorists and not just attempt to defeat the people who hold the ideas and values! To solve the terrorist problem one needs to see beyond the obvious battle between peoples or the battle between competing ideas and values.

If one martyrs this type of cult member, new recruits will flock to replace them and the terrorism expands. If one attacks the ideas and values of mind control cults then one finds that one is thwarted by a litany of counter arguments and rationalizations. But if one exposes and dismantles the mind control "machine" through the International justice system (for the criminal acts committed) and then one educates people on how a mind control and cult control works, the danger of more terrorist attacks drops, current terrorists gradually become deprogrammed, few new recruits enter the system and, the world of 6 billion people are not plunged into international political and/or economic crisis because of the acts of 20,000 cult hardened members.

The U.S. has had its WACO. The U.S. has had its Vietnam. We have the world’s most powerful military and economy. When we are certain of the precise solution for the real causes of the terrorist attack and we act in cooperation with the world community through the United Nations, we can just as easily handle one of the poorest and technologically backward areas of the world. This will not change over the next months.

It is not the time to rush to a global U. S. dominated military retaliation to solve an international criminal problem. It is absolutely the time for careful discussion, evaluation and planning before acting.


* The following links that will give you an insight into the specific mind control and cult control tactics that were among those used to implant the ideas and values that ultimately caused the bombings.

  1. Mind Control tactics, a short overview ( .)

  2. The Criteria and Characteristics of Destructive Cult Control ( .)

  3. More Information on Mind Control and Cults ( .)

** These ultra-fundamentalist Islamic religious schools that serve as a significant recruiting pool for terrorists distort the basic peaceful religious message of Islam. Also keep in mind that in a mind control cult any religious, political, social or other dogma or agenda can be expeditiously hijacked for deceptive recruiting and control purposes. History has shown that terrorists have been created in ultra-fundamentalist Christian, Jewish or other religion’s religious school as well.

For more about the dangers of what not to do when attacked by a terrorist cult go our earlier editorial at ( )

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