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Newsletter October 2005 - Recovering from a Cult

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October, 2005

Factnet News Opinion/Editorial 10/06/05

Dear FACTNet Users, Subscribers or Friends of FACTNet,

It is not often that as a director of FACTNet I send out special notices to all our users, subscribers or friends, but this is one of those times. I, Lawrence Wollersheim also a former Scientology cult victim myself, have recently come across valuable new information for anyone recovering from a cult.

If I had I not let you know about this new information I would have been not only remiss in my responsibility as a FACTNet Director, but also as a human being who has personally suffered through the slow and difficult cult healing process.

Reading and understanding this new information has helped me significantly even though I thought I was already been pretty much healed! So, I wholehearted make the following reading recommendations for any former cult member who has already read some of the basic books on cult mind control and manipulation:

1.) For individuals who have been in religious cult: The first piece of new information is summarized on our website as a multi-page overview of Fowlers 5 Stages of Faith.
This overview along with the 5 Stages of Faith book are recovery must reads because they show you the progression of a healthy, balanced and maturing religious faith. Understanding this progression is not only healing of itself, but it also helps you to resume your faith search in a wiser way. This is because you will have a better image of the natural development and maturing of spiritual faith when it is not twisted by some cult or immature religious group.

2.) For individuals who have been in either a religious or non religious cult: The second piece of new information is contained in a book called Spiral Dynamics.
It is a management book that is based on 50 years of research by Professor Claire Graves trying to answer the question “what makes people change.” This can be a tough read as it written in business terminology and it describes a steady, but complex path that all humans and civilizations mature and develop along.

This book literally removed my lingering, disproportionate cynicism --- a cynicism that I have had since I left the cult. It is the most comprehensive summary of how humans psychologically mature and develop that I have ever seen.

Seeing the detailed psychological maturity process described in this book has helped me to go back and pick up some important missing normal maturity and socialization pieces that my cult experience had retarded or suppressed. It has also helped me to see the normal tasks and steps of maturing as a human being so that I can see better where I am now as well as the joys of what lies ahead of me --- if I just allow the natural process of maturing to develop.

Happy Healing!


Lawrence Wollersheim
FACTNet Director


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