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  • alt.2600 - Considered the mecca for the most serious Netizens, including serious or pretend-to-be hackers. Net free speech and privacy are viewed more radically in this news group.
  • alt.activism - Every issue and controversy appears in this lively newsgroup.
  • alt.anonymous - Since the closure of, this newsgroup has declined.
  • alt.censorship - Sharply discussed.
  • alt.privacy - Discussions on how your privacy is invaded, from phone numbers to credit cards and more.
  • alt.privacy.anon-server - Low volume discussions about anonymous remailers.
  • alt.religion.scientology - The newsgroup that Scientology has dragged into courtrooms, along with FACTNet.
  • alt.revisionism - Heated debates with neo-nazis in a classic example of free speech on the Net.
  • - From paper shredders to passwords.
  • - PGP is the most widely used and respected encryption system. This group covers everything from solving problems for novices to speculating if PGP really can be broken.
  • - Discussions on EFF issues.
  • - Various computer security issues.
  • - More discussions on the use of PGP.
  • comp.society.privacy - Very low volume group on the need for privacy.
  • news.admin.censorship - More discussions of free speech v. censorship.
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