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You have reached the largest online archive in the world of the dirty secrets of Scientology Dianetics and L Ron Hubbard, (about 50 megabytes). Before you believe ANY claim made by Scientology, Dianetics (aka Scientologie, Cienciologia, Dianetique, Dianetik, Dianetica) or L Ron Hubbard carefully review these materials and link resources. Scientology has tried everything to block your access to them. They even tried to shut us down with a raid. These materials have saved the lives, careers or resources of tens of thousands of individuals and/or their families and friends. If you need personal assistance from FACTNet click here for more information.

Click here to watch the South Park TV episode on Scientology that with humor tells you the factual basics of what Scientology is and does and what kind of people lead it!

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Governments in Opposition to Scientology:

Feb 8, 2000

BBC News Online: France recommends dissolving Scientologists: A government committee in France has recommended dissolving the Church of Scientology there, on the grounds that its activities threaten public order. A report submitted to the prime minister, Lionel Jospin, described the church as a totalitarian sect that kept files containing personal information on its members. It said it was an extremely dangerous organisation that violated human dignity.

Dec 10, 1999

Church 'fails test' for charity status :Britain: The Church of Scientology was yesterday barred from charitable status after the Charity Commission ruled that it failed to promote the "moral and spiritual welfare" of the community.

Jan 22, 1997

Scientology Banned in Greece: In Greece, an Athens Administrative Court passed a judgment which affects Scientology materially. It states that the psycho-sect is to be banned. The judge stated that the financial machinations of the commercial sect were not compatible with the public welfare.

Sep 18, 1994

The Giant Scientology Octopus: German Federal Labor Minister Norbert Bluem (CDU) urged a "substantially rigorous, faster opposition" to the "Scientology" sect, which is active in Germany. He regards the sect as a "criminal money-laundering organization which is intent on expanding its delusional ideology worldwide under the pretext of religion and will stop at nothing." "It is high time that the big wheels of this human-despising cartel of suppression finally receive our message loud and clear: they are criminal!" "Potential members are put into psychologically and physically dependent relationships. They are subjected to brainwashing; their personalities are systematically destroyed. Then they are materially exploited without end. Even though we know all this, far too little has really been able to be done in effectively opposing this organization."            

Time Magazine 1991

This article in TIME Magazine about Scientology called "Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power" is one of the most famous and is a vivid introduction to the subject of Scientology and the potential pitfalls of becoming a Scientologist.

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