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Self-proclaimed Messiah Sun Myung Moon buried...

Submitted by nabashalam on Sun, 09/16/2012 - 13:03


Sun Myung Moon — who told followers that Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther, and Mohammed supported his claim of being the ‘Messiah’ — was buried today in South Korea, following a 13-day period of mourning.

The Associated Press says

His church has been accused of brainwashing recruits and duping them out of money, but followers believe Moon’s claim that he was put on Earth to complete Jesus Christ’s works.

“His will is a divine will, different from normal people,” said 69-year-old office worker Jeong Hye-ok. “I believe he will establish a foundation to build a heavenly world that unifies peace on earth.” [...]

Many mourners wept as a top church official said in a speech that Moon was moving into a spiritual world after completing the messianic role that God had asked of him.

Moon — whose Unification Church is, theologically, a cult of Christianity — has actually claimed that after his death he will continue to lead the church from the spirit world.

Sun Myung Moon’s funeral, broadcast by Korea’s News 1.


According to the Associated Press

In the years before his death, Moon handed over key responsibilities of his empire to his children, with his youngest son appointed the church’s top religious director in 2008 and another son in charge of business operations in South Korea and Japan.

But The Telegraph writes that

Without Moon’s unifying presence, some experts see potential for conflict between his sons who control the church’s religious and business arms and who do not command the same loyalty as their father from overseas chapters.

The truth about Sun Myung Moon, by cult expert — and former Moon-follower — Steven Hassan.
A Letter to the Disillusioned (from an ex-member of the Unification Church)
In pictures: Rev Sun Myung Moon funeral in South Korea


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