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Factnet Website disclaimer

Special Factnet Website, Blog and Discussion Forum Legal and Services Disclaimer

F.A.C.T.Net (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network) Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 educational organization. Among its many functions it is also nonaligned electronic lending library, a historic archive, public interest issues dialog center (in its blog and discussion forums,) preservational archive and a general news blog and news distribution service. The purpose of Factnet's many services is to promote independent investigation and public debate and dialog on important public interest issues. Just a few areas of public interest issues are things such as coercive influence technologies effecting our political and social systems, healthy and unhealthy religious practices, destructive political, social and religious cults and fanaticism, global warming and other of the most critical issues effecting our political, social, economic, ecological and individual well-being.


Statements made in any documents in any of our web libraries, blogs or message boards on or off the Internet do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the F.A.C.T.Net organization.


Factnet never endorses any political candidate or political party. Although Factnet will post material of public interest on political issues and positions of public interest, nothing ever found on our website should be construed directly or indirectly to be an endorsement by Factnet of any individual political candidate or political party. 

F.A.C.T.Net provides only the electronic medium for transferring information, with the explicit understanding that each user will independently evaluate the public interest issues presented and through public dialog and personal investigation carefully make up his or her own mind as to its factual accuracy and usefulness.


For the following reasons, F.A.C.T.Net treats all of the information in these electronic research libraries, blog and news postings, e-mail boxes, electronic chats, discussion forum message boards, editorials, historic archives and electronic conferences as allegations, opinions, or theoretical research discussions and makes absolutely no claims for the factual accuracy of any information, statement, or document contained in any of its electronic libraries or other services.

  • Independent individuals, organizations, or authors contributing documents to F.A.C.T.Net's research libraries, blogs, discussion forums etc and may be exercising their constitutional rights of petition, free speech, participation in government, or freedom of religion in researching, evaluating and freely discussing any matter. These discussions or statements may also be the constitutionally protected opinions, allegations, satire, fiction, or religious beliefs or religious opinions of these independent individuals, organizations, or authors and, as such, may or may not be factual.

  • Most of the documents in our research libraries have been electronically scanned and mechanically translated. Even using the newest technologies, errors occur naturally during this translation and transcription process.

  • Some of the information contained in these libraries may be fictional works, "works in progress," or archival materials included in the library or archive only to preserve their possible historical or bibliographical value or for which even the author or contributor makes no claims as to the document's factual accuracy.

Because of the preceding, neither F.A.C.T.Net Inc., any affiliated entities, nor any of its information providers offer any warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the performance of the F.A.C.T.Net information network or the veracity of information available through on or provided by F.A.C.T.Net. All information is provided to F.A.C.T.Net library users on an "as is" basis subject to all of the qualifications of this disclaimer and all use of such information for any purpose is at the library user's sole risk.

Your using our blog, web pages, entering the discussion forums as a registered user or subscribing to any of our subscription services constitutes your agreement to follow all rules and policies of this website.  

When you register for any of our services you are also specifically giving us permission to email you our quarterly Ezine and special website alerts.

F.A.C.T.Net encourages you to help us add to our web discussion and information data bases, blogs and web pages by adding your views, alerts and personal stories in our message boards and blog comment fields. Also please let us know about breaking news stories and by letting us know about new links and information that should be on our web site.

We allow vigorous free speech debates and public interest dialogs between strongly opposing views to take place on our website. If you have not done so, we strongly recommend you also read "On Liberty" by John Stewart Mill. This will help explain in part why we allow these vigorous public interest dialogs between differing opinions to take place.

To add your comments, views, alerts and personal stories or breaking news stories in our blogs, message boards or web pages click the discussion board link at and enter your information in the proper topic after reviewing the message board guidelines.

To let us know about new information or links that you think should be added to other areas of our web site send the information to and we will consider adding it as time and resources permit.


Because we are a non-profit regularly short of funding and staff for both existing and new projects, one way to get our attention and get something to our attention sooner is include a donation to help cover any work our staff would have to do to update our site with your information. This does not mean you have to donate to get something on the blog or non-message board areas of our web site. If we can use what you have sent we will get it up as time and volunteer staff resources allow. If you can donate, that would sure help too!

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