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Twelve Tribes and Heresy

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  • Twelve Tribes and Heresy

    There are many heretical and unbiblical aspects to the Twelve Tribes. I'm surprized there are few threads here to that effect. Am I missing something or are there other sites that rebut the false teachings, chiefly that only "Jeshua" and his body is saved and all other "Christian" bodies are false?

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    You need to read their 3 eternal destinies paper.

    Yes they have off the wall customs and teachings and they have been called on it before...


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      Heresy and Manipulative Teachings

      I've read the Three Destiny piece--the applicability is the issue. They believe they are the Holy, the Just, etc.
      They are the "Holy", while harboring all sorts of spiritual sin. They are the "Just" while making malicious judgments against those who differ with them--what about Deuteronomy 19, bearing false witness, which they often do? Will the leaders ever repent of their sins, and go to those they have wronged and ask forgiveness?
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        They are just like the church in Galatia... That letter could have been written personally for them. They fit it to a tee.

        Also the one thing that kills their love is their pride. The leaven has sprad from Yoneq through the whole loaf.

        There are many that would return if they only confessed and repented of their unjust acts but sadly they have never nor will ever admit to any sins. Thet won't do it for their own members and Hell would freeze over before they repented to the "Nations"

        Here is my paraphrasing of the book of Galatians (Communities of the Twelve Tribes)

        I am not rewriting the scriptures here and am not guilty of adding or subtracting from them.These are just my own words that express the cry of my heart when I do read this book and how it sings to the ones I love who are still caught in the web of fear and guilt which is the morter that holds the "Twelve Tribes Communities"together.May you read this and return to the way you began.

        Chap.1,vs6-9 I am amazed at how quickly you've deserted your first love of God who called you by the love of His Son for a different way, which really is not different but there are some who have burdened you with the fear and guilt of the Law,distorting the freedom of love in the way of His Son.Even if some man or angel or a man claiming to hear from our Father should preach a different way, let him be accursed(better translated"die").
        Cap.2,vs 3+4 The gentiles in Chattanoga and Island Pond whom the kingdom was given to were not compelled to be circumsized, but because of the false"Apostles" who snuck in to the camp to rob you of your freedom in love,you have become their slaves.
        vs 11-16 You should oppose those who would bring in the law and frighten the sheep into submission by the fear of being rejected and the pressure of their peers.Forcing them to live like the priests of old and seek to justify their flesh with the works of the Law and not the faith and love of Messiah.
        vs 18+19 For if they should rebuild the old Priesthood that was put aside,they prove themselves to be transgressors(moving backwards). For through the Law,you died to the Law that you might live to love.
        vs 21 You should not nullify the freedom and love of God,for if salvation and righteousness comes by obeying the Law, then Messiah died needlessly.
        Chap.3 vs 1-5 You foolish sheep,who has put a spell on you?It is not a God Spell! Did you receive the Spirit of love in Chattanooga by circumcizing your children,eating kosher and serving in the tent of the Lord as the priests of old did? Or was it by receiving faith after hearing and seeing the love of those who believed?Are you so foolish? Having begun with love and receiving faith from belief in what you heard, are you now perfected by your obedience to the Law and mimicking the old priesthood which was cast off?Does God give you the Spirit to fullfill your works of obedience to the Law? Are you saved through your compliance of the Law?Would not true faith question the Law?
        vs 10-12 If righteousness comes by observing the law don't you know that all of the Law must be obeyed? Every word of it, or you will be cursed?
        vs 13-15 Messiah saved you from the curse of the law for no one can obey it perfectly.He died so you could receive the Spirit through your belief in Him and be a part of the promise to Abraham.The Law was a tutor and the custodian to keep the Isrealites in line until the Messiah arrived and lead them to the faith in His sacrifice of fullfilling the Law perfectly, therefore freeing them from it.The Law brought death,not life.
        Cap4 vs 1-8 Now when the Isrealites were heirs to the inheritance but still children, they were slaves held in bondage of the Law and the sins of the flesh,but when the Son was born under the Law,obeyed it perfectly and nailed it to the cross,it made the way for those who could not obey it perfectly to receive the inheritance as sons and be freed from the bondage of the Law.
        vs 8-9 Before the Redeemer from the Law came, you were slaves to the flesh vs the Law.Why after being freed from the death of the Law,you put back on the shackles of the Law to justify yourselves before God?
        vs 17-31 There are men who seek your obedience to their "Annointing" to bolster their narcisism.They want you to seek them.They want to enslave you,rather than be partakers of the freedom of the Gospel.Cast out the bondwoman and her son who were slaves to the Law.She bore Abraham a son because of his impatience for the Son of the promise.But the Son of the promise has now come from Jerusalem above so we can be free from the bondage of the Law.
        Chap 5 vs 1-5 Messiah died to set you free! Was it in vain? Do you wish to be enslaved again? If you circumsize your child you must also put him to death if he's disrespectfull! You are cut off from Messiah if you attempt to justify yourselves by observance of the Law.
        vs 6 But obedience or non-observance of the Law means nothing! What is real is the belief,the faith in Him and His love for others.
        vs 7+8 In Chattanooga you were doing well! Who stopped you from loving all? This "Annointing" did not come from the Father.
        vs 10 Spriggs is in deep trouble...
        vs 11+12 If the Law was still preached in the first church,why were they persecuted by the Jews? If it was still preached,then the freedom of the cross would not exist or cause them to stumble.I wish that those who trouble you would be cut off themselves.
        vs 13-26 Now do the deeds of the Spirit and not the flesh.You know the difference and can and should love everyone as Messiah did.
        Chap 6 vs 1-10 Be humble and love each other. For if you sew love, you will reap love.
        vs 12 Those who wish to look good stress the neccesity of embracing the "Annointing", the Law according to Yoneq,in order to avoid the persecution that will come by your peers if you celebrate the freedom of the cross.
        vs 13 For those who keep the parts of the "Annointing" that they agree with, desire you to do the same, that they may boast in your support.
        vs 14+15 May it never be that anyone boasts in your flesh but in the sacrifice that put the flesh and the Law to death and freed the new creation of your spirits,unshackled from the Law and the false "Annointings"

        There are many outside the "Body" that yearn to see and experience the Love of God lived out in a community of believers with the same heart. The heart of Messiah and not the leaven of the Pharisees.

        Father,as your Son prayed, we pray, make us one...Amen


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          Belief and Practice

          Thanks for the good response. I wasn't trying to be difficult. If they reached out to those they worked with in the past, got rid of practices that don't work, did outreach to needy people just to volunteer,etc. they would improve things. My two cents worth.


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            People are lost and groping...

            You weren't difficult at all! Not by FACTNet standards for sure!

            They definitely don't leave the 99 to seek the one.

            And they cab barely take care of or feed their own let alone reach out to help others. I even had an elder have me tell someone they couldn't come for lunch and that "we are not running a soup kitchen!"

            They don't admit mistakes because that would mean they disobeyed Gods direction and if whatever they did was wrong that it was just a test from God to see if all would not question authority and comply.

            Yoneq's delusion has spread to others and they all believe they are doing Gods will. The Holy, the chosen, the few that must prepare themselves as the Bride of Messiah so he will return.

            It is works salvation and replacement theology. They are fulfilling what the Jews, the original Twelve Tribes failed to do and raise up a nation of priests and not a 12 Tribed Nation with one tribe of priests (Levi)

            They are doing what Yahshua couldn't, wouldn't or left them to do. I guess he was just fibbing when he said "It is finished"!

            Yoneq does not consciously use tools of mind control but he still uses them. But he is a psyche major...

            He has given into his narcissistic delusion that he has a direct pipeline to God and a monopoly of the Holy Spirit and has turned some disgruntled Christians and home churches into his followers. It is not an uncommon occurrence. There are 100s of groups and leaders like him that all claim the same attributes and there are more popping up every day.

            "The frustrated follow a leader less because of their faith that he is leading them to a promised land than because of their immediate feeling that he is leading them away from their unwanted selves. Surrender to a leader is not a means to an end but a fulfillment. Whither they are led is of secondary importance." -Eric Hoffer 1902-1983