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History of Rose Creek Village or Noah Taylor?

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  • History of Rose Creek Village or Noah Taylor?

    Now that I have been totally rejected by the group Rose Creek Village (for wanting to live outside the village so I could have more "space" to get my mental health together and thus reduce outbursts)....

    I can clearly see that they have cultlike tendencies.

    Now they do not participate in sexual immorality or physical abuse but they can definitely harm your emotional and spiritual health. that I have come to this realization and acceptance...I am curious about any history or background on this group or perhaps the leader Noah Taylor.

    I asked Noah to tell me his "story" sometime but he never had time for such an unimportant waste of time such as talking to myself or my husband.

    Like Chashaq said "you are have an L on your back".

    Anyone have any history on RCV or a leader like Noah Taylor? I am curious.

    Can't believe I got into a cult....albeit one of the "nicer" ones. I don't think my children were harmed seeing how we just lived there nine months. They are not child abusers thank God.

    But now that I feel the pain of their total rejection and study scriptures and apologetics on charicteristics of spiritual abuse I can clearly see some strong cult people who leave cannot be spoken to by any member of the group...and all the members comply...

    the ones that leave are "demonized".

    Anyway...glad I'm out even though it hurts. Better to live in reality.

    Have a good night everyone...God loves us all and God loves those still living in the Rose Creek villlage group...there is a small ray of hope for these folks...they may one day repent and see the wickedness of their ways.
    I feel sorry for them for I think most there are sincere....even the head honchos like Noah and his protege Chashaq, but they are sadly decieved and continue to hurt and ostracize very precious children of God.

    Anyway...thanks for any information.

    Peace Out,

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    Dear Earnestseeker, I only too truly feel your pain. For what you have said here, could be said of the Mike Peters group. You should go to the site and click on the factnet list. Chances are, you'll see your story. Also, a book entitled, Churches that Abuse by Ron Enroth may still be available on amazon though it is out of print. It helped me a lot when I got out. Many of the stories were more bazarre cultic behaviour, but there were some that were like ours, (one of the "nicer" ones). Anyway, hope that helps. I know it's difficult when you get out and you don't have someone from your group that can relate to you. Hang in there. I'm sure people will start popping up. Our thread started with a brother asking a question in January '06. I didn't find it until November '06, 10 years after the group.
    God Bless you.


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      Thanks Baxter are sweet....i actually am able to hook up with several other "RCV Rejects"....most of them who have left this group in the past year. There seems to be more and more ex RCVers living close to one another informally in Rhode Island...Providenc, RI.

      I plan to visit there and maybe even move there if that is where God is leading our little family.

      I love RCV I really do.....I miss the good things about that life and wish I could start over and just go to their village fest once a year. I so hope that they can grow out of this legalism and over would be so beautiful I think....and much more effective in reaching the world.

      But I fear that pride and stubbornness and the fear of the average follower may prevent this from ever happening.....but God is a big never can give up all hope with God in the picture...He has a way of dealing with his children.

      Have a great day and thanks for your love.....

      I'm having a peaceful happy day....



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        other groups like RCV...

        The Twelve Tribes is just like them... Actually RCV was Tsion Haddashah and looked just like the Tribes! They dressed the same, had tribes, lived in buses etc. but they modernized.

        There are many Christian Fundamentalist groups just the same. They start out as some disgruntled Christians and form a home church then they must exersize control to be able to run the communities and control the "sheeple". Then control begins to corrupt as it always does when "man" is involved.

        There are many sincere people in these groups, even the elders. Noah and Yoneq are cut from the same cloth but they have become deluded and warped with narcissistic power. They still are sincere and believe they are doing Gods work but have devolved into heavy handed despots.

        So yes this country and others are littered with the human carnage and rubble of lives and families destroyed by mans pride in the name of "G-D"...

        and many are right here at FACTNet... I know! I'm one! But I've learned, healed and moved on...
        Something that I hope comes to you soon Beth...


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          Gosh...that is good have a lot going for you....hang in there and don't give up on your spiritual journey....

          it is painful for me to admit that RCV is so far out there...I gave these people my respect and whatever trust I could muster....they demanded the end they were the ones without commitment....

          but you are right...there are lots of groups with characteristics like them.....they are not as unique as they think.....

          a lot to learn from this experience, a lot to learn......

          I am still hurting my friend but able to go on with life...I am patiently waiting for God to help me heal and to conclude this weird but transforming time in my life....

          as a kid in the midst of her parent's divorce there is this side to me that wants to see everything work out.....I guess groups like RCV attract idealists such as me and we have to find out the hard way that idealism on this planet does not always pan out...

          in the you say....there is MAN....and MAN's ego...and oh boy....add POWER to that and a bunch of people who want to elevate you higher than what you should be is an addictive thing I think, friend...

          Well Peace work...thanks for your comments....



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            A friend of Rose Creek Village, Pastor Daniel who heads "Mercy Home" orphanages in India...he prophesied a while back that RCV would grow in people and finances.....this prophesy seemed to come true.....

            Seems like a lot of people came to RCV with something to GIVE RCV...things to learn, talents, ideas, insights, etc......but RCV...especially some leaders were to proud to RECIEVE anything from the "newcomer learners". It seems that RCV leaders think they have something unique to teach others and it may be the other way around.

            But due to their legalism (several newcomers such as myself got too stressed out living in the same household with two or three other families and asked to live outside the village for a while....) and inability to love people over their rules, customs, traditions....they have forced people to leave......

            and as a result they will not recieve the spiritual and financial support that God was probably trying to give them.

            If they could just open up, rethink everything, humble themselves, repent and make amends to people they have could be a really neat work of God....much more effective and fruitful than what it is now.

            I don't know what God is going to do to get their attention and try to bring them out of their legalistic and heavy handed seems almost predictable for groups to come to this....

            Reba Fellowship went through a heavy handed phase and then repented and reorganized....offering people choices of where they lived, of how much involvement they had, etc.

            To try to micromanage and control others I think is based on fear and insecurity. The alternative to this is trusting the Spirit of God to govern, more prayer, gentle counseling and just time spent fellowshiping together.....

            for example....I said a curse word under my breath...a housemate reported this to a "leader"....the leader called a big meeting with about ten other adults to rebuke me and to ask if I was wanted in this household anymore......I was humiliated, felt like a child, became more nervous and insecure....did not feel effect for me I feel this was an abusive and coercive move.

            What would have been more effective and more GOD'S way would have been for the housemate who was offended or a single or two leaders (preferably one of them a female since I am a woman)....if they could have just sat down and calmly spoke to me about the cursing habit that I have had for over twenty years and then to pray with me and offer suggestions on how to break this habit.

            There was no prayer in this big intimidating, humiliating prayer.

            This is an example of how RCV leadership could demonstrate better the characteristics of God.

            Chashaq is a leader who has done some very hurtful things....he is responsible for "running off" and being too rough with quite a few people that have left. He can be very loving but I think he feels he has "paid his dues" there at the village and that he has the right to dominate and intimidate and push people around.

            I think he derives some sense of power from this and he has probably seen some fast changes in people's behavior by using intimidation, threats of rejection or excommunication, etc.

            But this is not God's way.....God's Holy Spirit is a gentleman.
            There is a place for patience and gentleness.

            But I guess I am being overly hopeful to look for changes any time soon....this group has probably been rough and harsh and legalistic for years....

            I think Noah split from some authority in Florida that he did not agree he himself may have difficulty with authority.

            But there is a lot of good there....I did learn a lot there....I am hurting over the rejection ....that was too much of a psychological blow and it is not God's love to reject persons the way they do for such unimportant things such as needing some more space.....or wanting to leave the village for a couple of days

            Chashaq told one very long term member....Eliel.....that he would have to leave the village because Eliel said he wanted to take a couple of days away from the village....

            that is nothing to excommunicate someone for.

            There was a man in the new testament....I cannot remember his name...I think it is in of the apostles rebuked him because he was excommunicating a lot of christians for invalid reasons. This is modern-day Chashaq.

            Anyway....enough commentary on RCV at this time.....

            Peace and Love and truth and mercy to everyone, including Rose Creek Village...I sure would love to work things out with them and to be their friends and possibly to some day share life with them again.....they do have a lot of good but some major weaknesses that need addressing.....please Lord do a quick work in them!!!
            Unite this body again in love God. I think everyone that has left would forgive RCV leaders if they repented and asked for forgiveness.

            That is a strong point of myself I think....I often blow it...but I can pretty quickly apologize and admit to my failures and need for growth.

            RCV and their leaders have not admitted to their mistakes and they do not repent for specific things they have done and ask forgiveness....they have too much pride.

            Peace Out

            Earnestseeker....Praise the name of our mighty God who can work in the hearts of man.....