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The board is back up!!! WOO HOO!!!!

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  • The board is back up!!! WOO HOO!!!!

    We got enough donations to get the discussion board back up and running!

    Thanks to all who helped!

    We will be implementing a new $5 to $10 discussion board membership fee sometime in the New Year so we will never have to shut it down again!

    I believe even the poorest of us can afford five bucks or so to help keep this priceless healing tool and place of fellowship going...

    So WELCOME BACK EVERYONE! Happy Solstice, New Year and whatever other celebration or observance you have in mind!

    Namaste! David T Pike

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    When and how will we be charged for being on here


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      It will most likely take effect sometime in January. I don't know the specifics because the "techies" are still setting it up. There will most likely be a link to where you can click on and become a paying member (just like our donation page) through PayPal or a electronic transfer from a credit/debit card or you can snail mail a check or money order...

      When this is finalized and implemented you will come to the board and will not have access to the board until you become a member.

      It is not something we wanted to do but financial necessity has made it imperative in order to keep the board going.

      But as I said, I think anyone can afford the price of a Big Mac and fries in exchange for such a service and place of socializing and meeting others with our unique similar experiences...

      I will post more info and specifics as soon as I get them...


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        I believe even the poorest of us can afford five bucks or so to help keep this priceless healing tool and place of fellowship going...
        Maybe, we shall see.


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          I guess I am out. See you all around.


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            father of faking i guess im out of here too ill see you on another board


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              Until factnet stops being on purpose a place to denigrate all believers in God I would never give it a dime.


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                So why are you here now? Because it's free? That says a lot about your convictions!

                And since when has FACTNet been "a place to denigrate all believers in God"?

                And what "God" are you referring to?


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                  Doesn't matter what God I am referring to. I am a Christian so personally I believe in the Christian God. But that doesn't matter because ALL believers in God are ridiculed relentlessly on this forum. There seems to be no real intent on furthering cult awareness here.

                  Cult awareness. THAT IS MY CONVICTIONS! I believe those convictions are compassionate noble and worthwhile.

                  Not to convert everyone to my beliefs. But to help liberate minds and souls from cults.

                  Not to debate endlessly and futilely how many angels can fit on the tip of a needle like so many threads are wasted on discussing petty doctrinal dogma issues.

                  Cult awareness.

                  Instead here it's just the same old over and over anyone who believes in a God is a moron in a cult. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to connect the dots as to what the real purpose of this forum is. Atheist brainwashing.

                  Until factnet becomes a true cult awareness forum and disavows itself from an atheist agenda then it is nothing but a sham!


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                    nabashalam, I recall you told me you would never promote a Christian book on this site, even if it was directly related to cults. That told me all I needed to know about your supposed objectivity. We all have our convictions, and yours is a cultlike devotion to atheism that along with other admins here, controls and dominates FlakNet.

                    The only One who can permanently deliver people from destructive cults, whether they be 'religious' or atheistic, is Christ Jesus, as Creator and Savior. He alone can regenerate people in new life, as you will one day discover firsthand.

                    If you are so objective, listen to my recent live interview by clicking on 'Miracles or Magic?' at:

                    Succinctly, it explains why I know the God of the Bible is uniquely God, by experience as well as reason.


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                      You and I knew when we came to factnet from day one it was not a christian site. They stated that from the beginning. They also state there are christians running around here which is true. I think what makes us both mad and others about this site is that some come here only to tear someone down instead of helping someone.

                      Some here have faced abuse from religious groups and are still people of faith. Others that come here experienced abuse and lost any faith they had because of it. Factnet purpose was to help people to know the difference of abuse and non abuse situations. What saddens me is people wanting to make a profit off of hurting people. As far as I know factnet never shown a budget and it is a .org. However I haven't looked around recently to see. What concerns me is they do not weed out people that are being abusive. They do not even use schoolyard rules. If factnet is wanting to help as they claim and are capable of doing, they need their civil laws enforced.

                      I came back not signing the rules on this board under my old user name. Which is probably going to get me kicked out of hear after stating the fact. What would help if people who come here understood what this board is about and why the diversity is here. It about abuse in the workplace, family, social, and religious. Some people walk into this place not knowing it is about these type of abuses and others walk in not aware they are in abusive situation or was in one. Which sounds almost ironic. What sad is when people stick their nose in where it does not belong. I would of left four years ago if I gotten my answer to my question and never returned. Somehow I landed up staying here.

                      I would stay here for two reason to continue helping people know what actually the Bible teaches and also to help them understand about faith in Christ. Though i can not speak for all groups there is a difference between abuse and non abuse. Some groups say they teach love and they teach control.

                      My problem is I can't afford to donate no matter the cost. So this means when it goes paid I am out of hear. My concern is. Are they going to use this board as a witchhunt against all groups and individuals or are they going to use it for the purpose of helping those heal and deal with bad situation. Problem arises when someone has to pay dues to post. Now if I was factnet I would propose a budget to the corporate world and even some of the religious world. This site can do one of two things it can be an access to these two groups to help inform them of problems in theiir groups or it can be a rumor mill.

                      I took my free time to post here. I do not want a pat on the back. i do not want a commendation. I do not want notarity. What I like to see is people educated and actually helped. Some hear do testify at being helped and some would say they got ripped to shreds.

                      Unless someone ask for something to be checked into or there seems to be an actual case of abuse it needs to be left alone. Allow people to ask questions without feeling they are going to be attacked.

                      I am writting at five oclock in the morning on Christmas day there is something terribly wrong with that. But here is the thing I am against abuse no matter where it takes place. And there is abuse in many places. Some abuse is caused by mental illness and others by bad training. Education is the key. And maybe I am not qualified to educate, but those that are need to be doing so.

                      YOu all have a Merrry Christmas and If I don't see you after the new year May those who believe in God be blessed.



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                        i want be bakc any time soon for i cant pay for it either and then too i was banned fromher for saying something about the ahteisist and for saying somethn about the muslims and they banned me


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                          After being shut down for two months...

                          you have to be at the front of the pack and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is"foul!"... That in itself speaks volumes...

                          Jeff, The discussion board has nothing to do with FACTNets mission or agenda. It is only here as a service and medium for those who wish to use it.

                          It is a separate section of the website that allows any and all to post their opinions and ponderings. It is meant for a place for people to work out problems and use as a sounding board. Mostly it is for ex-cult members to find a place were they can find other ex members from their prospective groups and be able to share their experiences with others who have had similar ones and feel like they have a place were they can share and others will understand.

                          Where did you get the idea that the discussion board was strictly for cult awareness? If someone is here they are pretty damn aware what a cult is already and most likely lived in one!

                          FACTNets main page is focused on cult awareness and the discussion board is just one small link off that page! Whens the last time you checked out all the other links instead of coming here and crying "persecution!".

                          Frankly, if you don't like what is said here then don't come here! But I don't believe your generalization of this board is a valid one.

                          And of course you will find "board trolls" who have never even been in a cult or especially from the one the thread is for! Sound familiar? Yes there are "Christian" trolls just as there are "atheist" trolls.

                          Everyone has the right to their opinions. If that be pro or anti Christian, so be it. Everyone heals differently and have to go through different stages in their healing.

                          Yes I have been through my stages and yes at one time I was a bitter Cristian bashing ex-member who was mad at "God" and anyone who believed in him. I am thankful to say I have progressed from that. I am now what you would call a "Agnostic Theist"...

                          Also I want to stress the fact that I myself am here as an individual on the TT thread. I am also here as an ex-member with my own baggage, strugglings and opinions and find it stimulating and healing to bounce my thoughts off others here. I am not here on this board as a representitive of FACTNet but yes I am a behind the scenes moderator here but as a peer monitor and hope that I am at the point to where I can moderate with a fair hand.

                          But actually your hopes for FACTNet are just about to be implemented. There will soon be two distinct parts of FACTNet. One part will be the discussion board and another part that will focus on the pursuit of spirituality of all kinds.

                          Also it looks as if the discussion board will still be readable by non-members and we are also looking at offering "scholarships/internships" to current cult members or those who don't have the resources or capabilty to become a paying member...

                          So please be patient and I would advise in the future not to make "all or nothing" blanket statements. It's called "extreme thinking" and it is ridiculous to make such...


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                            Well said Turtle! And btw... you might be able to get a free membership...Stay tuned...

                            And what is wrong with being with friends on Xmas morn? Even if they are cyber friends!

                            Stick around Turtle... we could use your level headed influence...


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                              Know I will continue praying for you. You might stop be agnostic one day. I know don't push it. I am sure bluewater is lurking around saying turtle don't you ever give up. And what about some others that are learning. I don't know. I know hurt can not be fixed over night. Hurt takes years often to mend, but with God all things are possible, but you got to believe. Many have come a long way on these boards. And if God can use me to help in some way maybe I will stick around but it is only as the Lord leads not my decision anymore, I leave it to Him. Jesus Reigns. Merry Christmas.

                              BTW thank you for the offer of a possible free membership but it is not fair if I do not pay my own way like everyone else to remain on the board. That however does not mean people can not write me.
                              Last edited by turtle; 12-25-2008, 07:57 PM.