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  • Some Helpful Suggestions

    I believe in trying to build bridges, trying to be helpful to others, I believe in always telling the truth.

    What surprises me about the Twelve Tribes and other church groups is that they could truly be helpful to all, reach out to those who have been part of their community, and actually help them with volunteer workers and other assistance as the former members and those who volunteered in helping them with work. Why not? Look, I can understand if you had someone stay for a while and violated basic moral and ethical rules, and that person left because he/she was not willing to submit to proper counsel by admitting that he/she did wrong and making amends. But to have people who have done nothing transgressive in the general social sense of wrongdoing, and then be considered "dead" to Christ because they would not be baptised under the Twelve Tribes authority--this is just not right.

    When an elder prays about someone leaving that God would give them "a good job" in a sarcastic tone--translation, let the former member be absorbed into the corporate, dehumanizing, parasitical culture--this sort of "prayer" is not in accordance with any sound spiritual teaching, because, it is prayed in the wrong spirit. A true believer should want all to come to a knowledge of the truth, to have love in their lives, to do and love the good, not to desire things for others which are not good.

    The Twelve Tribes could remain in contact with those who for one reason or other, are incompatible with them or who have other responsibilities. I know there are some strong teachings in the New Testament about judgment on those who are living in sin, the epistles to Timothy and Titus speak especially against transgressive people in and out of the body. But Jesus Christ while issuing warnings against "wolves in sheep's clothing" and others with ulterior motives, counselled His followers to not resist evil and to pray for and love their enemies.