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Do all the current members of the twelve tribes know this truly happened?

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  • Do all the current members of the twelve tribes know this truly happened?

    Kesher's wife Sarah Phinehas (btw most of her family is no longer in the tribes along with their big money maker Nashon and the most of the Delabruere family), was found to be bleeding, not just spotting but sporadically gushing blood at 7 months into her pregnancy and this continued for days. She found to have a placenta previa (low lying placenta) and went into labor. She started to bleed profusely and the decision was put to Kesher whether or not to go to the hospital. By the time he made the decision to go she was in a coma from loss of blood and they performed a c-section and barely saved her life. They said the baby had died hours before around the start of labor due to the blood loss. There is a very eminent chance she will never bare children again.

    When it was all over the elders called for a judgment and Daniel said it was to find out why Sarah had died. Sarah who was sitting right there said "I'm not dead!?!" and Daniel said if he would have had faith and she would have stayed in the body she would have died and we must know why our Father wanted her dead.

    Unbelievable! But true...

    Then the bill arrives and it along with the special foods, medications and nutrients Sarah needed to be nursed back to health from near death was judged to be paid for by Kesher for his unbelief and he was sent out to get a job to pay for all this.

    So being the wise and creative young man that Kesher is, he got on Medicaid and food stamps and paid for the special foods and medications through the Government and also had Medicaid pick up the bill for the emergency c-section and the rest.

    After he returned and was shunned and castigated for "riding the back of the Beast" and since then has been in and out and still struggling with his "faith" and direction. Ultimately they left. And thank God they had parents and family outside of the body that helped them with everything and they are now doing well.

    But could you imagine if it was another young couple with no outside family willing to help going into the "World" without a work history, education, credit history, maybe even with another child?

    "and Yahshua wept..."

    Hypocrisy... The Leaven Of the Pharisees... Yoneq got the hand picked leaders to conspire to keep the offense against the "Body" a secret. A secret kept from the proletariat. The only way to rectify the situation is to either execute the same discipline on the perpetrator that others got or to make a
    public confession that the writings that were supposedly given by God are not infallible.

    This would either demand that Yoneq confess that he unjustly brought judgment on othersor maintain that the writings that he issued were correct and then be consistent in executing the same justice to Ha 'emeq that he layed on others. Truth must be consistent, it can not exist in hypocrisy. Yahshua told us to "beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy".The problem here is that if he admits error in his
    execution of judgments on others, then it begs the question as to what other teachings and executions that he is in error of?

    For example, those whose marriages were dissolved because he encouraged members to divorce spouses who either left for one reason or another, or were thrown out in judgment on the basis of his teachings or opinions. How many families were/are ruined by this? How many women have children by a former husband and then again by their husband that she replaced him with from the tribes? How many people have left God all together because of his, Yoneq's misrepresentations?

    Yoneq needs to publicly make confession and repent of these atrocities and ask forgiveness from God and those whose lives he ruined, or he will be cast into the
    very lake of fire that he has so often threatened others into in order to control them into his idea of truth and obedience. And anyone who continues with him in this farce is going with him. Anyone who sees the inconsistencies and does nothing to correct them is truly a coward, lacks integrity and dishonors God. Due to the clear cut
    defiance of his own supposedly God sent writings concerning illicit association and adulterous behavior, and causing those below him in authoritive stations to defy such directives from God, he has made" the truth" a lie and therefore caused his minions to become "liars that listen to liars" for perpetuating this scandalous and hypocritical cover up and all the other suppositions that he taught that lie against the Truth. It is Yoneq himself who has broken the covenant of one heart and one mind. He has become the enemy of unity.

    The true God of all creation awaits His name to be cleared from Yoneq's dark misrepresentations.

    "Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it, sins."