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Lousy or non-existant customer support...

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  • Lousy or non-existant customer support...

    This is a major peeve of mine...How about you?

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    Fairpoint communications is a phone and DSL provider in the Northeast.
    They took over a large area that was once serviced by Verizon.
    It has been nothing but headaches for many people and businesses since.
    I am a current customer that has had some problems with the company.

    From the fairpoint complaint web page.

    On December 23 I called and spoke to "Eric" in customer service to determine why my internet service had been inactivated. After much hunting, searching and asking for supervisor help, he finally explained that my "regulated" services had been disconnected and my account switched to basic services with a new account number back in February of 2008. I have called your company dozens of times over the last year, and not once has anyone explained this to me or informed me that I have two accounts to deal with. Eric transferred me to "Calvin" in DSL, who told me that there was no back due on the DSL service, and I could separate the DSL from my phone service and be billed separately if I paid the back due bill for the regulated services $181.85. He transferred me to the phone payment line, and I made the payment for $181.85 with my credit card, confirmation #180153. My internet service was restored within an hour of that phone call. Little did I know that he had just applied the payment to restore my old phone account, and made no effort to separate the phone and internet service as he had promised me he would do.

    A short time later, my internet service was interrupted again. I called and first talked to Jack Newmeyer in customer service, who informed me that my service had been interrupted for non-payment. When I asked him how that was possible, since Calvin in DSL had told me less than 2 weeks ago that I owed nothing for the internet service, he became quite confused and transferred me to "Marilyn" in the credit department. Marilyn was not able to find any record of my payment (which had cleared my bank two weeks earlier) and told me the DSL and phone were never split as Calvin previously stated they would be. She quite rudely said she couldn't help me, then transferred me to VERIZON customer service to have the DSL separated from the phone bill. The VERIZON representative transferred me back to FAIRPOINT, and I spent some time on the phone with Cathy Calden, who could only find the old account under my former name (McDonald account number 603 742 4541 559 004 1). She said it was showing as active and could not explain why I had no internet service. She transferred me to VERIZON technical support (not FAIRPOINT) and as soon as a representative came on the line, I was disconnected.
    More here


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      Time to Say Goodbye to Fairpoint Communications?

      Fairpoint Communications (FRP) is a rural local telecommunications company. Early this year, they agreed to purchase Verizonís land line service area in rural New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine for $2.7 billion dollars. Considering that this huge deal would add an additional 1.48 million access lines to Fairpointís current 248,000, I decided to take a closer look at whether there could be some hidden value in this stock.
      conclusion is here


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        Maine Company Files Complaint Against FairPoint

        Maine phone company files complaint with Public Utilities Commission against FairPoint

        PORTLAND, Maine January 14, 2010 (AP)

        Utility regulators in Maine are being asked by a Biddeford-based phone and Internet company to review FairPoint Communications' business practices.
        In a petition to the Public Utilities Commission, Great Works Internet says FairPoint is overbilling for use of its lines and is threatening to disconnect some of its customers. Maine's public advocate is expressing support for Great Works' petition and has filed a motion to intervene.

        FairPoint spokesman Jeff Nevins says the company is working on its response to the complaint.
        North Carolina-based FairPoint filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Oct. 26, 18 months after buying Verizon Communications' land line and Internet operations in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.


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          I agree with this view, but we can do it!


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            Hi everybody, yes I know exactly what you mean

            There is nothing worse than bad internet service, fortunately I have a good provider now and am sticking with them, but in the past I was on the phone every day ringing them up and complaining. Good luck I hope that it works out for you.