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Global Wealth Trade

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  • Global Wealth Trade

    My friend in Toronto has recently joined an Ottawa based jewelry MLM company Global Wealth Trade (GWT for short), and is trying to convince me to join.

    The GWT membership fee ranges from $597 + $75 monthly to $3597 + $150 monthly. However in their "presentation" and the ads that my friend pitched to me, there is strangely little focus on its jewelry, but disproportionately strong focus on the rewards from getting new downlines.

    Today, I did a google search on this company and shockingly I found that its newly appointed VP named "Oliver Koncz" was involved in the TTI pyramid scheme according to factnet. Yet, somehow I could not find any other evidences beside the ones on factnet. Could someone confirm this fact with some additional proofs?

    Also, is there anyone who could comment on this company?}}

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    "Jenoc" Back in the ea

    "Jenoc" Back in the early nineties, there was a particular virulent jewellery multi-level company that prospered for some many seasons in Western Canada. As I recall, the initial fees to join were somewhere between $500.00 and $600.00 with additional levels going for $1,200.00. Each new recruit received a "buy-in" kit that included jewellery items. They were encouraged to sell to their friends and neighbours and were even told that the items were so well priced that the recruit could literally sell the items to their local jewellery stores. The company offered several buy-in levels and of course, additional financial benefit when others were brought into the business.

    On November 17, 1997, "The Federal Trade Commission" settled charges against the owners and the company "JewelWay International Inc.", and it ceased to exist. Please refer to: . However, by the time the government stepped in, thousands of people had parted with their hard earned money, only to realize that at the very best, they had a box a over-priced, unsaleable jewellery merchandise. For a short while, the retail jewellery industry was swamped with folks attempting to get anything for their items, only to be told that there was nothing of real value in their selection. Time as always, allows people to forget. That is until someone decides to brush off the scheme again and run with it. I cannot comment on "Global Wealth Trade" personally as I know nothing about them. But the tip-off for you should be your senses telling you that this thing smells like a pyramid operation. If in fact it is, their goal as always will be to get the maximum amount of money from you, get you to quickly involve your loved ones and friends financially (sacrifice might be a more appropriate word here) and then, disappear before the authorities realize they are even operating.

    The onus remains on you as a potential investor to analyze and decide whether or not this company is legit or bogus. All past Canadian experience with pyramids shows us that the authorities are either reluctant to get involved or, simply don't have the legal legs. Though this company operated in both Western Canada and the North Western United States, I should point out that the agency that drove the nail in "JewelWay's" coffin, was a U.S. regulatory agency and not Canadian!

    I hope this helps in some small way.



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      <font color="0077aa">[b]For ra

      <font color="0077aa">For radical new approaches you can contact CrimeBustersNow. With the assistance of victims and concerned citizens we expose these scams and &#34;shut them down.&#34; It gets easier all the time!


      David J. Thornton
      President CrimeBustersNow
      World-Wide Fraud Investigations
      Consultants in International
      Money Laundering Fraud
      Telemarketing Scams
      Counterfeit Goods
      Pyramid &amp; Ponzi Schemes
      Oakville, Ontario
      905-963-3389 24/7 calls returned toll free
      in North America and countries world-wide</font>


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        GWT is a nice ligit company to

        GWT is a nice ligit company totally focused on their two designer lines with no hype. Best of all it is a Canadian company and we should all support it as appose to comparing it to some American company back in the 90&#39;s.


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          Thank you Fortunes for your op

          Thank you Fortunes for your opinion about Global Wealth Trade.
          I joined Global wealth trade few months ago and found out that, it is the most fair company that I have ever got involved with, within the 10 years that I have been in Network Marketing. In the few months that I have been involved in this company I made more money that I made in the industry in the last few years. I found out that this company, GWT, has an amazing compensation plan that encourages everyone to be financially free. If you ever thought of joining a Network Marketing company or the direct selling industry in general, I suggest you all to pay a good attention to this company. THIS IS A LONG TERM RATHER THAN HIT AND RUN. Regards.


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            <font color="0077aa">That&#39;

            <font color="0077aa">That&#39;s what everyone said about Treasure Traders International before it took 100,000 victims for a hundred million dollar and attempted to open in the U.S. Oliver Kontz was the vice president. And of coure there is Business In Motion and all those before TTI. Just another scam.

            Now, how many RCMP officers, politicians, university, college faculty and staff, Toronto Dominion Bank or other bank managers and employees are in this scheme. These people are well known to the Federal Competition Bureau that does absolutely nothing to stop their continual defrauding of Canadian citizens and victims world-wide when they can get away with.

            And BTW this long-term stuff you talk about is B.S.

            David J. Thornton

            President CrimeBustersNow
            World-Wide Fraud Investigations
            Consultants in International
            Money Laundering Fraud
            Telemarketing Scams
            Counterfeit Goods
            Pyramid &amp; Ponzi Schemes
            Oakville, Ontario
            905-963-3389 24/7 calls returned toll free
            in North America and countries world-wide</font>


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              &#34;fortunes&#34; - No busine

              &#34;fortunes&#34; - No businessperson is going to invest &#40;support as you say&#41; in a company merely because it is based in a certain country. In fact if anything, it is the exact opposite. Global economies and political regimes in some countries make investment situations highly speculative and risky. From a business standpoint, Canada lags far behind the United States in not only enforcement of existing corporate laws but; the consumer protection that so many American citizens take for granted in their county.

              Case in point. Currently, one of the hottest selling jewellery brands in Canada, belongs to a company called &#34;Q-Ray&#34;. This line is advertised as being ionized and at some retail counters, the cure for anything and everything related to pain. So where is the problem you might wonder? In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission won its case against the owners of this company &#40;Federal District Court of Chicago - Sept. 8, 2006&#41; and they were ordered to pay a staggering $87,000,000.00 &#40;$22,500,000.00 in immediate compensation and a further $64,500,000.00 to cover consumers that purchased during the period leading up to and including Sept 28, 2006&#41;. One might obviously assume from this ruling that &#34;Q-Ray&#34; would shut down as a company but that assumption would be incorrect! They simply moved to Canada. Our own &#34;Competition Bureau of Canada&#34; has no stomach for challenging operations such as this and one only need look at the ongoing success of pyramids in Canada to get a full appreciation of how little Canadians are protected by our legal and corporate enforcement system. By the time the &#34;Q-Ray&#34; issue shows up on the radar screen of our law makers, they will be long gone with hundreds of millions of dollars and the consumer wondering how the government could have allowed this to happen. Forums such as this and consumer shows like the successful &#34;MarketPlace&#34;, are all we have in this country to protect us from any company wanting to take advantage of us.

              Pyramid businesses abound and flourish in Canada and the reason is because there is not one single government agency that is interested in tackling them. One only need reflect back to the company &#34;Treasure Traders International Co.&#34; was hatched in Mississauga, Ontario only a few short years ago. At the very time that they were thrown out of the United Kingdom and they were unsuccessful in gaining a tow-hold tin the United States, they were cleaning up in our country. The irony is, all three of our countries have the same basic laws regarding pyramid businesses and yet we are the only one of the three that does not enforce the law in this area. I leave the question of &#34;WHY&#34; to smarter folks but the Canadian business landscape is covered with hidden mine fields and unscrupulous people looking to place your money in their pockets. For all effective purposes, you might as well state that pyramids are legal in Canada because in the absence of enforcement, they are!

              If &#34;Global Wealth Traders&#34; is a legitimate business is Canada, then they will have absolutely no difficulty with full transparency of their operation. But if any part of their corporate structure rests on the platform of &#34;bring in more potential investors below you and the more you add to your down-line, the more you yourself will make&#34;, then you have a classic pyramid and I would RUN not walk for the exits.



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                [b]<font color="0077aa">Well p

                <font color="0077aa">Well put!

                dave CBN</font>


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                  <font color="0077aa">[b]Ask Ol

                  <font color="0077aa">Ask Oliver Koncz about the evening when a senior citizen walked up on stage in a London hotel, grabbed him by his sleeve and placed him under a citizen&#39;s arrest for Operating an illegal pyramid fraud, and called 911. Ask him about the fracas that ensued with the London Free Press taking notes and the London police recording the whole thing.

                  Nothing happened! Police buried the file and the investigation. The London Free Press cooperated with police and &#34;killed the story:&#34; The public was never told such an event even took place in their City. Then TTI was shut down by England&#39;s High Court. The top people, including Hamilton RCMP officer Harold Stewart&#39;s father, Dave Stewart, who was invoilved in the &#34;Little Green Petrol Pill,&#34; have, as you witness, all branched off in different directions with ever more pyrmaid/Ponzi fraud. That&#39;s why I was asking about the RCMP OPP etc, if they are involved as heavily in this as they were TTI &amp; BIM.

                  You will find &#34;good stuff&#34; here and a qualified lawyer to give a official legal opinion should you wish to spend a bit, before you risk losing a lot!


                  That seems incredible. But this is Canada. And that&#39;s HOW it&#39;s done!!! inaction and suppression!

                  WHY IT IS DONE??? Now, that is a HUGE story unlikely to be told in this country.

                  BTW I was that senior.

                  Check out the first and last stories on the first open page on the link above.

                  David John Thornton - CBN</font>


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                    Koncz under investigation

                    March 31 2008 (Ont.)


                    International Fraud Investigation

                    David J. Thornton, President, retired businessman, Ontario, Canada
                    Chet Bowen, Vice-President, Retired Captain of Police, Louisiana, USA and
                    Member Of The American Congress For Truth
                    Michel J. Grenier, Secretary-treasurer, retired businessman, Quebec, Canada
                    Patricia-Ann Allan-Newman, Director, retired businesswoman, Que. formerly of BC.
                    Ashley Avila, Director, Practicing Paralegal Ontario Canada.

                    Global Wealth Trade - and myriad others.

                    Oliver Koncz is currently under investigation, along with other distributors by the Income Tax Department (CRA) for his involvement in Treasure Traders International and Business In Motion pyramid frauds in which over 100,000 people lost $100,000,000. Of course all the government wants, through the tax department, is "their cut" of your defrauded millions (ask yourselves again, why does the government allow these frauds to exist???-then think about it!!!)

                    Oliver Koncz; his latest fraudulent pyramid scheme, Global Wealth Trade, is simply another version of the same illegal pyramid frauds TTI&BIM in which money is taken from later investors; your family friends and co-workers and given to early investors with these crooks siphoning off millions for themselves until the scheme collapses. This fraud again will see victims all over the world scammed for millions, and millions of dollars. And that victims, is the truth!

                    The fraudulent and corrupt Better Business Bureau of South Western Ontario is keeping the court reports and court decisions of these companies; Treasure Traders International, Business In Motion and now Global Wealth Trade and the perpetrators that spread these "Affinity Frauds" like a virus through your families, workplaces, churches, communities surpressed from you, the unsuspecting public.

                    These list of crooks below are international money-laundering white-collar reprehensible abhorrent crooks, liars, gangsters and racketeering thieves, well known and supported in their criminal activities by the Federal Competition Bureau, the RCMP, the OPP Anti-Racket Squad, the disgusting Brantford Police, the brutal Waterloo Regional Police, the brutal, lying and perjuring Kincardine/Walkerton O.P.P., the reprehensible former Police Chief of Toronto, who covered up racketeering in the Metro Force, Julian Fantino, now O.P.P. Commissioner who now covers up racketeering, brutality and corruption and the reprehensible neo-fascist O.P.P who are taking over small towns in Ontario operating their own frauds and terrorizing citizens with threats and acts of brutality, to keep their mouths shut.

                    That collection of scum above, protect the collection of scum below. Now, if they would like, they could try to sue me in the Ontario Superior Court for defamatory libel, and an order to shut our CrimeBustersNow website down, and a "gag" order shutting me up like Kippax, TTI & BIM; his fraudulent international corporations, and his Mississauga law firm of 24 lawyers tryed, but on Novemeber 30, 2006, court file# 1622/06, (downloadable @ ) received instead, a severe legal "Ass Kicking" by this tenacious senior and our organization that works diligently on your behalf to "nail" these crooks, liars, gangsters and thieves, and corrupt cops and government officials, Phone Busters and nonprofit organizations like the South Western Better Business Bureau, and Crime Stoppers, who themselves use fraudsters at the notorious, donation stealing, Xentel telemarketing!!!!! un-bloody-believable!!!!! (but true) yes, raising funds for Crime Stoppers!!!! (Where do YOU think your complaints of fraudsters end up!!!!!)

                    Victims must speak out!!!!! Even Anonymously. We can show you how to make an impact, if you would stop sitting back and allowing yourself to be victimized by this bunch of criminal scum. They are like any other bullies: Stand up to them and they'll run with their collective tails between their legs.

                    Come on you guys, I can't do it all on my own. This is a partial list of some of the worst crooks in Canada.

                    Arlan Galbraith Pigeon King International (massive Ponzi fraud scamming farmers up to a million and a half each!!!)
                    Alan Kippax, (TTI and Business In Motion-!00,000 victim for 100,000,000+)
                    Dave Stewart, (TTI-BIM & Financial Freedom International his son Harold Stewart RCMP Hamilton Ont. He and his family defrauding victims for millions; victims afraid to speak out because he's directly connected to the RCMP, and has RCMP in the scam with him.)
                    Georgia Jenkins (TTI-BIM former government employee N.B. signed up several RCMP Officers)
                    Manmohan S Gill. (TTI _ BIM)
                    Financial Advisor
                    (Retd.) Ministry of Railways (India)
                    Oliver Koncz (TTI_BIM and now Global Wealth Trade - citizens arrest July, 2004, the event buried by the London Police, suppressed by the London Free Press, and the corrupt CTV's affiliate, CKCO TV and the, (pretents to have the public's interest at heart, but could care less about scammed seniors and students) - Brent Hanson

                    AND THATS THE TRUTH. ALL OF IT!!!!!

                    dave CrimeBustersNow.

                    P.S What will YOU do; What will YOU commit yourself to, on the last day of fraud prevention month....... to HELP US get these reprehensible and abhorrent racketeers, now running amok, with their illegal schemes, unchecked through our universities, colleges, and even high schools???" Something to seriously think about!!!!! DJT - CBNow


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                      Interesting. My friend asked me to do some research on one of these companies and all this negative stuff I could find all seemed to come from gatordave.

                      So I thought I'd broaden my search to find out more about him. And THAT proved to be pretty interesting.

                      Apparently he tried to carry out extortion on a company by posting false information on the internet. How are we to know that he is not doing the same thing again in new posts against all these other companies?

                      See here for more details on the company he apparently tried to falsely smear:

                      They even have audio of him explaining how he plans to extort them!

                      He also accuses every establishment from the BBB to Police to Governments of being corrupt and that anything that has happened to him like going to jail is the fault of anyone other than himself.

                      The internet is amazing, in how it lets people attack whoever they want and try to profit from it... while calling themselves a crusader for the little guy. I guess in this case teachers are right - be careful what you believe if you find it on the internet!
                      Last edited by geronimo; 10-19-2008, 09:30 PM. Reason: fixed link


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                        Wow, gatordave has a new "fan" on the internet:


                        e-crusader? Ha! Looks like you're the one running the scam website - and in particular he shows how you don't know what you're talking about when you talk about Global Wealth Trade and Monavie. Stick to attacking the 8-Ball Boardgames - that's all you seem to know anything about.

                        To everyone else - be careful who you listen to. Global Wealth Trade checks out as a legitimate business, and if you're into network marketing - sounds like a good one. Good luck!


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                          As usual another anonymous gutless coward posting, copying and spreading obviously un-provable lies and gossip.

                          And of course GWT is the classic "8-Ball Board Game" just compare their "board game" to TTI, BIM, WEW etc.

                          Although, readers I do recommend you take the only relevant advice of this anonymous gutless coward, "geronimo" here, who steals the name of a brave warrior when he writes ......

                          "To everyone else - be careful who you listen to......"

                          So, who do you listen to folks??? The guy who gives you his name and contact details; documents you can verify on your own; the guy who won a Superior Court Judgment against a prestigious 24 lawyer law firm; predicted the collapse of of hundreds of banks and corporations, and predicted for years the dangers of Ponzi/pyramid schemes flooding the world and how, unchecked, they will destroy the world economy as they did the the Country of Albania in the late 1990's ...... or do you listen to some cowardly "church basement type" gossip hiding, like the "proclaimed Christian" KKK, in the shadows of anonymity. Now that, like the pyramid fraud of GWT should be a "no-brainer". And that's the truth!

                          dave - CBNow


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                            It is not a scam...

                            Unless you consider Mary Kay, Avon, and any other Network Marketing company a scam. Global Wealth Trade has gorgeous products that even Celebrities are using. So if you like jewelry and you can appreciate the strategy of Network Marketing then great it's for you.

                            It's interesting how the majority of the negative comments come from the same source.

                            Anyway, if you want more information check out this blog article and decide for yourself.

                            Dave, maybe I am wrong and you are right but consider if you are wrong, your view point on things may be a little too extreme, you don't seem to trust anyone (i.e. Canadian government, RCMP, BBB etc.) based on your websites. Even if you were right about your conspiracies what can anyone practically do with them?


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