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Please help me get my daughter back

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  • Please help me get my daughter back

    There is a cult in Northern California called Hrafnar which is run by a science fiction author named Diana Paxson.

    They use witchcraft rituals to become posessed by spirits and demons and go into trances. From looking at their member's journals online, I have found that many of their members engage in polyamorous orgies and ritual masturbation and ritually use hallucinogenic drugs to enter these states of possession.

    My daughter has been brainwashed by this cult. She has not spoken to me in months, and when she did I felt that she was lying - she always asked for money and became livid when I asked her about the cult. This group has a huge presence on the internet and the priestesses pass down their orders by channelling various entities and posting the results online to the members who are spread all over the United States.

    Please pray for these lost souls and especially my daughter. I am praying that the Holy Ghost will possess them during their rituals and it will scare them from the cult and back to their familes.

    If anyone has any ideas on how I can get my daughter away from these people or knows anything about this cult please respond !

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    Wow worried mom, do you have

    Wow worried mom, do you have an e-mail addres to reach you directly? I want to help.


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      Don't give out you e-ma

      Don't give out you e-mail address, worried mom....better to post your concerns here anonymously.....anyway, I took a look at their website, and it's a cult, all right..


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        I looked on for th

        I looked on for that author. You are right to be worried. Scientology started the exact same way, with L. Ron Hubbard's science fiction and self help books.

        I will pray for your daughter.


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          Ok guys praying is all well an

          Ok guys praying is all well and good but this woman obviously needs more than that to get her daughter away from this sick bunch.

          Any suggestions?

          If you're so against worried mom giving out her e-mail address then I'll give her mine first:



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            I know what you're say

            I know what you're saying Sam - but the "bad guys" read these boards too and I am just advising against giving out any info. that could be traced back to an author.

            Fanatical cult members especially are on these boards like flies on **** and might very well intimidate those who post in opposition to their particular group.

            So, express yourself in this public space, but stay anonymous. This is a great forum, and gives one the opportunity to be heard by a large bunch of people.


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              There is little you can d

              There is little you can do to get someone out of a cult short of kidnapping, and that only removes their body, but the mind is still attached to the group.

              Be patient, let your daughter know you love her, but be strong also - don't give her a penny more, and make sure she can't access your assets. It will take time, but somedy maybe she'll wake up and walk out of her own volition, and only then can she come back to you.

              These cult leaders are clever and will use every ruse they can to maintain their grip on power and control, and they will isolate your daughter from reality, convince her that her old friends and family are to be abandoned in favor of the new group, and that everything, both financial and emotional, is to be handed over to the leader.

              I've been there, I've done that, and it took me years to get over the anger of the mind **** they did to me, not to mention the financial extortion and intimidation.

              I don't pray, because I don't trust organized religion either, but I hope for the best. Please post anytime you need support.


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                Hi everyone.

                Thanks for th

                Hi everyone.

                Thanks for the feedback and support.

                Yesterday someone called and left a message on the machine. They were talking in a very strange voice that made my skin crawl. I think it was my daughter, but I'm not sure. She said she was "vodan" over and over. Then she started laughing and saying all these gibberish words in some wierd language and said she was going down to Hell before the answering machine cut her off. I was shaking so bad and crying hysterically. I got the number off the caller ID and it was in San Francisco. I called back and someone answered and when I asked for my daughter they hung up.

                I talked to a private investigator and we are trying to get involuntary commitment papers drawn up so we can get her away from those people. I don't even know if some here would consider them a cult because they don't take all their members money. But the members do go around getting others to join at different pagan conventions and in new age chat rooms online. This is how my daughter found them.

                When cult followers are committed to rehab or a psychiatric hospital do they snap out of it sometimes ? What about deprogramming programs that some churches offer ?

                Worried Mom


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                  First of all, is your daug

                  First of all, is your daughter a minor or is she of legal age? If she is a minor, go for it, get her out by whatever means necessary; if she is of legal age, then it's a bit more difficult.

                  That website of theirs is totally wacko, but definitely in line with the lunatic fringies. It smacks not only of new ageism, but Teutonic master race crap. Just because they bleed some money, but not all of it from a follower, doesn't minimize their dangerous influence.

                  As far as rehab in a psych ward, it's an individual thing. The process has to go in reverse to what was done to them in a cult, and sometimes that means sensory deprivation, othertimes withholding food or other comforts and necessities. I hope you have good legal counsel..also maybe the Cult Information Service, NOT the Cult Awareness Network, could help you. (The Cult Awareness Network was taken over by the Scientologists several years back and is now their mouthpiece). There is a book by Steve Hassan called "Combatting Cult Mind Control" which you might want to read to better understand what has happened to your daughter.

                  Keep posting, worried mom, we're here for you..


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                    worried mom

                    i am a worried

                    worried mom

                    i am a worried mom also. but the circumstances differ.

                    please avoid church deprogramming services. and psych hospitals - if at all possible.

                    the point as to whether or not your daughter is underage is a major one.

                    if she is not there may be little that you can do.

                    it is soooo awesome that you got a private investigator on the case. i applaud that.

                    i too suggest contacting the Cult Infromation Service. and Hassan's book.

                    my heart breaks for you.

                    i will pray to whatever power of goodness exists in this world (i am non-affiliated with any religion or religious beliefs by choice) - that you get your daughter back, and that you both heal from this horror.

                    take care of yourself. that much you can control.
                    please seek some counseling (professional) for yourself - if you have not done so already.


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                      worried mom you are the one w

                      worried mom you are the one who needs to be dont know what you are talking about.your christian dogma repressive patriarchal sexual stagnation and religious intolerance is probably why she wont talk to you.i cannot believe that people in this day and age would even consider sensory deprivation or starvation on a supposed "loved one" because their spirituality is different than yours.

                      we are not a cult.

                      i will be calling Diana after i write this and i bet she knows who you are.i hope you have a very good attorney.


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                        Cult apologists don't lik

                        Cult apologists don't like the word "cult." She has done nothing illegal, so your threats are hollow. If it's not a cult, why are you on a "cult" forum ? Are you interested in helping people escape from cults or are you making sure no one escapes from YOUR cult ?

                        We're all ears.


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                          Anonymous 11:17 - well that

                          Anonymous 11:17 - well that certainly was a mass of verbiage that you probably don't even comprehend, which you threw it out in defense of your leader Diana.

                          By all means contact her...Your threats of legal action ring hollow.

                          I for one am not a christian nor am I affiliated with any religious group, but having been in a cult at one time, I know the signs. The dogma cults spout are pure bs and are meant to be self-serving. So prattle on about your so-called religion, but I for one understand that glassy-eyed fanaticism and will speak against your group or any other group that enslaves body, mind, and soul.


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                            Mother prays that the "ho

                            Mother prays that the "holy ghost" will enter their spirits at their gatherings? Please! No wonder this young woman is looking for something in a doubt her initial introduction to cultism was through her family of origin's religion. Religion is cultism. Pick your's all the same.....just different rituals.


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                              I agree anonymous 04:18 - r

                              I agree anonymous 04:18 - religion is a cult, and it's especially true of the fundamentalist versions of all religions.

                              So, worried mom, don't try and get your daughter into church based deprogramming, it is substituting one dogma for another. It doesn't work in the long run anyway.