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Luis Cordoba Ole Larsen The ISA Experience

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    Ole Larsen has kissed more boy

    Ole Larsen has kissed more boys than Oscar Wilde and Gore Vidal combined. He likes little brown boys from the islands. He fiddles about, fiddles about. ello gov'na, wax me pole would ya.


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      Ole P. Larsen is a d^icksuckin

      Ole P. Larsen is a d^icksucking <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font>. He has a lazysusan that he loads with little brown boys from the islands and spins it in circles to make his selection. You <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> Larsen. You d^icksucker. You are a <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> and a tramp.


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        If you want to see a picture o

        If you want to see a picture of Mr. Big with your money at work &#40;foodsnob&#41; Ole P Larsen click on scroll down to ole larsen isa link click on that then scroll down to rockysresortnewsletter that his your money at work. mr big with the glass of wine.........


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          I did the experience, with Lui

          I did the experience, with Luis.

          Yes, it was interesting. Psychology 101 techniques.

          If you haven&#39;t figured out that it is a con, I suggest you investigate, as I have done.

          I did the experience, and my kids did the camp in Des Moines, Iowa.

          My former wife &#40;divorced me as a result of making changes in her life, met a new partner in ISA while we were married - thanks ISA&#41; did many experience weekends, the GIT, and she assisted.

          It&#39;s a con, a classic con.

          Ole - God
          Luis - Jesus
          Assisters - Disciples

          Interesting that you are never done with ISA. There is always more. And, it cost money. If you can&#39;t afford it, they will help you &#34;wash cars, etc&#34; to get the money.

          Anyone who doesn&#39;t like the experience, get&#39;s ostracised. &#34;they don&#39;t have the information&#34; or &#34;they don&#39;t get it&#34;. They encourage you to approach your family members, but tell you &#34;be aware, they may not get it. You are different now, not like them&#34;.

          Is anyone licensed there, to conduct the psycho exercises? Is there anyone on call if you have difficulties afterward? Nope.

          It&#39;s a con, and Louis knows how to work an audience. I&#39;ll post facts later.


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            I called the resort in Thailan

            I called the resort in Thailand and requested to speak to Ole Larsen. He is completely losing his mind and speech. He sounds just like Katherine Hepburn when he talks...Quite gay I must also add.......


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              We understand that many people who have not been to the Experience look at this website out of a fear that it is some kind of cult. It isn’t. Isa is not even something that you can join. The overwhelming majority of people who come to the Experience go back into their lives having received tremendous value. Many people choose to review the Experience to be reminded of the information.
              We do not advertise; we rely on people who have been to the Experience telling their family and friends about the value they received from coming. Tens of thousands of people have been to the Experience since the first one in 1977. Our advice is to talk to your friend or family member and trust their judgement. If you think that you would get value too then come and bring your doubts and cynicism with you!
              Visit our website:
              Or on Facebook:
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                Isa Experience Cult

                Isa Experience Cult

                There is another discussion over at,3585 which explains exactly why isa is a cult. It also voices the concerns of a professional counsellor or psychologist who has attended the isa experience.

                In reply to Dave’s comment that ISA isn’t even something you can join, I would like to disagree.

                Assisting on the Isa Experience

                ISA is run by a group of assistants who volunteer their time and work for free. If you decide to assist on the ISA experience then you sign a contract and one of the clauses in the contract states that you are committing to assist on the isa experience for a minimum of 1 year (while not receiving a penny and indeed having to pay for your own phone calls, travel, etc.) That sounds like joining something to me!
                Sure the contract isn’t enforced; however there is a lot of pressure (some of it very subtle) that encourages you to continue to assist on isa. Given that the experience is $395 per person and it’s a Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT) this means that Ole Larsen, the founder is making a lot of money from this!

                GIT – Graduate Intensive Training

                Isa uses a lot of exercises that are mixture of love bombing and humiliation (particularly on the GIT – short for Graduate Intensive Training). On the GIT some exercises include for example:
                • Pounding the floor while repeatedly shouting ‘I hate you’ at yourself.
                • A life boat process where you have to go round the room and say ‘You live’ or ‘You die’ to other participants, but only choosing 4 people who can ‘live’.
                • Lots of hugging strangers and saying things like ‘I love you because …’
                • Sessions that run from the morning until 1am or 2am at night, with exercises to do AFTER the session before the next morning.
                The isa experience itself has toned down versions of all of these, plus confessing ‘What I don’t want you to know about me’ to the whole group and other exercises that while they can be cathartic, also serve the purpose of breaking people down and making them extremely vulnerable to suggestion.

                My Own Experience

                I know that after I did the isa experience, I felt that no-one else outside of isa really understood me. I had shared my soul with everyone on the experience, told them my innermost secrets and completely exposed myself emotionally.

                I also felt that I had learnt some deep secret, that is was impossible to share, except by getting other people to do the experience. This meant that I felt superior to other people and probably made a whole lot of people uncomfortable with me and think I was weird as hell!

                So, it’s not like anyone in isa will ever say ‘Your only true friends are in isa’, that’s not how cults and brain washing works, it’s a lot more subtle than that and is about getting each assistant to feel a deep connection to isa themselves.

                Ole Larsen

                There is also then the pressure to stay assisting, to stay in the isa cult. At one point Ole Larsen, the founder of isa, who was in a long-term relationship at the time met another woman while on holiday. He phoned his current partner up and said “I’ve met someone else and I want you to pack your things and be out of the house before I get back from my holiday”.

                This opened the eyes of several assistants who then chose to stop assisting, however when these assistants were discussed, no-one ever said that they stopped assisting because they were appalled at how Ole had behaved, instead they had ‘stopped working on themselves’, or ‘let themselves go’ and were generally discussed as being inferior.

                Mind Control

                You can see a small example of the way in which isa uses mind control on the isa experience website:

                This shows either actors and actresses pretending to be interested in doing the experience, or perhaps standard people at an intro night talking to Luis Cordoba, the main isa facilitator.

                In the 3 videos, listen to each of the things that the potential cult member says about doing the isa experience:
                1. This sounds like it would be really good for me, I want to come, but I don’t know that I’m ready …
                2. I’m really interested in this and I have some concerns about investing the time and the money …
                3. This sounds like it would be really good for me, I want to come, but I don’t know that I’m ready … (the same clip used in the 1st video)
                If you’ve done the isa experience, you’ll know that in isa they talk about your ‘concerns’ as something that stops you from living life to the full.

                In the above videos, each person says ‘I want to come’, ‘it would be really good for me’, but I have some concerns. Even these short videos show you the unconscious projection of the message ‘I want to come to isa’.

                If you’re in the cult, the messages are a lot stronger, so I want to avoid isa, I want you to avoid isa and if you’re assisting, I want you to stop!

                Remember …

                YOU CAN’T DO SOMETHING
                YOU DON’T KNOW
                IF YOU KEEP DOING
                WHAT YOU DO KNOW

                If you’re assisting on ISA, you’re doing what you DO KNOW
                Again and Again and Again


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                  Hi Richardisa -- I read where the ISA “Experience” is based, at least in part, on the teachings of George Gurdjieff in terms of self-development; by way of Willem A. Nyland (a student of Gurdjieff) who was a teacher of Ole P. Larsen. In your experience, was Gurdjieff mentioned in any of the ISA workshops and seminars that you attended; and did any of this lead you to reading any of Gurdjieff's books?


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                    Two words crop up repeatedly in isa:

                    ACCEPTANCE &

                    They go through 4 phases to start with where everyone says Pros and Cons of being a Victim (I forget what the other 3 phrases are, it's been a while!), then they move onto 4 stages:


                    People are asked to brainstorm the pros of practising Acceptance and everyone shouts out different things which are written down. They then ask what are the cons of practising Acceptance and no matter what anyone says, they explain how it isn't actually a con.

                    Invariably someone says something like 'What about what the Nazis did, how can I accept that?' The facilitator (typically Luis) explains that to accept something isn't to condone it, merely to see it as it is and accept it, so if someone rapes someone else, if I accept it, I don't condone it, but just acknowledge that it happened, therefore to accept it isn't a disadvantage.

                    OK, all well and good, BUT that is not actually what acceptance means. provides definitions from multiple dictionaries and here are some true definitions of acceptance:

                    - general agreement that something is true, reasonable, or cannot be changed
                    - agreement to a plan, offer, or suggestion
                    - an attitude of accepting a difficult or unpleasant situation because you know that it cannot be changed or avoided
                    - the fact of allowing someone to become part of a group or community and making them feel welcome

                    You might notice that the actual definition of acceptance includes words like 'agreement' and a belief that something 'cannot be changed'.

                    If you buy the isa experience philosophy that acceptance leads to you Participating in life (whatever that means) which leads to Realisations, which leads to you being the Source (and that's a very tenuous logic at best, but somehow makes sense when everyone else in the room is going along with it), then you're unconsciously agreeing that if you accept (i.e. agree with) the isa experience, you will become the Source (i.e. have complete control over your life). I find this extremely alarming.

                    Next Responsibility is mentioned at another time in the experience and is defined as 'The ability to respond'. So, by saying "I am responsible for ..." I am actually saying "I have the ability to respond to ..." in other words I'm responsible for my part of it, not for the whole thing.

                    Unfortunately once again, the definitions from different dictionaries of 'Responsible' includes things like:

                    - deserving to be blamed for something that has happened
                    - if something or someone is responsible for a situation or event, they are the cause of it
                    - someone who is responsible for someone or something is in charge of them and must make sure that what they do or what happens to them is right or satisfactory
                    - a responsible job or position is one in which you have to make important decisions or be in charge of a lot of people

                    In other words, being responsible is very much associated with blame, being the cause of something or being in charge of others. No where in any of these dictionaries does it say 'you have the ability to respond'.

                    This again unconsciously means that when someone says "I'm responsible for ..." they are unconsciously saying something completely different and this creates lots of guilt and emotional confusion.

                    As well as damaging individuals and making them more susceptible and vulnerable to the isa experience cult, changing the meaning of words in this manipulative way also causes differences in their relationship with people outside of isa. If I tell my partner that s/he is responsible for something and I'm using the incorrect isa definition, you can imagine that it's going to create major arguments! The same is true if I tell a co-worker, friend or anyone else who hasn't done the isa experience. This causes people (and did previously cause me) to feel lonely and misunderstood by people outside of isa and this again reinforced my need to get deeper into the cult, as that is where I felt understood.

                    These 2 examples of the manipulation of language are only 2 of the more dangerous ones and are part of classic cult brainwashing techniques.